Trent Troop


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist

Toy-based Windcharger head for Power of the Primes Windcharger - Windcharger (G1 Toy) Head for PotP
TrentTroop commented on Titan Hoverboard by TrentTroop
19 days ago
Titan Hoverboard
TrentTroop @reillyd I used the one from the TFwiki, I just changed it from purple to black in photoshop. Any white-background, black-symbol version should work, though.
R63 - "Menace" Face (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @HarleyQuinade As soon as Slash shows up locally, I can add it to the list of replacement parts.
Space Mobsters, Prohibition-era Stunticons and old Transformers soldiers alike will love this steel-belted tommy gun, w' free spinning wheel/ammo drum!! - Steel-Belted Thompson Special
TrentTroop commented on Dinobot Slash's Hip Missile, 5mm by TrentTroop
December 19, 2017
Dinobot Slash's Hip Missile, 5mm
TrentTroop @bronsonrayneill Once the improved hip mount is tested, I'll make it available on its own.
TrentTroop commented on Grimlock's Energo-Sword - 5mm by TrentTroop
December 2, 2017
Grimlock's Energo-Sword - 5mm
TrentTroop @AztecLos13 I do not yet know. Grimlock's got those toes behind his hand in the new release, I'll need to take measurements once one shows up locally. Then I'll be able to make a version of this sword specifically for that figure, along with his gun and missile launcher.
TrentTroop commented on Insecticon Weapon 3-Pack. 5mm by TrentTroop
November 29, 2017
Insecticon Weapon 3-Pack. 5mm
TrentTroop @robots78 It doesn't pass the checks on polished (probably the sprues) but I just set it up for metallic plastic for you.
TrentTroop commented on Prime Master Pretenders Set 1 by TrentTroop
November 28, 2017
Prime Master Pretenders Set 1
TrentTroop @carloj2011 I've dislodged pins by inserting a flat-head screwdriver between two parts and slowly working them separate. Once its removed you can replace the pin with a screw or glue the face in.
Grab Grimlock or our other products and get free shipping today (11/27) on a $25+ order! - Grimlock Mini/Decoy
TrentTroop commented on Sword of Desolation, 3mm Grip by TrentTroop
November 25, 2017
Sword of Desolation, 3mm Grip
TrentTroop @mathewignash Once I have in-hand samples to figure out scale properly, sure.
Swoop gets his unproduced g2 gun just in time for Power of the Primes! - Dinobot Swoop's Gun (PotP)
Dinobot Slug/Slag's missing G1 weapons for his Power of the Primes release, available individually and as a set!! - Dinobot Slug's Arsenal, 5mm (PotP)
A set of g1 style weapons for Dinobot Slash from Power of the Primes, available individually and as a set!! - Dinobot Slash Arsenal (PotP)
We're starting in on Power of the Primes with Dinobot Slug's sword! - Dinobot Slug's Sword, 5mm (PotP)
Curstomizable Hoverboards for your Titan Master and Prime Master figures! - Titan Hoverboard
A MLP-style Reindeer you can customize with your own mark and use as a figurine OR a Christmas ornament? We got you covered! - My Little OC: Smol Reindeer 2"
Customize your own MLP Style Fawn to make your own character! - My Little OC: Faun 2"
TrentTroop commented on Blitzwing Face 3-Pack (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
November 13, 2017
Blitzwing Face 3-Pack (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @greboguru Shapeways doesn't allow for sprued kits in black hi-def acrylate, sadly. You'd have to get each face individually.
Get your Madballs flashback with Brainlick, available in tongue-stand and rolling-around poses! - Brainlick, Tonguestand
Stump Chump is out of the woods are ready to print! - Stump Chump
Kliffbeest colt is up in multiple sizes on the Prize Inside! Store! - Kliffbeest Colt
Titans Return Cybertron Megatron faceplate and helmet!! - Cybertron Megatron Face & Helmet, Large
TrentTroop commented on Anode Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
November 7, 2017
Anode Face (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @chrisprime0479 you are correct, its a repainted Titans Return Windblade.
TrentTroop commented on Sword of Desolation, 5mm Grip by TrentTroop
October 30, 2017
Sword of Desolation, 5mm Grip
TrentTroop @swordslinger133 The guard is open because the vast majority of modern TFs have closed fists (including the Skullgrin remold of Darkmount), as opposed to most modern figures with a 4mm grip, which tend to have open hands.


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