Design, Upload, and 3D Print Your Files

3D print with Shapeways by creating complex products previously impossible with traditional manufacturing. Create sophisticated 3D printed ideas and designs, upload 3D print files, and expedite product development.

From a sketch to the final 3D printed product, Shapeways allows you to choose advanced 3D printing materials, technology, and  feedback for 3D print files. This ensures quality manufacturing for assembly and fit, functionality, and high-performance parts for applications like aerospace or medical.

Have a 3D File Ready?


Create your 3D model and upload the 3D print file to Shapeways. Don’t have a 3D file? Shapeways can help.


Select the 3D printing material and finish most suited to your part.


Shapeways 3D prints and post-process your product.

Your 3D print is shipped expediently and arrives ready to use!

Upload a Model to 3D Print

Whether you are uploading 3D models for jewelry or automotive parts, Shapeways instantly analyzes the 3D file for printability. While most 3D models are uploaded successfully, if an issue arises, Shapeways file fixers can help regenerate the 3D file or provide customized feedback. Inspections, proprietary processes, and expert 3D printing operators lead to exceptional products.

Explore Materials

Proper selection of 3D printing materials is key as they must be compatible with 3D printing technology and optimized for project requirements. From plastics to metal, Shapeways offers over 90 materials and finishes–and additive manufacturing services for any project.

3D Print Design Tips

While excellence in product development depends on optimized modeling, prototyping, and quality management, 3D printing design guidelines play a critical role in the outcome of every 3D printed part. Check out the following resources for assistance in taking your 3D design from concept to market.

Services for Your Business

  • Use Shapeways 3D printing services to create complex 3D printed products for you.
  • Receive 3D printed parts quickly, print new iterations, or rapid prototypes as needed.
  • Rely on expert 3D printing operators and inspections for delivery of quality products.
  • Choose from a range of additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing options, designed to scale any business.
  • Drop ship your 3D prints to over 130 countries.

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