Joshua Hough



ProfessorDire commented on banzaitron head deluxe by CALLOWAY75
May 18, 2017
banzaitron head deluxe
ProfessorDire Can you make this available in FUD again?
Banzaitron voyager head mk3
ProfessorDire Any chance we can get this available in FUD again?
Transformers Rocket Pod (5mm post)
ProfessorDire Do these pods pivot at the hinge?
Ordin Troll Combiner Socket Peg
ProfessorDire I am still interested in this part.
ProfessorDire I am interested in getting one or two of these.
Transformers Prosecutor Part 3 - Energy Beam
ProfessorDire Any chance this part could be made available in Frosted Ultra Detail? It would look awesome transparent and dyed lite purple.
Sunlink - Thunderwing / Black Shadow Rifles x2
ProfessorDire Can you open the options for more materials, textures, and colors please?
ProfessorDire commented on TR PMOP 5mm Peg Extension Set by knoted
March 3, 2017
TR PMOP 5mm Peg Extension Set
ProfessorDire Can these be made to be available in other colors please?
ProfessorDire commented on NN-14 BLASTER PISTOL by 3dpicasso
October 2, 2016
ProfessorDire Any chance you might make this available in 1/6, 1/12, and 1/18 scale?
Titans Return Voyager Galvatron Helm
ProfessorDire commented on Snake Standard by evilmike
April 22, 2016
Snake Standard
ProfessorDire @evilmike I got ahold of thge fellow who made that banner pack. No worries.
ProfessorDire Any idea where that banner's logo can be found?
ProfessorDire commented on Tytus Hammer by He_Bro
March 28, 2016
Tytus Hammer
ProfessorDire Any chance this will be available in polished metallic?
ProfessorDire commented on Spring Blaster by javaco
March 23, 2016
Spring Blaster
ProfessorDire You rock!
ProfessorDire commented on "MtMtE" Tubes head by glaug
March 22, 2016
"MtMtE" Tubes head
ProfessorDire @glaug Yeah the toys original has to be destructively removed.
ProfessorDire Any chance on a Legends sized version of this?
ProfessorDire commented on TFP BD weapon upgrade set by cnomis
March 15, 2016
TFP BD weapon upgrade set
ProfessorDire I am willing to try this in FUD material.
LCT-1V Locust Battlemech 1/72
ProfessorDire This looks awesome! I'd love to give it a spin in ultra detail plastic.
TF:Prime Ultimate Predaking addon Beast Handblast
ProfessorDire Any chance that you can do a set for right-handed use?
Iron Factory Windsaber weapon upgrade
ProfessorDire I am willing to try these in FUD.
ProfessorDire commented on Springer gun by CALLOWAY75
February 21, 2016
Springer gun
ProfessorDire I am willing to try this in FUD.
ProfessorDire commented on Transformers Cannon weapon by weijunzi
February 21, 2016
Transformers Cannon weapon
ProfessorDire I'd be interested in trying this in frosted ultra detail.
ProfessorDire commented on Nautical Femmebot Upgrade Set by glaug
February 20, 2016
Nautical Femmebot Upgrade Set
ProfessorDire 10-4, and thanks. I will post pics when I'm done.
ProfessorDire @glaug Okay, how do I order one? It says: Not for sale currently.
ProfessorDire I am interested in taking a shot at this kit.
Ratchetrooper Weapon 04 - Gatling Gun
ProfessorDire I think a certain spare-wheel CW Protectobot could make good use of some of these Ratchetrooper accessories.
Classics Tank Megatron Right Arm & Cannon
ProfessorDire This looks effing awesome!
ProfessorDire commented on MetalHands Gun by javaco
December 6, 2015
MetalHands Gun
ProfessorDire @mulja_ian it will need a 4mm peg (155/1000") that narrows to a 3mm peg (120/1000") half-way down.
ProfessorDire commented on s_head by 3dprintron
November 29, 2015
ProfessorDire This looks about right for the iGear Raptor Seekers.
ProfessorDire commented on Neo Seeker Head - Angry by SteamShield
November 29, 2015
Neo Seeker Head - Angry
ProfessorDire Will these work on the iGear Raptors?


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