DeliriousFire commented on Brainstorm IDW wing Replacement by loachridge
February 16, 2017
Brainstorm IDW wing Replacement
DeliriousFire Could you post a picture of the product on the figure please.
DeliriousFire commented on Menasor Brace Cannons by midrealmdm
January 24, 2017
Menasor Brace Cannons
DeliriousFire Wonderfull news! This was accomplished without any modification of the Shapeways parts. All i needed to do was pop off Motormasters wind-vanes, slide the brace cannons over the little tips on the side of Menasors face (you have to slide them all the way down to enjoy the full shoulderlock) and close the Perfect Effect backpieces over the brace cannons. There is just enough clearance to slide the big vents over the brace cannons. And the shoulderlock is amazing! I can hold menasor by a leg and turn Dragstrip a full 360 without the least unwanted movement. I am very happy i took this gamble. Thank you very much, Perfect Effect made this combiner look good, you made it a functional actionfigure.
DeliriousFire @midrealmdm Yes, i didnt realise you dont own the PC-04. In that case i'll order them and see what i can do with it. New member, so i can profit from the introduction discount. If i can sand it down so i can use it with the PE set and it still retains enough strength i will take pictures so you can maybe see what can be done if someone else has a similar question ? Using them as cannons certainly is a cool extra feature and i hope i can make them look good enough to retain that function but my main concern is to make my Menasor functional. This guy and TR Galvatron really are two figures that Hasbro could have designed better. They both look good, but theres a lot of functionality thats impaired.
DeliriousFire Or do you think i could file it down or cut pieces of to get clearance ?
DeliriousFire @midrealmdm Thanks. Is there any chance you could design a V2 that has a clearance for the part of the Perfect effect set it would conflict with ?
DeliriousFire Does this work with the Perfect Effect upgrade kit ?
DeliriousFire commented on Lightbar For Tumbler by SteamShield
January 24, 2017
Lightbar For Tumbler
DeliriousFire Hello, i was wondering if you could make a lightbar for CW Breakdown ? For customization into Red Alert.
Titans Return Fort Max Runway Ramp Connector
DeliriousFire Well, i'm happy it wasnt a total waste then. The package arrived yesterday and i'm very happy. My first Shapeways order and i was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the texture compared to what i was expecting but i was kind of terrified to connect the pieces cause these shapeways prints feel cookies in my fingers. After a little courage everything fits like a glove though. Very nice upgrade for Fort Max.
DeliriousFire @andrusi On second thought i think i'll just order them in white: the grey wont match the grey of Max's ramps anyway, so there is little point. And i can paint the white ramps if i really want to or apply a grey marker and see what i can do. I'm sorry to waste your time, hope you havent proofprinted that road yet. Happy holydays.
DeliriousFire Hello. I wanted to ask wether you could provide these, the base off ramps and the extra long ramps in metallic grey ?
DeliriousFire commented on Tigatron Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
January 5, 2017
Tigatron Face (Titans Return)
DeliriousFire Its a very crude drawing, i know :)
DeliriousFire Hello, i was wondering if you could design similar attachment pieces to turn the Titanmasters into Targetmaster partners. Something like this is what i had in mind:
DeliriousFire commented on Menasor Shoulder Vents by jeffperrin77
December 22, 2016
Menasor Shoulder Vents
DeliriousFire @jeffperrin77 Thank you for your response.
DeliriousFire You say you have designed this before the perfect effect kit was released, but do you know if this works with the kit ?
DeliriousFire commented on G1 Styled Helm for TR Galvatron by fakebusker83
December 21, 2016
G1 Styled Helm for TR Galvatron
DeliriousFire @fb34c40 That looks amazing. What did you paint it with ?


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