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Designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
A long-time mecha fan, modeller and tinkerer.

Zenevas commented on Reckless Driver Head G1 Combo Set by SteamShield
July 27, 2018
Reckless Driver Head G1 Combo Set
Zenevas Hi @SteamShield, another horrible question. I'm converting a POTP Jazz into Wildrider. Will this head fit? I know the neck is shorter, but is it short enough to keep this head from fitting? Thank you!
Zenevas commented on Seeker Limbs for PotP  Blackwing  by knoted
July 14, 2018
Seeker Limbs for PotP  Blackwing 
Zenevas @knoted Outstanding! Thanks!
Zenevas Hello @knoted, I really like these seeker arms. Would it be possible to get them separately from the legs?
Zenevas commented on Seeker wings for POTP Darkwing by SteamShield
May 7, 2018
Seeker wings for POTP Darkwing
Zenevas Nice!! @SteamShield, are your Seeker heads compatible with Darkwing?
Zenevas commented on Berkut wings for Skydive by SteamShield
April 24, 2018
Berkut wings for Skydive
Zenevas Dammit @SteamShield, now I need to get more Skydives.
Zenevas commented on Penitent Swordsman Head Generic by SteamShield
March 16, 2018
Penitent Swordsman Head Generic
Zenevas @SteamShield Please do, I've been eyeing your Wildrider head and wondering whether it would fit on Jazz.
CW Megatron - Cannon Beefomizer
Zenevas @JohnBonhamatron I'll watch for that. I have the Primo Nemein set on my former Motormaster and it is outstanding. I have no doubt your Megatron kit will be similarly impressive.
Zenevas I like it. It improves the look of the cannon immensely. A quick bit of sanding and some semigloss black paint make it blend in well with the rest of the cannon.
Zenevas commented on Bear Head for Shuffler/Ramhorn by TrentTroop
February 24, 2018
Bear Head for Shuffler/Ramhorn
Zenevas I never knew I needed this!
Zenevas commented on Pteranodon Head for PotP Fists by TrentTroop
February 24, 2018
Pteranodon Head for PotP Fists
Zenevas Nice! Say, any chance of 5mm-pegged wings to go with? So as to look less like a plucked pterochicken.
Zenevas commented on POTP Dinobots G1 Styled Swords by fakebusker83
February 14, 2018
POTP Dinobots G1 Styled Swords
Zenevas @fakebusker83, spiffy! Any chance of a combined set of all the Dinobot weapons as well, or a Dreadwind/Blackwing set?
Zenevas commented on CW Combiner Port to 5MM Peg by G_Works
January 15, 2018
CW Combiner Port to 5MM Peg
Zenevas Hello @glaug, will these support the weight of a torso, could they be used as knees? Just a mad thought. Thanks!
Zenevas commented on Centaur Class VI by Nashstarshipyards
January 13, 2018
Centaur Class  VI
Zenevas Hello @Nashstarshipyards, what scale is this in? Thanks!
Zenevas commented on Armament: Defender by AncientAngel
January 13, 2018
Armament: Defender
Zenevas Hi @reckless, what scale is this in? Thanks!
Zenevas commented on Uss Armstrong by frank8492
January 13, 2018
Uss Armstrong
Zenevas Hello @crazy_eddies, how well do your 1/2500 ships turn out in WSF polished? Do you have any pictures?
Zenevas commented on Tarn Leader Class Head by DarkcaveCustoms
January 11, 2018
Tarn Leader Class Head
Zenevas Sooo... think this would fit inside Combiner Wars Cyclonus's chest? Also, any chance you might offer it in FUD?
Zenevas commented on VF-1 X++ Chest armor plates by xigfrid
January 11, 2018
VF-1 X++ Chest armor plates
Zenevas Hello @xigfrid, what scale is this? Is this for the 1/72 Hasegawa, or a 1/60 Yamato/Arcadia? Thanks!
Zenevas commented on Chic-Capitan Wings by SteamShield
April 21, 2016
Chic-Capitan Wings
Zenevas @SteamShield Here's an oddball thought; what about adding a 5mm port to the wingtip launch rails, so missiles and such would look like they were mounted on the rails? The underwing ports could maybe be moved a little ways inboard. Just a thought.
Zenevas This is a really nice set of wings. I am impressed with how well they fit the body and tab into the arms in jet mode, the whole thing is rock solid. Thanks for making them!
Zenevas commented on Calculating Giant's pointy ears by SteamShield
March 10, 2016
Calculating Giant's pointy ears
Zenevas Out of curiosity, will it fit in the Hasbro head?
Zenevas favorited Combiner Weapon Holders by SteamShield
February 12, 2016
Zenevas commented on CW Blackjack Upgrade "Gun-Axe" by fakebusker83
July 12, 2015
CW Blackjack Upgrade "Gun-Axe"
Zenevas @darkangelstear *cough* yeah, on this scale the polishing is not really going to make much of a difference. Recessed and multi-level details also throw it for a loop. However, it will save a bit of cleanup time, so it's not a total waste.
Zenevas A really spiff design! Clips well as a spoiler and a robot mode back wing; the shaft/barrel can be carried in-hand or attached to the back. A tremendous improvement both stylistically and functionally over the stock wing. I ordered in Purple SF "Polished"; the color is gorgeous but the only real effect of the polishing is to slender down the 5mm posts. Easily fixed with a little clear nail polish and lesson learned. My only request would be to make non-polished available in the colors. So thank you @fakebusker83 and keep banging 'em out!
Combiner Wars Voyager Optimus Prime Extensions And
Zenevas Question, how does this affect the combiner torso mode?


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