Tresob commented on Megachasma Upgrade by Tresob
March 22, 2019
Megachasma Upgrade
Tresob @squiggy119 You should be able to slip this onto one, but you probably wouldn't be able to get the arms to move because the lego body angles inward towards the neck. You can definitely buy custom fodder kreons (or toys that are identical to them) on auction sites pretty cheap though. Alternatively, you could make a lego minifig "hold" custom "arms" that you make from other elements.
Tresob commented on Evil Stellar Blade by Tresob
September 9, 2018
Evil Stellar Blade
Tresob @daltoncostrander (I should have typed 3mm handle, not 1.5mm handle). Also, the gun handle obviously just pops right down into the hand...this sword's hilt might make things a little trickier depending on the stiffness of the plastic on a 3.75" figure's hand. But it would be easy to clip off or sand down that hilt if it causes trouble.
Tresob @daltoncostrander Thanks for the question. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: I just tested a laser gun piece with 1.5mm handle on a Cobra Viper (a re-release of the vintage figure, so the plastic in the thumb might have had more give than a vintage figure). It fit in the hand pretty easily, although I would really recommend sanding down the handle if it feels like it is putting up too much resistance for your comfort zone.
Tresob commented on Time Shield (5mm Peg) by Tresob
July 11, 2018
Time Shield (5mm Peg)
Tresob @underscorex Hey! Thanks for the comment! At the moment, it's 1:1 scale. It would probably lose some details fitting on the back of a titan master, but I've thought about it. If you're interested, I can try to get some measurements for how small it would have to be and where to put the screw hole.
I really hope these guys fit the way I want them to: Behold, the Cyber-Jackalope - PotPie Fist Head: Cyber-Jackalope
I doodled some heads to fit on the peg-attachment for PotP Transformers combiner hands to turn them into sidekicks - PotPie Fist Heads: Robo Penguin and Robo Dog
I redid my last upload in a more dramatic pose - Retro Time Robot Pose #2
Check out this cool product! - Retro Time Robot
Hey, remember me? I did some new rendering tonight - Time Shield (5mm Peg)
Tresob commented on Legendary Trucker Hood (Longer Back) by Tresob
April 15, 2018
Legendary Trucker Hood (Longer Back)
Tresob @kylogoemon Yes. I also have one that is shorter if neck articulation is a major issue. And I also have one for Pipes that has a built-in head and "pipes" that fit over the hands.
Check out this cool product! - 5mm Port "Plugs"
Tresob commented on CW Auto-fodder (Deluxe Scale) by Tresob
March 5, 2018
CW Auto-fodder (Deluxe Scale)
Tresob @autobotdalek My understanding is that the Ironhide/Offroad mold has a slightly wider diameter on the neck. Let me see if I can modify the file to fit that dimension. (Feel free to zap me a message again if I don't get back to you in a couple of days!)
Tresob @LuigiGT Thanks for asking! I've added it per your request, but be careful attaching it. I haven't tried that material for this product.
Tresob commented on Optimal Master by Tresob
December 11, 2017
Optimal Master
Tresob @cristian_smith Message sent with a private link. Let me know if that's what you were looking for!
Tresob @cristian_smith I might be able to pull that off. I don't think it would look very good transformed, but it seems possible.
Posting new sets for using Building Blocks with action figures Building Block Interface for Action Figures: Set B
Hand Mod Adaptor (with four different 5mm handles)
Tresob @spena1984 With the 5mm grips, one of the handles should be able to fit over the First Aid hand. If you send me precise measurements for how much clearance is needed, I can double check. Thanks!
Tresob commented on Vangun (5mm Handle) by Tresob
July 19, 2017
Vangun (5mm Handle)
Tresob @Seeaich I'm happy to offer them in any materials that customers request. If you send me a message with a list, I can free them up.
Tresob commented on Remaster by Tresob
June 22, 2017
Tresob That is certainly something worth trying!
Tresob @cristian_smith Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, many people are finding the arm joints too big and sanding them down. It's a tough call because before they were printing too small. I'll keep tinkering. Thanks again!
Tresob @cristian_smith Your wish is my command:
Tresob @cristian_smith If you are interested, I could probably split this up: 2x head, arms, thighs, and another set with legs and a torso.
Tresob @greboguru Thanks for guessing, but it's not Star Saber...would you like a Star Saber, though, because I could make one!
Check out this cool product! - Prowl Master For Print
Tresob commented on Master Seeker Mini by Tresob
June 18, 2017
Master Seeker Mini
Tresob @Malunis The "heel" tab suggestion is a great one, and something I can try to incorporate in future iterations. I'm also trying to nail down the measurements to get a peg hole in the back of the torso to help people put faces back there.
Tresob @Malunis Thanks for the feedback! It's very helpful! And for the compliment (which is very encouraging). Those arm joints have been quite challenging. The parts are so small, they don't really like the margin of error in the printing process. So far, I've figured it is better to for customers to have to sand down joints that are too tight than to have to thicken up joints that come out too loose. Are they at least holding for you?
Can you guess what this is? - Remaster
All-American Cavalier Robot Pistols (5mm handles)
Tresob @fb04d10 I know. I keep meaning to make some filler boxes for some of those guns. I hope these should help in the mean time! And let me know if you are looking for anything else!
Tresob @fb04d10 Thanks for asking! I've added that material for you.
Tresob commented on Robohelmet: Jaggedy Cat by Tresob
March 1, 2017
Robohelmet: Jaggedy Cat
Tresob @BringOn_TheChaoz No problem. And let me know if you are looking for any other specific characters. My store can be a bit tricky to navigate.
Tresob @BringOn_TheChaoz Hi! Thanks for asking. Your wish is my command. I just added it to the available materials.
Now testing Titan Master Seeker - Master Seeker Mini


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