Material Jetting (MJ)

Material Jetting takes inkjet technology to the industrial additive manufacturing level, delivering outstanding prototypes and functional, end-use parts, with options for robust color too.

The Material Jetting Process

The MJ process begins as small, multi-nozzle printheads spray hundreds of micro-droplets of resin onto the print bed for immediate curing of the liquid material through ultraviolet light. This continues layer by layer, until 3D printing of the desired part and accompanying support structures are complete.

Material Jetting Printers

Material Jetting 3D printers at Shapeways range in build volume from 490 mm x 390 mm x 200 mm (Stratasys J750) to 495 x 495 x 300 mm (Mimaki 3DUJ-553), with layer thickness averaging 32 microns for full-size models. Advanced features like multiple print heads offer efficiency, accuracy, and superior resolution for full-color 3D prints. 3D Systems ProJet MJP 3D printers feature a build volume of up to 282 mm x 181 mm x 150 mm for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic.

The Appeal of Material Jetting Technology

Speed and precision, along with the ability to produce impressive colors and textures, sets MJ technology apart from other 3D printing methods. MJ allows for incredibly fine details and exceptional surface finishes, and up to 10,000 hues are possible with materials like High Definition Full Color.

MJ technology is popular for 3D printing a wide range of prototypes, and functional parts too. Color plays a primary role, evident as Shapeways relies on Material Jetting for medical models that are so realistic doctors, students, and patients are able to see the true, rich color and structure of a human organ like the heart. Tabletop gaming aficionados enjoy thousands of different choices for detailed miniatures, and architects accelerate project development with scale models.

Hitting the Highlights in Material Jetting

Deliver the Fine Details

MJ technology is unique in its ability to offer remarkably intricate features, with impressive color, texture, and surface finish. From vibrant touches meant to replicate the human anatomy in medical models, to realistic skin tones and touches like facial hair or even feathers for tabletop gaming miniatures, this technology is well-suited for miniatures and educational devices.

Manufacture Unique Structures

One of the most important aspects of Material Jetting is that the technology allows for the manufacturing of structures that were previously impossible via traditional methods, leaving the doors wide open for users to innovate like never before, and in a wide range of applications.

Multi-Material, Multi-Color Parts

Although MJ technology is known for offering incredible precision and surface finish for parts and prototypes, the secret to this technology lies in the use of multiple print heads. Not only do multiple print heads promote greater power and speed in 3D printing, but they also store materials separately for use in a single production run.

Materials & Applications

Shapeways customers turn to MJ technology for parts and prototypes printed in robust color. Whether seeking intensified detail for models and miniatures or exact color matches for models used in medical or educational applications, Shapeways offers advanced technology and materials to meet any requirement.

Fine Detail Plastic

This versatile photopolymer offers good detail, high dimensional accuracy, and smooth surfaces. Especially good for products requiring good aesthetic quality, Fine Detail Plastic is translucent. Also known as Frosted Detail Plastic or Resin-Based Acrylic Plastic, this material is typically well-suited for:

• Models
• Master patterns for molds
• Jewelry prototypes

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High Definition Full Color

Printed on the Mimaki 3DUJ-553, High Definition Full Color allows for over 10 million color choices in eye-popping color and fine detail. Post-processing like overcoating is available too. This material is often used for:

• Architectural models
• Tabletop gaming miniatures
• Medical models
• Photorealistic visual prototypes

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Multi-Color Polyjet

Printed on the Stratasys J750 3D printer, Polyjet technology offers over 500,000 colors, to include clear plastic and other combinations for translucent and opaque colors, along with full color. This material is recommended for:

• Medical models
• Highly detailed prototypes
• Visual aids
• Displays

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Ordering from Shapeways Saves Time & Capital

Enjoy the benefits of Shapeways advanced technology and a wide range of materials for manufacturing your creations with accuracy and intricate detail. Ordering and manufacturing is as easy as uploading one or more designs, requesting instant quotes, and then waiting for parts to be manufactured—whether designated on an average, priority, or rush basis. Read about case studies, find out more about our solutions, and get instant quotes here.

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