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Peter Hamson


CW To Energon Limb Combiner Port Adapter Mk.II
Squigsquasher @SteamShield Ah, right. My apologies, didn't realize.
Squigsquasher Would you be willing to release this in the new Nylon plastic option? I hear that it's much stronger and good for joints/loadbearing pieces. I ask because I have a plan to use them to combine CW Silverbolt with the TFC Aerialbots (who use the Energon female ports) and these would make that plan a reality.
Squigsquasher commented on Kaiser Flail by Squigsquasher
September 29, 2017
Kaiser Flail
Squigsquasher @mechedup Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
Squigsquasher @Cybertronus I don't own Classics Megatron but in theory it should work!
Squigsquasher @rpikula Consider it done!
Squigsquasher commented on Trivia the Cruciverbalist by fakebusker83
August 31, 2017
Trivia the Cruciverbalist
Squigsquasher Will this work in Polished (aside from having to tighten the joints up)? I was planning on getting this to paint up as Flip Sides, incidentally. It looks a great little figure and given that we're very unlikely to get a Flip Sides from TR Rewind (plus this being a model kit rather than a prebuilt figure that would require disassembly for painting) I think this would be perfect.
Squigsquasher favorited PM-40 SCRIFICE by PEACE_MAKER_DDMTF
June 20, 2017
Peaceful Tyrant for Cybertron Defence Scattorshot
Squigsquasher @glaug Ah, unfortunately not. Whoops! I could possibly get a pic of the modified piece, and I'll do my best to explain it though: The vanilla head mounts flush with the body due to the unorthodox connection method where the neck rod goes into the back of the head (albeit giving the robot no visible neck). The Shapeways piece, on the other hand, has the connection going into the base of the head, and due to the thickness of the neck assembly, it sits quite a distance from the body, thus giving it the opposite problem. I sorted mine out by sawing off the mushroom peg from the default neck piece, leaving a flat "platform" which I mounted the ball joint onto. Hopefully this awfully drawn diagram I made will give you an idea as to the problem I ran into. I have no idea how easy it would be to remedy the model, though from my estimations it could be done solely by changing the neck piece. Carve out a bit of the neck "strut" to make room for the back of the head and lower the ball joint onto a recessed "platform".
Squigsquasher Just a heads-up: the neck mount sticks up far too much from the body in robot mode, making Megatron look rather silly. I've remedied this by hacking apart and combining the stock neck mount and the kit neck mount, but in the event you do the conversion yourself it's worth noting. Also, he's coming along nicely- hopefully I'll have him done soon...
Squigsquasher @glaug Thanks! Sorry the pic isn't better. I'm tempted to take another picture with an ink wash to show up the detail but that might have a negative effect on the primer sticking. And yeah, I can't wait to see my custom finished either- I just need to get an airbrush, booth setup and finally finish the disassembly process. I'm a bit stuck on some parts.
Squigsquasher @pedrop Here's a kinda rubbish photo of the unpainted head (sans lightpiping).
Squigsquasher Whooooops! Yes, I do have the product but I COMPLETELY forgot I was supposed to take a photo of it! Sorry! I'd definitely recommend it though- very well designed. I'll try and remember to get a photo up soon.
Squigsquasher Sure, I'll try and snap a pic of it soon.
Squigsquasher Just ordered this, should be arriving on the 29th, I hope.
Squigsquasher Thanks! As soon as some Wonga comes in I'll be ordering this beauty!
Sidewinder Missiles for Aerial Chivalry
Squigsquasher That customized Seeker based on Skydive looks great. Can it transform without partsforming?
Squigsquasher added a product to a list
March 5, 2017
Squigsquasher added a product to a list
February 25, 2017
Squigsquasher commented on CW Limb Adaptors for TFC Hades by glaug
November 26, 2016
CW Limb Adaptors for TFC Hades
Squigsquasher Genius! I wonder if it would be possible to do it the other way around- I suspect not due to material tolerances and sourcing ratchet springs. If it could be done though I'd be down for it. I'd love to see the TFC Aerialbot limbs on CW Silverbolt for example, as the TFC limb-bots are great whilst their Silverbolt is...not.
Chromia Faceplate for Titans Return Blurr
Squigsquasher I dig it! Most female Titan Master faces come out a bit flat but this looks really good. I'm not sure if I'll do this conversion as I already have a damaged PRID Arcee I might turn into Chromia, but it's a great idea nonetheless. One thing I might say is that a set of replacement shoulders to make the Blurr mold look a bit less buff might make her look a lot better.
Squigsquasher commented on CW Combiner Port to TR Peg by glaug
November 6, 2016
CW Combiner Port to TR Peg
Squigsquasher Interesting idea! I wonder how well the Titanmaster-sized pegs will hold up under strain though given their small size. Perhaps sell some of those pegs separately, available in metal?
Combiner Feet Articulation Add-on
Squigsquasher Will this work on the dedicated feet (such as the Victorion/Megatronia or Computron/Baldigus foot molds)? The feet as is only have sideways articulation AFAIK.
Squigsquasher commented on Femmebot Neck Mount by glaug
September 17, 2016
Femmebot Neck Mount
Squigsquasher I might get this actually- my own Animated Arcee's head socket is cracking for some reason (possibly from a shelf dive the poor girl took) and between that, her broken hands and the fact that Legends Arcee is looking more and more appealing, I'm considering buying Tecrom's She-Bop head and this to mount it on and making her into Nancy. Not sure how I'm going to replace the arms though...
TR Galvatron Cannon Adaptor
Squigsquasher @fakebusker83 Awesome, I'm considering getting him (when he comes out in my area) but the stock head just sucks. I don't know if you're planning on giving him a new headmaster or if you have a "Permanent" head in the pipeline, but if it's the former I'd suggest selling the robot face and the headmaster itself separately so they can be printed in different materials. In any case, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Squigsquasher commented on Stalker head For CW Rook by fakebusker83
June 28, 2016
Stalker head For CW Rook
Squigsquasher Awesome! If I weren't forbidden from doing any more modelling projects until I've finished my massive backlog of 40K models I'd buy a spare Rook and make him into a Stalker with this. Incidentally, do you have any plans to make a missile for him?
Animated Schoolteacher Spy Robot arms
Squigsquasher @glaug I can confirm there is indeed still interest in this- from me! My Arcee's thumbs gave up the ghost recently and I don't fancy buying a whole new toy when the forearms are so easy to replace (in the sense they're just on easily removed mushroom pegs). I know Legends Arcee is a thing but she's like £30, and my Animated Arcee is one of my favourite TF figures and I want to be able to "save" her if at all possible.
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March 2, 2016
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March 2, 2016


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