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mathewignash commented on Megasword for BotCon Magnaboss by mathewignash
September 6, 2019
Megasword for BotCon Magnaboss
mathewignash @wingsaber86Thanks. I added a render showing the combined mode. This is the first time I tried a combining weapon like this. Although untested, it should be fine in both combined and robot modes. I'd like to see them be able to go on the vehicles too. so any feedback on how the weapons should attach to the vehicles would be appreciated. I can add more 5mm pegs to the weapons if that's something needed to get them to attach in vehicle mode.
Mace adapter Wei Jiang NE-01 MPP36 Megatron
mathewignash Well done. Very inventive.
mathewignash commented on Inferno/Grapple Rifle (5mm) by TrentTroop
August 27, 2019
Inferno/Grapple Rifle (5mm)
mathewignash You could scale this down with a 3mm handle and make it a gun for Action Master Inferno.
mathewignash commented on 2x G1 Optimus Prime Fists by Cadmus02
August 13, 2019
2x G1 Optimus Prime Fists
mathewignash I love seeing G1 toy compatible parts on Shapeways. Keep up the good work.
mathewignash commented on Inchnaut Inchman Limbs by TrentTroop
May 25, 2019
Inchnaut Inchman Limbs
mathewignash Do you have a 3 pack of these?
mathewignash commented on VInCent by mathewignash
December 18, 2018
mathewignash @Heckfire thanks. I am trying to make a wide selection of 70s and 80s robots. Particularly ones who don't get enough attention.
mathewignash commented on Galactic Defender Rom Kit by mathewignash
December 18, 2018
Galactic Defender Rom Kit
mathewignash @Heckfire yes these would fit on a Time Traveler. You might want to buy some feet for him which I also sell.
Commodore Amiga CD32 controller - Blue / Green / Y
mathewignash Shouldn't this be offered in color options?
mathewignash commented on Mobile Exploration Lab Jet by mathewignash
March 3, 2018
Mobile Exploration Lab Jet
mathewignash @Heckfire yes, it has a 5mm peg on top.
mathewignash commented on AstroChair by bohnded
December 9, 2017
mathewignash Very cool design. I had this as a kid and really appreciate seeing it again.


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