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RFAurora commented on Berkut wings for Skydive by SteamShield
9 days ago
Berkut wings for Skydive
RFAurora This just made my day! I was hoping to find wings like this for making a Cyberjet combiner!
Maxima Head for RID Windblade
RFAurora @AutobotQuaternion The Skydive mold.
RFAurora Would this work on an aeriabot body?
Whiny Hauler Head Combiner Version
RFAurora This might make a good head for my custom bot I'm making from CW Vortex.
RFAurora commented on Calculating Giant's Computing Device by SteamShield
February 24, 2019
Calculating Giant's Computing Device
RFAurora @SteamShield Thank you! The price is more than acceptable for me.
RFAurora Any chance of getting this in Smooth or Smoothest fine detail plastic?
RFAurora commented on Sparky Head Voyager by SteamShield
October 16, 2018
Sparky Head Voyager
RFAurora I got mine in today Steamshield. I need to do some cleaning to make both halves of the head fit together, but it looks great otherwise. Not sure if it's because I don't have the head together, but I can't get the head tucked away for transformation.
RFAurora commented on Sparky chest plate for POTP Inferno by SteamShield
September 19, 2018
Sparky chest plate for POTP Inferno
RFAurora I will have to remember to pick this up if Reprolabels comes through with their Pyro stickers.
RFAurora commented on Hot Spot Ladder upgrade by zoso1900
September 3, 2018
Hot Spot Ladder upgrade
RFAurora Is this for Combiner Wars Hot Spot?
RFAurora commented on TR: Twinferno thigh add-on by cnomis
July 29, 2018
TR: Twinferno thigh add-on
RFAurora Will this work with the other monsterbots?
RFAurora commented on TR: Sentinel's Justice Set by cnomis
July 29, 2018
TR: Sentinel's Justice Set
RFAurora Any chance of getting this set in Smooth Fine Detail plastic?
RFAurora commented on Maxima Side Arm Gun Left by AutobotQuaternion
July 29, 2018
Maxima Side Arm Gun Left
RFAurora Any chance of getting the side guns in Smoorh Fine Detail?
RFAurora commented on The Deicidium Part B by fakebusker83
July 26, 2018
The Deicidium Part B
RFAurora @fakebusker83 I can now. I guess the website wasn't loading properly for me last night.
RFAurora Is the hilt for this no longer available?
CW Hot Spot Onslaught Hip Ratchet Stoop Fix
RFAurora @SteamShield Thank you. I'll try them out and hope for the best.
RFAurora @SteamShield I know the UW and CW are the same mold, but would there be any greater difficulty replacing these on a UW Hot Spot, or even on CW Pyra Magna?
RFAurora commented on Medical Sportscar Femmebot Chest by G_Works
December 27, 2017
Medical Sportscar Femmebot Chest
RFAurora @glaug Is this for the Generations Nightbeat mold, and if so, can we get a Hi Def version for FUD or BHDA?
Gen. Minerva Kit #1 - Torso Conversion
RFAurora What's with the rectangular hole in the middle of the piece?
RFAurora commented on Gen. Minerva Kit #2 - Chestplate by JohnBonhamatron
December 27, 2017
Gen. Minerva Kit #2 - Chestplate
RFAurora Is there a hi-def version for FUD or BHDA?
RFAurora commented on Space Bus G1 Toy Blaster by SteamShield
December 22, 2017
Space Bus G1 Toy Blaster
RFAurora Any chance of getting this in FUD or BHDA?
RFAurora commented on Generations Siren Rifle by JohnBonhamatron
December 21, 2017
Generations Siren Rifle
RFAurora @Bonnatron I second the request for Hi Def, in FUD or BHDA
Brash Loud Mouth's chest plate for TR - High Def
RFAurora @flamepanther Alright. It means I'm buying 2 of these then. Thank you for the help on that. And thank you for the feedback on the BHDA. I'll have to try FUD out and see how that goes.
RFAurora Do Siren/Loudmouth and Goshooter use the same type of breastplate?
RFAurora commented on TR: Scepter of Justice for Sentinel by cnomis
January 26, 2017
TR: Scepter of Justice for Sentinel
RFAurora @Pfg80 Thank you very much.
RFAurora Where does one get the cannons on his back from?


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