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Andrusi commented on 5mm Armada Star Saber by Andrusi
February 26, 2019
5mm Armada Star Saber
Andrusi @squiggy119 Ah, no, it's symmetrical, sorry.
Andrusi @daltoncostrander I think I've heard that GI Joe figures can hold 3mm pegs, but I don't really know, not having gotten into them myself. As for third party figures, it obviously depends on the specific figure you have in mind, but a lot of them these days are designed to use the same size handles as "official" Transformers so my stuff should work with them just fine (although with the same caveat that there might be problems because of variation in the 3D printing process).
Andrusi commented on 5mm Air Strike Patrol Hilt by Andrusi
February 25, 2019
5mm Air Strike Patrol Hilt
Andrusi @squiggy119 As the note in the description warns, there's a good chance this'll get replaced with a set at some point for pricing reasons, but for the time being here you go.
Andrusi @squiggy119 I had a 5mm version (sold individually), but Shapeways glitched up the item when I tried to remove the 3mm version to combine it into the set (which happened because of Shapeways's recent pricing structure changes). It's still smaller than the real thing but if you're desperate I could put it back up as a standalone item without too much trouble.
Andrusi commented on 5mm Blast Off and Brawl's Guns by Andrusi
January 28, 2019
5mm Blast Off and Brawl's Guns
Andrusi @carlojmalijan Hi, sorry for the late response! Not all of them, but I've already done Vortex's big side guns if you haven't seen, and I'm planning on doing his small gun and Swindle's big one. (Onslaught can just use an actual G1 Onslaught gun. He's had enough recolors and knockoffs that it's not hard to find one.)
Andrusi commented on 5mm Weapon for BotCon Airazor by Andrusi
January 16, 2018
5mm Weapon for BotCon Airazor
Andrusi @tigerhawk533 Unfortunately, I don't actually own Transmetal Airazor, so I'd have no way of confirming that it fit.
Tiny Skywarps rejoice, for Geable Productions now offers stairs! - Titans Return Staircase with Side Railings
...with the runway connector, the hinge, and this new ramp, Fort Max can have ramps that fold up for robot mode storage. Titans Return Fort Max Clip-On Extension Ramp
A short hinge that matches the end of the runway connector. Why? Because... Titans Return Fort Max Runway Mini Hinge
Ramp Storage Tablet for TR Blaster/Soundwave
Andrusi I'll give it a look-see, but I wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up. It's pretty cramped in there. (And the replacement ramp is probably a no-go, just because the existing one doesn't seem to be designed to be removable and I don't want to break my toys.) Honestly, in boom box mode you could probably just toss the Titan Master in there loose.
Titans Return Fort Max Runway Ramp Connector
Andrusi @thomasVanDijk They won't work perfectly. You won't have a problem in his vehicle mode, but in base mode they'll end up upside down (so if you want to use them like that you'll need a couple of ramp inverters too), and you'll have to take them off in robot mode because of the way Metroplex's runways fold up. But yes, they do fit Metroplex, and in fact I actually used Metroplex for testing early on.
Andrusi @DeliriousFire So, the bad news is I actually had already ordered metallic plastic prints, but the good news is I got them in yesterday and I love them. I think I'm going to start offering them that way.
Andrusi @DeliriousFire Maybe! I mostly haven't bothered testing most of my models in metallic plastic because it's both more fragile and more expensive than SAF, but now that someone's specifically asked about it I'll give it a whirl (and hopefully won't get a road busted in exchange).
Get some more use out of TR Fort Maximus's runways - Titans Return Fort Max Runway Ramp Connector
Andrusi commented on Titans Return Micromaster Adapter Ramp by Andrusi
November 8, 2016
Titans Return Micromaster Adapter Ramp
Andrusi @sidetracked350 Ha! Sadly, I don't own any Hot Wheels track, so I'll have to leave that one up to someone else.


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