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mathew styger


mstyger87 commented on GRABUGE Buggy Head by SteamShield
July 25, 2018
GRABUGE Buggy Head
mstyger87 Thank you
mstyger87 Are you able to do a deluxe version of this for the CW swindle mold?
Rafferty soldier's Head for Titans Return
mstyger87 @SteamShield hey dude, the tip of the ball socket inside the head to the bottom of the head is 6mm
mstyger87 @SteamShield hey dude, ball joint for the classics hound mold is 5mm, the height of the head is 12mm width of the head is 11mm and the depth of the head is 12mm at the top of the head, hope this helps, many thanks
mstyger87 @SteamShield when i get back home tomorrow dude i will get the measurements for you dude
mstyger87 would it be possible to make this fit the classics hound mold please
mstyger87 commented on Cannon Master Leader Head by SteamShield
March 10, 2017
Cannon Master Leader Head
mstyger87 I just thought you would like to see what i did with your awesome kits dude, plus the belzeeboss kit added for bulk, love your work dude
mstyger87 will do dude, i will probably just trim the cab, to keep the head looking good to be honest, it wouldn't look right without the side wings, cheers dude
mstyger87 really like this dude, will be buying, he is the best representation of the mtmte look i have seen, any chance of doing some arm cannons and back cannons to dude?
mstyger87 commented on Fearsome Gust Head by SteamShield
January 29, 2017
Fearsome Gust Head
mstyger87 is there a chance of making this head available for the classics jet fire body?http://tfwiki.net/wiki/File:Jetfireclassicsvoyager.jpg thanks
The Veiled Dancer Head - Combiner Version
mstyger87 @SteamShield cheers dude, much appreciated
mstyger87 like the design dude, anyway you can make it fit the generations tracks mold?
mstyger87 commented on Smoker's Head Classics version by SteamShield
November 6, 2016
Smoker's Head Classics version
mstyger87 love the detachable faceplate design dude, so sweet
mstyger87 commented on Smoker's Head Combiner Version by SteamShield
November 6, 2016
Smoker's Head Combiner Version
mstyger87 @SteamShield cheers dude, will be getting him and then wait for anything else you may have for thunderclash, or anything in general, love your work dude
mstyger87 @SteamShield@SteamShield hey dude thats fine, no rush, I'm not in any hurry, cheers dude
mstyger87 Hey dude really like the look of this, any way of making it for the generations wheel jack mold?
mstyger87 commented on Naja Gunship Head Combiner Version by SteamShield
September 26, 2016
Naja Gunship Head Combiner Version
mstyger87 Look forward to the voyager version of this dude, will be picking up
Pharma head for deluxe Armada Starscream (2014)
mstyger87 hey dude is there any way to make this in voyager scale?
mstyger87 commented on Cannon Master Leader Arm Tubes by SteamShield
September 4, 2016
Cannon Master Leader Arm Tubes
mstyger87 @SteamShield this along with the back cannons look sweet dude, is frosted detail good to use? or would you recommend white flexible polished, look forward to more for the cannon master dude
mstyger87 when do you think these will be available to purchase dude, can't wait to have them
mstyger87 commented on Cannon Master Leader's Back Tubes by SteamShield
August 31, 2016
Cannon Master Leader's Back Tubes
mstyger87 @SteamShield nice dude, looking forward to getting this set
mstyger87 Just curious dude how far forward of the back pack do the cannons protrude?
mstyger87 looking forward to this dude, looking good so far dude, the attention to detail based on the comic is amazing, really looking forward to all the other goodies you have lined up to make the ultimate thunderclash, keep up the great work dude
mstyger87 commented on Boosted Team Captain's Head by SteamShield
August 28, 2016
Boosted Team Captain's Head
mstyger87 how big is the ball joint for the head dude, may get this for my custom boss figure made from drift
mstyger87 commented on Drill Tank Turret with BFD2005 by SteamShield
August 24, 2016
Drill Tank Turret with BFD2005
mstyger87 cheers dude
mstyger87 hey dude anyway that i can buy the drill piece separately i have a project that i am doing where i only need a drill piece and this one looks really cool, cheers dude
Rescue Patrol Sub-commander's Head
mstyger87 will this fit onto the CW breakdown mold? if not would it be possible to make fit, cheers
mstyger87 commented on Breeze Rider Head "TFCC" by SteamShield
May 24, 2016
Breeze Rider Head "TFCC"
mstyger87 Just a quick one dude, this was the head i was wanting made bigger to fit the voyager silver bolt body, i think the one you made bigger and i purchased was the misfire head, its all good but if this one could be made bigger that would be awesome, cheers dude
Aimless Shooter's Head Voyager
mstyger87 @SteamShield thank you dude very much appreciated, i don't mind making the heads myself by scratch, but if they are available these days i just tend to purchase them it makes the whole kit bashing process a lot quicker, thanks again, and bought :)
mstyger87 Would you consider also making the wind sweeper head in this scale, as i think that body would work very well as a custom for wind sweeper


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