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squiggy119 commented on 5mm Armada Star Saber by Andrusi
March 17, 2019
5mm Armada Star Saber
squiggy119 @Andrusi Just got mine today, and it's a bit smaller than I'd hoped. is there any way you could scale it up so that the total sword is about 10 cm? it's fantastic, but I'd prefer it a bit bigger. if not, no problem, but I would totally buy that.
squiggy119 @Andrusi I mean, you don't have to apologize. it's not, like, a problem. I just, I don't know if the 3d viewer is no longer a thing on shapeways, or if one of my browser add ons might be causing a problem with it, but I'm unable to investigate it and I was curious.
squiggy119 I have ordered this, and I'm really looking forward to getting it. add some white paint apps, and it'll go great with all my third party legends toys. however, I am curious about something that I just thought of. is there by chance a powerlink port on the underside of the sword?
Megatron Pistol (3mm & 5mm grips)
squiggy119 @TrentTroop excellent design work on this. any plans to follow it up with a 5mm/3mm shockwave?
squiggy119 commented on Megachasma Upgrade by Tresob
March 11, 2019
Megachasma Upgrade
squiggy119 I don't have any kreons, I never got into kreo, but will this fit lego minifigs? because I would love a bunch of sharkticons and this is the cheapest way to do that I've ever seen.
Stormbringer Optimus Chest Insert
squiggy119 @formlessdraon27 how would that even work? this doesn't put anything inside of his chest, it's an external decoration.
squiggy119 commented on Bladesword by weijunzi
March 7, 2019
squiggy119 @weijunzi have you considered making this available in orange?
squiggy119 commented on Cute Cow by Vin3D
March 1, 2019
Cute Cow
squiggy119 this appears to be a cow
squiggy119 commented on 5mm Air Strike Patrol Hilt by Andrusi
February 25, 2019
5mm Air Strike Patrol Hilt
squiggy119 @Andrusi I would love that!
squiggy119 @Batfire naw, that's close, but the closest thing is actually a print by this same maker, but it's only for 3mm fist holes.
squiggy119 honestly this just renews my desire for a 5mm starsaber made as a single piece so it doesn't weigh a ton or fall apart.
squiggy119 added a product to a list
February 24, 2019
squiggy119 commented on Nautical Femmebot Head and Wrench set by G_Works
September 26, 2018
Nautical Femmebot Head and Wrench set
squiggy119 @G_Works alright. thanks!
squiggy119 @G_Works Would you be willing to rescale and maybe change how this connects to a body? I'm not asking you to do it right away or anything, I don't have anything set in stone yet, but I mostly deal with legends scale figures, and I'm considering customizing a nice little nautica.
squiggy119 added a product to a list
September 25, 2018
squiggy119 commented on D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set (2 claw) by fakebusker83
September 25, 2018
D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set (2 claw)
squiggy119 Love them! thanks so much! Now my dx9 sonic wizard can have tentacles, just like so many other soundwaves have recently.
squiggy119 added a product to a list
September 24, 2018
squiggy119 added a product to a list
September 7, 2018
Megatron Pistol, Silenced (3mm & 5mm grips)
squiggy119 aw, man, this looks way nicer than the one I designed!...though I probably would've had more trouble painting it. I don't have a lot of painting experience.
squiggy119 commented on slash backpack by bronsonrayneill
September 5, 2018
slash backpack
squiggy119 @bronsonrayneill you are just determined to not spell correctly, aren't you?
squiggy119 commented on solarus hammer (full) by bronsonrayneill
September 5, 2018
solarus hammer (full)
squiggy119 @bronsonrayneill you might want to learn how to spell "does."
squiggy119 commented on D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set by fakebusker83
September 2, 2018
D.R.E.A.D 2 Dreadacle Set
squiggy119 @fakebusker83 I am ready to order whenever you get the 2-clawed version done.
squiggy119 thank you!
squiggy119 @fakebusker83 absolutely! but, uh, payday's not for a few days, so no rush.
squiggy119 hm...3mm posts...yeah, I can give these to my soundwave. I wish they were both claws though instead of a kunai.
squiggy119 commented on Potential Lad's Headmaster replacement by lg2113
August 11, 2018
Potential Lad's Headmaster replacement
squiggy119 @Hyoumaru clear nail polish
squiggy119 added a product to a list
August 8, 2018
Bludgeon Swords (Katana and Wakizashi) 5mm Grip
squiggy119 @Hyoumaru the katana is around 10 centimeters, judging by the measurements listed by shapeways.
squiggy119 commented on Minibot "Quantus" by fakebusker83
July 26, 2018
Minibot "Quantus"
squiggy119 @fakebusker83 I love this figure, but I mostly play with legends class stuff and without the giant head she's barely bigger than a minicon. if you could scale this up just a centimeter or two larger and maybe remove the headmaster thing, I would buy it all over again.
squiggy119 added a product to a list
July 26, 2018
X33A - Wizard's Apprentice
squiggy119 @Lockdowns_Trophy_Case wow. that's a thorough explanation. thanks for that! I may wind up buying them anyway at some point as I just learned that acrylic pens are a thing and I can handle a pen much better than a paint brush, but it looks like for the time being, they're not in the cards. I first want to practice with something with broader details, after all. I'm still gonna keep these in mind, though. I'm perfectly happy with those thugmeisters, but when you've got a bit of cash and an opportunity to upgrade to something more compatible, why not go for it, right?


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