G_Works commented on Nautical Femmebot Head by G_Works
January 25, 2020
Nautical Femmebot Head
G_Works @chandlerbentley18 Thanks for getting in touch, I doubt I'll ever do it because the mould is totally different, so even if I upscaled the parts to be the right size, the chest in particular wouldn't fit at all and would take a huge amount of work to redesign. I also think the head cavity on the Voyageris a lot smaller, proportionately.
G_Works @arsnof Approx 9.3mm wide, 12.5mm high including antenna, and 10.5mm front to back including visor. Hope that helps!
G_Works @Denoysius52 It's clear, on my sample figure I have used slightly thinned Tamiya clear blue to tint it :) Don't paint the sides of the eye-stalks though, just the very ends, otherwise the fit becomes awkward.
G_Works commented on CW Ankle Joint Sprued by G_Works
December 9, 2019
CW Ankle Joint Sprued
G_Works @secondroms Hi, unfortunately Shapeways have changed their print requirements for models since it was designed, if you look down the comments somebody else was able to print it in purple a few years ago. I will look at fixing it when I have time, but it may not be soon, apologies.
G_Works commented on Nautical Femmebot Head and Wrench set by G_Works
September 26, 2018
Nautical Femmebot Head and Wrench set
G_Works @squiggy119 Rescaling shouldn't be too big a deal, although the visor might be problematic at smaller scales as it might be too fragile to print. If you send me measurements later I might be able to help. Changing the connection depends on what the new connection is. Just let me know :)
G_Works @ahrinn So, it turns out Shapeways have moved the goalposts on me since this set was last printed last month, because the replacement face set isn't printing in FUD/FED either, it's not just a problem with black acrylate. I'm working on an updated version right now so that you can re-order while the sale is still on...
G_Works @ahrinn Well, I added the option, but the price is as you see... Plus, no light piping :(
G_Works @ahrinn I hadn't, as it is designed for light piping. That's why it's only available in FUD/FED. I haven't actually bought anything in HDA, do you know if it's comparable to those two in terms of detail?
G_Works commented on Titans Return to 6mm neck adaptor by G_Works
March 4, 2018
Titans Return to 6mm neck adaptor
G_Works @ncl_1701 Sorry to hear you've had fit issues. It looks to me like this print has come out a little large. The small indent in the TR head designs doesn't clip or latch into anything from what I recall, I checked the attachment clips on a number of TR figures when designing the part. Are you able to take a pic of the peg when inserted?
G_Works @ncl_1701 Are you able to share pics of those prints? And which TR figure are you trying to use it with? I've used the same TR peg for all my designs and this is the first I've heard of it not fitting so I am wondering if it is a misprint
G_Works @fb04d10 Sorry for the late reply, started a new day job! Funnily enough, the TRY heads are 4mm ball joints, so I already made one that's the right size! http://shpws.me/OUqc Hope that helps :)
G_Works @fb04d10 I am pretty sure it will be too big, but I am also sure that I can make a replacement TR head peg once I am home in a few days. :)
G_Works @fb04d10 off the top of my head, no, but it might by sheer fluke! I am away from home for the holidays though and cannot currently check.
Beast Hunting Truck Leader Replacement Head
G_Works @trence5 It is, and you would need to remove the original head.
G_Works commented on Titans Return to 4mm neck adaptor by G_Works
January 28, 2018
Titans Return to 4mm neck adaptor
G_Works @HarleyQuinade http://shpws.me/Pu4Z It can :)
By request, a 3.5mm version of my TR neck adaptor - http://shpws.me/Pu4Y Titans Return to 3.5mm neck adaptor
G_Works commented on CW Combiner Port to 5MM Peg by G_Works
January 15, 2018
CW Combiner Port to 5MM Peg
G_Works @Zenevas the friction joint should be extremely stiff, but as always tolerances may vary in Solid Flexible plastics. Pretty sure I designed the joint for exactly that purpose though :)
G_Works @itzilzah Well, careful use of a few copies of this set would allow an all-Voyager combiner...
G_Works @itzilzah Depends what you mean by "super combiner" but... maybe? :)
G_Works commented on Medical Sportscar Femmebot Chest by G_Works
December 27, 2017
Medical Sportscar Femmebot Chest
G_Works @fb1ac1b Thanks for bringing it to my attention that the description had been deleted! I've now updated it and added three higher detail options.
G_Works commented on FoC Prime Knee Extensions (pair) by G_Works
November 16, 2017
FoC Prime Knee Extensions (pair)
G_Works @PGRated The FoC Prime/Magnus mould is so incredibly simple that I can see a lot of fun things being done with it. I was happy enough with making it taller vs the other figures of the same game line myself! Good luck with the neck adaptor, from what I remember it's going to be quite awkward.
G_Works @PGRated As it happens, I have! I made this when I was new to Shapeways and didn't know the materials especially well so I ordered this in both WSF and black acrylic. Because the parts are so thin, it's honestly a little fragile, especially when you consider that it's a friction joint. Considering it's a functional part rather than a decorative one, honestly, I'd recommend the Solid Flexible Polished overall.
G_Works commented on Great Thundering Truck Leader Body Set by G_Works
October 5, 2017
Great Thundering Truck Leader Body Set
G_Works @chiriok The sticker is most likely an old Toyhax one, I have piles of them kicking around. Hope that helps! :)
G_Works commented on Medical Sportscar Femmebot Head set by G_Works
September 10, 2017
Medical Sportscar Femmebot Head set
G_Works @AztecLos13 This is sized for a 4mm balljoint. I just checked my Streetwise and it's a little tight but okay, so it should fit on Prowl/Dead End too as they share a mould, but the CW head/necks aren't all universal, so be careful if you want to try on any other figures. :)
G_Works commented on Titans Return to 4.8mm neck adaptor by G_Works
August 29, 2017
Titans Return to 4.8mm neck adaptor
G_Works @HarleyQuinade Hi, I could possibly but I don't know what size/neck that uses?
G_Works @sephthestoryteller I didn't take it as criticism, I appreciate the feedback all the same :) If you'd like a customised version made for you, I can do that easily.
G_Works @sephthestoryteller Do you mean the fit of the joints, or the length of the neck itself? If you mean the fit of the joints, clear nail polish might help, unfortunately Solid Flexible plastics from Shapeways can have quite a bit of variation in size when it comes to printing. It was designed for a specific figure, although I am glad that you have been able to use it for your own custom. :)
Peaceful Tyrant for Cybertron Defence Scattorshot
G_Works @Squigsquasher I think I get the gist. Hard to fix without measurements or at least a pic sadly!
G_Works @Squigsquasher any chance you took a pic before customising it? Cheers for the heads up :)
G_Works @Whovian41110 It looks quite different in-hand, but I sold off my prototype print to a friend so don't have it handy to take pics alas...
Nautical Femmebot head (Clear FUD/FED parts)
G_Works @Hyoumaru Exactly :)
G_Works @Hyoumaru Right, all done, hopefully it's clearly explained in the description :)
G_Works @Hyoumaru I'Il make it nice and clear when it's all sorted out, but the "regular" version will be small and the upscaled one will be something else.
G_Works @Hyoumaru You're in luck, apparently he goofed and also wants it smaller after all... But that'll happen tomorrow at the earliest!
G_Works @Hyoumaru At the request of @ubertenorman, who is doing something similar with a different TR figure base, I made it 1.5x bigger than the original, putting it at about 19.5mm wide (mostly due to her visor and the "earpods"). A regular TR figure is about 15mm wide I think?
G_Works @Hyoumaru If you mean a face that will fit onto a TR figure, not via Shapeways most likely. But, I DID just upload a piece that will allow you to plug the "Medium" sized versions of this head into a TR neck port. :) http://shpws.me/Opap
Neck adaptor for my Medium Sized Nautica head to fit TR figures - http://shpws.me/Opam Titans Return to 6mm neck adaptor
Nautica head, separated for Black Acrylate - http://shpws.me/Op6O Nautical Femmebot head (Black Acrylate parts)
Replacement lower face for Nautical Femmebot set - http://shpws.me/OmZB Nautical Femmebot head mouth section
G_Works commented on Sleuthing Robot Chest Parts V1.2 by G_Works
February 22, 2017
Sleuthing Robot Chest Parts V1.2
G_Works @fb04d10 It's a LEGO piece, with a LEGO Technic part as a 5mm adaptor.
G_Works @GamorreanJedi No worries, as long as you're happy with it now, that's the important thing! Sounds like it might have just been print issues.
G_Works @GamorreanJedi Not sure what to suggest about the clearance issues though as I haven't encountered them myself (and mine is painted from WSF polished, so it would really scratch if there were any). All I can suggest is that maybe there are some issues with how it's been reassembled, are you able to supply a pic of the vehicle mode, or from the side?
Designed for a custom CW/TR Combiner - http://shpws.me/Nezz CW joint plugs with 5mm Adaptors
G_Works commented on CW Combiner Port to TR Peg by G_Works
January 6, 2017
CW Combiner Port to TR Peg
G_Works @WMagnaus http://shpws.me/NczH How's this? :)
G_Works @WMagnaus Probably, but not til I am home after the hols :)
G_Works @WMagnaus Feel free to send pics, I can take a look and see if I can revise any of the parts if it'd help.
G_Works @Squigsquasher I made it in response to a request. I'm faaairly sure the bodies would disconnect before the pegs snapped, but I will do so if it's needed.
G_Works commented on CW Limb Adaptors for TFC Hades by G_Works
November 26, 2016
CW Limb Adaptors for TFC Hades
G_Works @Squigsquasher It's actually FAR easier to do it the other way round. Might give it a whirl later when I have more free time on my hands.
Combiner Wars Limb Adaptors for TFC Hades/Liokaiser! - http://shpws.me/MYLN CW Limb Adaptors for TFC Hades
Custom Titans Return/Combiner Wars connectors - http://shpws.me/MTbY CW Combiner Port to TR Peg


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