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I'm an enthusiastic toy customizer.

POTP Punch Counterpunch blasters
fakebusker83 Hi @fb21fa2, I figured they'll be too large to fit anywhere within his alt mode. Only top mounting in alt mode.
fakebusker83 Hi @Biocore, thank you for the comment!
Craniocleaver Part B (Energized)
fakebusker83 Hi @Chris8669 , I don't have FP Monstructor in hand. May I ask how is his size compared to a standard Combiner Wars combiner? Also, I'd like to verify if its combiner hands are compatible with 5mm peg handles. You can have a look at the Extinction sword set ( or if any other weapon accessory catches your fancy, I can do a resize for it to fit your needs. Best regards, Ariel
"Shatter" head for WFC Siege Chromia
fakebusker83 Hi @gonzaloortiz_1998! This model hasn't been tested with Studio Series figures. I'd think Jet Shatter's head will be backwards compatible with Car Shatter if you want it to be movie accurate. Nevertheless, I'll be checking out if it fits them both if I ever get the chance to handle the figures!
fakebusker83 @manbat201 That is currently on my todo list, but I'm also waiting for pictures of Studio Series Jet Shatter to come out. If it appears that she has a proper head that can be swapped with her car version, then I wouldn't need to do it at all :)
Legends Megatron Axe and Flail (2013)
fakebusker83 @Metrinnui hi there, I've added the option for translucent Fine Detail Plastic. I noticed you made a previous comment asking about upsizing. That is certainly possible. May I know which Megatron figure are you looking to match it with?
fakebusker83 commented on Fusion Cannon for TR Megatron by fakebusker83
September 16, 2019
Fusion Cannon for TR Megatron
fakebusker83 Hi @ecruzmr, what would you like to be different for a new cannon for Siege Megatron?
Blackout Minigun (Studio Series Leader)
fakebusker83 @unicron75 nice! It looks like part of his inner mechanism :)
POTP Voyager Starscream Null Rays
fakebusker83 @King444dino oh I’m quite sure they will!
fakebusker83 commented on Skyquake head For CW Silverbolt by fakebusker83
February 24, 2019
Skyquake head For CW Silverbolt
fakebusker83 @mstyger87 Sure thing. It is a little stretched out like that but I think it still works. Here's the link to the resized model:
fakebusker83 @mstyger87 Heys, I've measured the current model, it's 16mm wide, 19.6mm tall, and 19mm deep. I'm not sure if you need it resized in this case as the dimensions are pretty close.
fakebusker83 @mstyger87 Sure thing, maybe you can give me an approximate dimension? Perhaps the ideal width of the head that you want?
fakebusker83 @crystalis thanks for sharing, he’s looking really good! May I ask what mods were you doing to get it to fit?
fakebusker83 commented on POTP Snarl G1 Styled Blaster by fakebusker83
February 5, 2019
POTP Snarl G1 Styled Blaster
fakebusker83 @carlojmalijan Not sure if you are used to FDP material, but be careful with finer details such as the tubing at the bottom as FDP tends to be quite brittle.
fakebusker83 @carlojmalijan Sure thing. As this version risks breakage on its flexible peg in Fine Detail material, I've uploaded a modified version for it. Look here:
Krok Head For Combiner Wars deluxe Air Raid
fakebusker83 Hi @foreveranimal, can you check if the sides of the head bump against the chest wall? Most Transformers have exaggerated proportions where the head is smaller in relation to the body, (think POTP Starscream). That's how I gauged my dimensions.
fakebusker83 commented on POTP Hun-grr Blaster Accessory by fakebusker83
December 22, 2018
POTP Hun-grr Blaster Accessory
fakebusker83 Hi @trance91, Shapeways doesn't offer Black Processed, but they provide Black Premium and Black Professional instead. Perhaps you can check those out?
fakebusker83 @demonok54 Thanks for sharing! May I ask what material did you print it in and what paint is used? It looks really good and natural when connected to the rest of the blasters :)
TR Neck Adaptor for Classics Voyager Megatron
fakebusker83 @Copplex Hi there, I believe the neck piece is on plastic nubs, so with a little tug (frontwards) you should be able to remove it. No pin removal needed!
fakebusker83 commented on Trivia the Cruciverbalist by fakebusker83
November 19, 2018
Trivia the Cruciverbalist
fakebusker83 Hi @Ashtonmcvae, not on G1 Soundwave, but this model can fit on reissue Soundwave, Soundblaster and MP Soundwave as they have larger chest capacity.
fakebusker83 commented on 14mm Poseable Fists (5mm Peg) by fakebusker83
October 3, 2018
14mm Poseable Fists (5mm Peg)
fakebusker83 @TXR4521 hi there, are you referring to these hands? They first appeared in Frenzy_Rumble's Megatron custom that he did for me all the way back in 2013. Here's the link:
fakebusker83 @Moonus88 that is on my to do list but I haven't really got time for it yet... :(
fakebusker83 commented on TFP Knockout's Bodywork Tools by fakebusker83
September 19, 2018
TFP Knockout's Bodywork Tools
fakebusker83 @e_x_odus hi there, As far as I know, if the spine structure is the same as standard Knockout, then the fillers should fit.
POTP Battletrap Weapon Accessories
fakebusker83 @demonok54 This is great! He looks really handsome!
fakebusker83 commented on D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set by fakebusker83
September 2, 2018
D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set
fakebusker83 @squiggy119 sure thing! Use this link:
fakebusker83 @squiggy119. No problem, I can prepare a set with 2 claws instead. Do you want me to?
fakebusker83 commented on The Dejector by fakebusker83
August 29, 2018
The Dejector
fakebusker83 @Ashtonmcvae from the looks of it, the Mister Moon figures look really small. I doubt the Dejectors can be made to fit...
fakebusker83 commented on D.R.E.A.D Agent Corvus (head) by fakebusker83
August 18, 2018
D.R.E.A.D Agent Corvus (head)
fakebusker83 @JAXY oh yes, do check out this thread where it explains everything!
Lockdown Blaster (Studio Series)
fakebusker83 @Donald2017 so sad! Thank you so much for your support and I hope you like the print!
fakebusker83 commented on The Snitch by fakebusker83
July 31, 2018
The Snitch
fakebusker83 @xqeax alas, you'll have to paint the model yourself or find someone in your area able to do it?
fakebusker83 commented on The Deicidium Part B by fakebusker83
July 26, 2018
The Deicidium Part B
fakebusker83 @RFAurora hi there, the link to the hilt is in the description. Can you access it?
MP Seeker hands (peg wrist variant)
fakebusker83 Hi @Sky_Warp_55 , if there's shrinking of any sort, most likely the model will not work. These models are designed with the smallest tolerances possible so downsizing is difficult.
fakebusker83 commented on The Etnarium by fakebusker83
July 17, 2018
The Etnarium
fakebusker83 @squiggy119 Thank you for your question. This model has been in fact sprued in some parts. The issue with attaching parts on sprues is that for larger pieces, sprues tend to make it more inefficient to print in terms of machine volume, which actually results in the model costing more, wiping out whatever manpower saving gains we have from the sprue process.


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