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Trent Troop


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist

Titans Return Cliffjumper Upgrade Kit
TrentTroop @RobotShapeshifter I've added a disclaimer, as the issue seems to vary from purchaser-to-purchaser. Thank you for the heads up.
Roadkill Rodney is now also available in a larger 3" size!- Roadkill Rodney Figure Kit
TrentTroop commented on WFC Seeker Squadron, Broadside Scaled by TrentTroop
December 23, 2018
WFC Seeker Squadron, Broadside Scaled
TrentTroop @john_wright02 I tend to use miniatures paints thinned with rubbing alcohol. If you're starting with a versatile plastic you'll want to do many, many thin coats, let the nylon really drink in the color, and let them dry thoroughly between coats, especially the first few. It will look patchy to start, that's normal. After several coats you'll get a smoother surface less prone to bleed, and you can start in on details. For detail plastic, I recommend priming and then painting in thin coats.
TrentTroop commented on Demolishor Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
December 12, 2018
Demolishor Face (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @xXX_Nightstrike_XXx That appears to be the thumbnail for purple versatile, I'm not sure what is being demonstrated?
TrentTroop commented on Carnivac Decoy / Figurine by TrentTroop
November 27, 2018
Carnivac Decoy / Figurine
TrentTroop @HarleyQuinade Time permitting.
TrentTroop commented on Devastation Drill, 5mm by TrentTroop
November 27, 2018
Devastation Drill, 5mm
TrentTroop @ziltama Thank you for the heads up, I'm not sure what happened with the peg. I'm PMing you regarding this.
TrentTroop commented on Customizable Matrix Core/Prime Master by TrentTroop
November 25, 2018
Customizable Matrix Core/Prime Master
TrentTroop @Heckfire Sorry about that. The tool isn't working properly, and we're hoping Shapeways can get it up and running soon. Reporting the issue to Shapeways can't hurt.
Cy-Kill Head for PotP Wreck-Gar (4mm socket)
TrentTroop @Heckfire It's a ball joint, so it should be a matter of just popping it off. If that doesn't work, some heads can be popped apart if you can jimmy a thin screwdriver head between the two halves.
TrentTroop commented on Cassette Pistol Set (5mm) by TrentTroop
November 6, 2018
Cassette Pistol Set (5mm)
TrentTroop @Batfire Once I have measurements for his cassettes, sure.
Updated G1 Prowl gun in multiple sizes and grips now up in the store! - Prowl / Bluestreak / Smokescreen Rifle (3mm, 5mm)
Bring some Hope into your life, with Blue Lantern Hope Corgi! - Hope Corgi
Rare Prime Master redesigns available! - Rare Primes 4-Pack
TrentTroop commented on Natron/Prowl Head for PotP Windcharger by TrentTroop
September 25, 2018
Natron/Prowl Head for PotP Windcharger
TrentTroop @flamepanther I've updated with the material option.
TrentTroop commented on Diaclone Inchman Blue Star Body by TrentTroop
August 29, 2018
Diaclone Inchman Blue Star Body
TrentTroop @Xenock There ya go, updated.
TrentTroop @Charles88 Those turned out great! Which materials did you use?
Blackstar's Star Sword! Available for multiple scales and grips! - Blackstar Star Sword (3mm, 4mm, 5mm)
Wather P38 mode Megatron gun for Transformers! - Megatron Pistol, Silenced (3mm & 5mm grips)
A Boombox mode blaster for your TFs! - Titans Return Blaster, TF Compatible (3mm, 5mm)
Megatron's Energon Sword, now up in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm grips!! - Megatron's Energon Sword (3mm, 4mm & 5mm grips)
TrentTroop commented on PotP Fist-Plate - Customizable by TrentTroop
July 26, 2018
PotP Fist-Plate - Customizable
TrentTroop @fb04d10 Shapeways' customizing engine can be finicky. If clearing your cookries doesn't work, maybe try from a different browser. I know sometimes I can't get it to work in Chrome.
TrentTroop commented on Spike Diaclone Inchman, Body by TrentTroop
May 10, 2018
Spike Diaclone Inchman, Body
TrentTroop @Charles88 Wow! Those turned out great. Picture quality is top notch, too.
5mm grip daggers for PotP Slash/other Transformers! - Daggers for PotP Dinobot Slash
TrentTroop commented on Daggers for PotP Dinobot Slash by TrentTroop
April 26, 2018
Daggers for PotP Dinobot Slash
TrentTroop @Arazyr Slash doesn't really have any places you could store any gear. The knives I believe are a bit too long for the compartment.


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