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Michael Powers


3D modeler, Product designer, Maker

Trunk Fill Assembly - Shield Type
MikePowers For a combiner leg, I leave it as the trunk cap mode. For a combiner arm, I fold it up into shield and stick it on wherever I've got a spare 5mm socket.
MikePowers @tigerhawk533 I think I will need to order a test print of that material, because I haven't got it from Shapeways before...
MikePowers commented on 5mm Weapon Ports 4-Pack by SteamShield
26 days ago
5mm Weapon Ports 4-Pack
MikePowers Added some more firepower to PotP Grimlock!
MikePowers @SteamShield I think what he wants is to flip it upside down and use it as both a 5mm weapon port and a "stand stud" for Titan Master figures' foot-holes to plug onto.
MikePowers @carlojmalijan He means the 1mm studs that act as pegs to hold these weapon ports in place. If you don't want to use them (like, you want to just glue these weapon ports onto the figure) then you can just cut them off.
MikePowers favorited Testflight by TreadshotA1
July 15, 2018
MikePowers commented on Hood Fill - First Aid Type by MikePowers
July 6, 2018
Hood Fill - First Aid Type
MikePowers @TheSledgeHammer That looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely add it to the product photos!
MikePowers favorited Slash Pack V10 Shapeways by Asphalt
April 3, 2018
MikePowers favorited TR: Twinferno thigh add-on by cnomis
March 4, 2018
MikePowers commented on Armed Transports (3) by Tempest_512
February 27, 2018
Armed Transports (3)
MikePowers haha, I love how these guys are still in the game twenty years after I designed them!
MikePowers favorited Lavi Combiner Knees 2 of 2 by SteamShield
January 2, 2018
MikePowers favorited LoGH Alliance Spartanian 1:300 by karlius
February 2, 2017
Diaclone Squad, at attention 35mm Minis
MikePowers Some "sitting" versions of these would be cool to fill in Deluxe-scale cockpits!
Birdshot (Falcon/Eagle) Transforming Weaponoid Kit
MikePowers It would be cool if the 5mm peg could fold up in Bird Mode. There might not be room for that to happen, though...
MikePowers commented on Tank Mode by luchengshangx
November 11, 2016
Tank Mode
MikePowers Cool idea!
CW Dragstrip Front Spoiler pt1 - Spoiler
MikePowers This looks pretty sweet but I don't want to buy without seeing it assembled...
MikePowers commented on Titan Master Techpacks by TrentTroop
November 11, 2016
Titan Master Techpacks
MikePowers What is the idea for these? Are they for Titan Master figures who you don't intend to ever act as heads (like, only pilots, weapon operators, or running around on the ground)?
MikePowers commented on Notorious Weaponmaster's Kibble by SteamShield
November 11, 2016
Notorious Weaponmaster's Kibble
MikePowers Does this fit on to Brainstorm in Alt Mode?
MikePowers commented on Combiner Feet Articulation Add-on by SteamShield
November 11, 2016
Combiner Feet Articulation Add-on
MikePowers I got a set of these and they look good. They give Superion a more bird-foot look, rather than the big ol' clodhoppers of the Perfect Effect kit. Assembly did require quite a hard push to get the ball-and-socket joint to seat, and then I had to move it through the full range of motion a couple of times before it would move smoothly (probably this was the joint self-polishing, grinding all the rough spots against each other). I haven't them since I'm using this kit with UW Superion, who has white feet. It's not a perfect match, but close enough!
MikePowers commented on Trunk Fill Parts by MikePowers
October 24, 2016
Trunk Fill Parts
MikePowers @greboguru added as an option. It's pretty expensive, though...


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