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Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" Mk.2
sephthestoryteller @SteamShield bought on sight! Thank you!
sephthestoryteller Is this available in black hi def? I am not a fan of fed or fud.
Chief Medical Officer Head "G1"
sephthestoryteller @SteamShield Just purchased it. Thank you!
sephthestoryteller Please make this head available in black hi def plastic so I can buy it. Thank you.
Chief Medical Officer Head "DOTM" Deluxe
sephthestoryteller @SteamShield You're welcome! Let me know if you can do that "whiny hauller" energon landmine custom head. Thank you!!!
sephthestoryteller Full body shot...
sephthestoryteller I can't get over how well this works! Thank you Steamshield!
sephthestoryteller The head fits perfectly and seamlessly. It is also proportional to the figure. Excellent design work @SteamShield!
sephthestoryteller Please leave the hi-def available in case the fud doesn't work out. Thank you.
sephthestoryteller @SteamShield I already ordered the DUD version. It's a little too late I guess.
sephthestoryteller Is it available in black hi def plastic?
Whiny Hauler head customized for Universe Warpath
sephthestoryteller Hello again! Could you adjust this design to fit energon landmine?
sephthestoryteller I'm using it for a wrecker Stakeout custom. He's a riot control...tank? Never really thought it through I guess.
sephthestoryteller Totally worth it! Thank you!
sephthestoryteller Bought on sight! Thank you Steamshield!
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" for Prime
sephthestoryteller Has this been updated to fit correctly?
sephthestoryteller commented on TF Head Unit SDSWP x1 by Kurisama
July 7, 2017
TF Head Unit SDSWP x1
sephthestoryteller @Teletraan thank you for answering! I just purchased it in black hi-def and can't wait to get it. I was nervous that the head wouldn't attach to the ball joint correctly. It looks awesome! People really underestimate this mold, I think it is the best sideswipe to date. Thanks again!
sephthestoryteller @Teletraan does the head attach right to the ball joint or did you have to add glue?
sephthestoryteller commented on The Lambo Brothers by SteamShield
July 6, 2017
The Lambo Brothers
sephthestoryteller Hello! Could you adjust these to fit universe sideswipe and red Alert and print them in hi def black plastic?
Silverblue Daemon's Head Classics version
sephthestoryteller Hello again! Does this come in hi-def black plastic? Thank you!
sephthestoryteller commented on 5mm Post by gizmoboy
July 3, 2017
5mm Post
sephthestoryteller Thank you for helping me create my rogue Vehicon! It fits perfectly!
sephthestoryteller commented on 5mm Post Single by gizmoboy
June 30, 2017
5mm Post Single
sephthestoryteller Just got it and it worked perfectly. Any chance I can get a 3mm to 3mm the same size?
Blocky Driller's Head Combiner Tank Version
sephthestoryteller Will this head work on universe warpath and is it available in black hi-def?
Whiny Hauler's Head on a Tank
sephthestoryteller Hello. Could this be adapted to fit generations deluxe warpath?
sephthestoryteller Could you adapt this to fit on cybertron crosswise? I have this crazy stakeout custom I'm planning...
sephthestoryteller Hello! How does this head attach?
Silverblue Deamon's Head Combiner Version
sephthestoryteller @SteamShield I bought your titans return prowl faceplate in Bhda and it's amazing. Thank you! Did you get my message about the 5mm double ball post?
sephthestoryteller Hello! is this head available in Black Hi-Def plastic?
sephthestoryteller commented on RiD Bee Neck Post by SteamShield
June 23, 2017
RiD Bee Neck Post
sephthestoryteller I would like this with 5mm balls on both ends, can you make it?
4mm Double Ball Joint
sephthestoryteller Any chance you could make this in 5mm?
sephthestoryteller commented on 5mm-4mm Neck Post by SteamShield
June 22, 2017
5mm-4mm Neck Post
sephthestoryteller Can you make a 5mm to 5mm the same size?
Titans Return to 4.8mm neck adaptor
sephthestoryteller @glaug The length of the neck itself. I'm not trying to be critical. I love your work. It's all trial and error, I'll get it right eventually lol Take care!
sephthestoryteller Not quite as snug as I thought it'd be...
Police Strategist's Face
sephthestoryteller It makes an awesome Bluestreak! Thank you!
Ambulon Head for CombinerWars
sephthestoryteller What mm is the ball socket?
sephthestoryteller commented on Ball Post 5 Mm by RazorSpider
June 12, 2017
Ball Post 5 Mm
sephthestoryteller Hello! Would you be able to make this item with a ball big enough for Combiner Wars Blades head to fit into?
Replacement Ankle Joint for Rockin' Action Bass
sephthestoryteller Hello! Would you be able to produce an adapter similar to this with a ball joint that fits CW blades head. I don't need the ring at the bottom either. I'm going to be using a capped pin to install it. Thank you!


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