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TheTigerKing84 commented on IronBison Turret Upgrade Kit by TrentTroop
February 23, 2019
IronBison Turret Upgrade Kit
TheTigerKing84 back view
TheTigerKing84 Robot mode with guns
TheTigerKing84 Combiner Wars Sidetrack
TheTigerKing84 Getting an orange one to turn CW Nosecone into Sidetrack.
TheTigerKing84 commented on Tank Mode by luchengshangx
February 8, 2019
Tank Mode
TheTigerKing84 I love these. They Make a cool tank mode, give the robot mode Popeye arms, and the combiner mode bulkier thighs. As a bonus they make a strangely soothing sound as you gently drop them from an inch height on to marble.
TheTigerKing84 commented on Big scythe Part 1 by bronsonrayneill
October 7, 2018
Big scythe Part 1
TheTigerKing84 How are the tolerances? Does the Prime master hold/come out easily?
TheTigerKing84 commented on alpha trion staff by bronsonrayneill
October 7, 2018
alpha trion staff
TheTigerKing84 How are the tolerances? Does the Prime master hold/come out easily?
TheTigerKing84 commented on CW Hot Spot by shanethielen
September 17, 2018
CW Hot Spot
TheTigerKing84 @Batfire these https://www.shapeways.com/product/BAVQ3QBSU/defensor-chestpeg?optionId=59556810&li=marketplace
TheTigerKing84 This piece is fantastic (it even works with those arm locks on Shapeways) Any Chance of getting this in White Processed Plastic ( For POTP Inferno) and a light green processed ( for Pyra Magna). I guess Slack works for Mega Empress.
Thrust wings for Power of The Primes Starscream
TheTigerKing84 It seems that Elita 1's vertical tail fins are a bit taller than SS ( like 1/4 of an inch). Making it hard to keep the combined mode flush. i used a knife to trim the tips off and now she'd fantastic.
TheTigerKing84 Order red ones for Elita 1 ( hate her hollow wings) let you know how it works after my friend paints it.
TheTigerKing84 @SteamShield So the normal wings pop off and yours just snap in place?
TheTigerKing84 I take it this also works with Elita 1, yes?
TheTigerKing84 commented on Hammer of the Primes by TrentTroop
August 29, 2018
Hammer of the Primes
TheTigerKing84 I got a black one for Megatronus and a grey one for Solus Prime.
TheTigerKing84 This will be Perfect for that Megatronus prime master included With Blast Off.
Transformers Combiner Wars Knee Replacement
TheTigerKing84 Thanks for making this. I've had a Skydive with this joint broken for years and it couldn't be used in robot or arm mode. I had my sister pick up a new one at the store and used this one as a spare/extra leg for other combiners ever since. But now i have an extra working Skydive that i may just mod with other Shapeways parts. Once again thank you.
CW Leader Megatron Calves
TheTigerKing84 These are cool. Now Megatron doesn't look like he's been skipping leg day
Terror Combiner's Blaster Set
TheTigerKing84 This gun is Awesome. If you push Hun Gurr's spikes down into the tail you can kinda store the big gun on his back resting on his spikes. Not the most secure connection but looks decent. a few tweeks may give a more solid connection.
POTP Volcanicus 'Extinction' sword set
TheTigerKing84 he'e a pic https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2021279981230011&set=a.1140530632638288.1073741875.100000440862425&type=3&theater
TheTigerKing84 This Sword is amazing! I had a friend paint it.
G1 Styled Helm for TR Galvatron
TheTigerKing84 Love this. Along with the arm piece, takes the figure from okay to great.
POTP Battletrap RoadTrap weapon v2 Rifle
TheTigerKing84 Oh, i get it , you're supposed to push the head/leg piece down and use the little bits on the side to hold/clip the guns/block in. Very very nice. A filled back for truck mode (with twin AC units, that's what they are), twin pistols for robot mode, and a rifle for combined mode. Top recommendation.
TheTigerKing84 @BackToLife Ah i see. I'll try that when i get back. a side view may help as well.
TheTigerKing84 I got this and the BattleSlash helicopter gun filler. I love the combined mode gun. I am confused on how this works with the RoadTrap truck mode. could you post a pic or something?


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