Autorooper Head for Combiner Wars Rook
mathewignash Can you make this head for the Combiner Wars First Aid mold? The Shattered Glass Autotroopers had that body in the club comics, but this head.
Tigatron Face (Titans Return)
mathewignash Any chance of making a full head for the BotCon combiner Tigatron? The one with him is horrible.
Jetstrike, at attention, 35mm Mini
mathewignash Got my Flarestrike!
mathewignash I ended up trying to order a white version of this figure and painting it, but it was too small for me to work with. I will just be ordering colored version and using them as is. Large color sandstone versions in the style of Combat Creatures would be welcome.
mathewignash Why does he have Boneyard's shoulder pads?
Matt Trakker, Standing 35mm Mini
mathewignash Can we get a Matt Trakker Spectrum Cannon Weaponoid?
T-Ai Transforming Targetmaster Kit (5mm)
mathewignash This has inspired me to suggest the ultimate Star Wars/Transformers crossover! The Han Solo Carbonite Blaster!
BMOG Chainbill Splatterpus 4-part Kit
mathewignash Submarauder loves his new toys!
mathewignash I ordered a purple one to make Monoscream.
mathewignash commented on BMOG Brainsaw 3-Part Kit by TrentTroop
April 19, 2017
BMOG Brainsaw 3-Part Kit
mathewignash Ordered the green one. He keeps trying to steal Carbearator's parts!
mathewignash Doesn't the "B" in BMOG already stand for "bio"? Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts right?
mathewignash What a monstrous mind this is.
Titan Master Autobot Symbol Stands (4)
mathewignash How about a base shaped like Daniel's hoverboard, with a 3mm peg?
mathewignash commented on Heater Targetmaster (5mm) by TrentTroop
April 9, 2017
Heater Targetmaster (5mm)
mathewignash Get him in yellow and you have Shattered Glass Heater. Must get that!
mathewignash commented on Tiptop Targetmaster (5mm) by TrentTroop
April 9, 2017
Tiptop Targetmaster (5mm)
mathewignash Get him in blue and you have Shattered Glass Tiptop! Very fun.
Birdshot (Falcon/Eagle) Transforming Weaponoid Kit
mathewignash This guy is on my short list of things to order. I plan to paint him to look like the Renegade GoBot Revolt
mathewignash commented on Bob the Insecticon, 1.75" by TrentTroop
April 1, 2017
Bob the Insecticon, 1.75"
mathewignash Great! Thanks for posting this. I still think of him as "303" though.
mathewignash commented on Devastation Drill, 5mm by TrentTroop
March 26, 2017
Devastation Drill, 5mm
mathewignash This drill also makes a passable drill for a Lost Protectors Goldminer conversion
Jetstrike Human Face (Titans Return)
mathewignash Can you make a version with the mustache for Muscules?
mathewignash commented on BMOG Non-Dino Squad (set of 3) by TrentTroop
March 19, 2017
BMOG Non-Dino Squad (set of 3)
mathewignash I have short biographies written out for the black set during the Kickstarter when they were stretch goals. Not sure if anyone wanted them, but here: Darkcreep (Ichthyosaur) Function: Smooth Criminal " As he came into the window, it was the sound of a crescendo." Alternate mode: Energy negating anti-sound ray. Darkcry (Pteranodon) Function: Speed Demon "Nothin' gonna stop ne, ain't no stop and go." Alternate mode: Faster than dark attack bow. Darkcrawl (Dimetrodon) Function: Thriller "Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand." Alternate mode: Negative matter cleaver.
mathewignash Gonna order a black set to be my Play With This Too bonus set that never happened.
mathewignash Great to see these guys see the light of day. I'll be putting them in my next order!
Bob the Insecticon (2.5" statuette)
mathewignash Where is the smaller version it mentions on this page?
BMOG Splashpoint (ichthyosaurus/ray pistol)
mathewignash "Splashpoint has a 5mm peg and a 5mm port in its tail so it can be used as axes or combine with other BMOG parts to form all new creations!" I think you mean he can be used as a ray gun.
mathewignash commented on BMOG Synaxid, Dimetrodon/Axe by TrentTroop
March 19, 2017
 BMOG Synaxid, Dimetrodon/Axe
mathewignash We have also seen this one under the name Axeback.
Gobots Leader-1 Face, Toon (Titans Return)
mathewignash Want another GoBot idea that works? Make Man-O-War for the upcoming Broadside toy.
RhinoBlaster Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
mathewignash Reminds me of Top-Heavy. Would love to see other head and legs combos to make a lion, bear, croc, etc.
mathewignash commented on Screamer Head Combiner Version by SteamShield
November 1, 2016
Screamer Head Combiner Version
mathewignash Out of curiosity, could you make the front half of his figure out of colored sandstone, and then I could glue it to the back half, and never have to paint the face?
mathewignash commented on Wheelie's Slingshot (5mm) by TrentTroop
November 1, 2016
Wheelie's Slingshot (5mm)
mathewignash This is actually a good idea for CHUG Starscream too, there was an early episode where he shot the Autobots with an energon cube from a slingshot!
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" Mk.2
mathewignash Can you offer the face in colored sandstone so it doesn't need painting?
mathewignash commented on Smirking Tracker's Head by SteamShield
October 25, 2016
Smirking Tracker's Head
mathewignash Is there any way to make this from colored sandstone, so it doesn't need paint?
mathewignash commented on Cyrotek Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
October 16, 2016
Cyrotek Face (Titans Return)
mathewignash Here is Cryotek in Blue Strong Flexible and polished, with the Scourge body.


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