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PGRated commented on CW to G1 Magnus Breastplate by PGRated
February 17, 2020
CW to G1 Magnus Breastplate
PGRated @ivanchevy350Unfortunately, I don't think so.
PGRated commented on PKE Meter 5MM Post by PGRated
March 20, 2019
PKE Meter 5MM Post
PGRated @ManlyYams Yuuuuup. I might look at a ghost trap and MAAAAAAYBE Proton packs and wands for Siege figures if this generates interest!
PotP Swooping Pterodactyl Transformer Wing Cannons
PGRated @al_duke The best method I can come up with is attaching the hand armor to the back with the thumbs out and the 5mm pegs in the thumbs used to hold in the hands.
PGRated @fb04d10 I agree but none of the existing pegs on the wings are deep enough or have enough grip to support missiles. The best compromise I can think up is a version with clips but the missiles might not be able to function as guns then because there’s be no space for the handles!
PGRated @Johnybgr8 Here you go! (Photo is metallic plastic!)
PGRated @Johnybgr8 Fold down the outer wings completely and you’ll see two tabs on the inner wings. These slide over those! I’ll have pictures in the coming week!
PGRated @mustangman03gt Adding non-polished versions now!
PGRated @mustangman03gt Just added a couple. There's only so far I can go down because of the size. These missiles are nearly half the height of the average Deluxe in order to be to scale with the G1 weapons. I might consider smaller versions down the line.
PGRated commented on TR Megatron Cannon by PGRated
December 10, 2017
TR Megatron Cannon
PGRated @greboguru Eager to get the first print and put it on!
PGRated commented on FoC Prime Knee Extensions (pair) by G_Works
November 15, 2017
FoC Prime Knee Extensions (pair)
PGRated Thanks! I'll probably be doing an order on Black Friday. Currently working on a Titan Master adapter for FoC Magnus to go with the head that came with TR Arcee! Surprised this mold didn't get more upgrades. I was looking at doing leg extensions on both sides, a torso extension, and/or an arm extension. All the ball joints and mushroom pegs lend themselves to that. In fact, partswaps with WFC Optimus are possible and I think several TR figures have compatible legs, at least for the hip socket.
PGRated Has anyone tested the acrylic? I fell down a rabbit hole of research that basically suggests that it would probably be better at withstanding tensile force than the typical ABS plastic used in TFs (and also be harder) but would, at the same time, be more brittle if bent or stretched. I could be wrong but it seems like as long as it's not for a ball joint or a ratchet (but for a gliding joint), Acrylic Detail should be as good or better. Just curious if you've had any feedback there. HD Acrylate should be pretty good as an all-purpose. (But it'll cost twice as much as standard acrylic.)


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