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Thomas Lee


Heckfire commented on Scourge Head by loachridge
7 hours ago
Scourge Head
Heckfire What is the measurement on that ball joint?
Transformers Titans Return Nautica front end repla
Heckfire Is it possible to get this in Blue SFP for use on the Blurr mould?
Mistress Of Flame head for CW Bruticus
Heckfire Is it possible to get this in White Strong and Flexible Polished? I prefer that or Frosted Ultra Detail for larger heads.
Transformers custom Slipstream head sculpt
Heckfire How woud this work on a Voyager-class mould, specifically Combiner Wars Silverbolt/Cyclonus/Scattorshot?
Heckfire commented on Naja Gunship Head Voyager by SteamShield
5 days ago
Naja Gunship Head Voyager
Heckfire Could this work as a Combiner head for a Silverbolt/Cyclonus mould? I'm working on a COBRA-themed combiner, with that particular bot with your Skyjack head as a Night Raven/B.A.T. combo, but I wasn't sure what to make the combined form until I saw this head and got the idea for them combining into Serpentor.
D.R.E.A.D pet "Chet" (head)
Heckfire Could this (or any of the other DREAD heads) be used for the First Edition Vehicon?
Heckfire commented on Rockdriller Guardian Turret by SteamShield
February 28, 2017
Rockdriller Guardian Turret
Heckfire What are the other components needed for this custom, and is it really involved to swap the turrets?
Heckfire commented on Combat Heli Gatling Guns "G1" by SteamShield
January 24, 2017
Combat Heli Gatling Guns "G1"
Heckfire Are the pegs on these 5mm?
Combat Heli Pivoting Rotor Base for Sword Blades
Heckfire Forgive what might be a stupid question, but do you have to remove and reattach the rotor pin if you are using this piece and the sword-blade assembly together to replace the stock CW rotor assembly?
Heckfire commented on Autorooper Head for Combiner Wars Rook by chanponman
December 13, 2016
Autorooper Head for Combiner Wars Rook
Heckfire @Xenock Late response, but I got these and they aren't compatible with the CW trucks...the trucks' balljoints are too big for the neck slot on these.
Heckfire I bought two of these and they look GREAT on the figures...I was going to take pics later this week (advanced apologies for my lousy painting skills, though). I was wondering, though, would it be possible to get a Voyager-scaled version for the oversized KO Rook figures? I discovered they're in-scale with the normal Deluxe-scale Prowl figure and I was going to get a couple for my Autotrooper team.
Heckfire commented on Menasor Brace Cannons by midrealmdm
December 5, 2016
Menasor Brace Cannons
Heckfire So these DO work with the Optimus version of this figure too?
Heckfire commented on Seeker Head Combiner Version 2 by SteamShield
December 5, 2016
Seeker Head Combiner Version 2
Heckfire Would this or the other head fit onto the CW Blast-Off body?
Heckfire commented on Heads for CW 'Overlord' by fakebusker83
December 4, 2016
Heads for CW 'Overlord'
Heckfire @fakebusker83 Well, I''m using this for a female combiner (this the only non-Optimus head for the actual Combiner that I've found here, but OL's bishie good looks make him a passable femmebot), so I can do some altering if need be.
Heckfire I'm curious...since the Cyclonus figure is a remold of the Silverbolt figure, could these heads fit on it or the Scattorshot/Betatron figure?
Classic Swoop Rifle( Volar fansprojects) S.P.R( Sn
Heckfire Idiot question, does this and the other Swoop/Volar gun have 5mm grips?
Titan Head Adapter for CW Ironhide/Red Alert
Heckfire @mathewignash Same here, I'm making a CW Ironhide-to-SmallFoot custom and this plus the SmallFoot plate is almost PERFECT otherwise. According to the Radicons board, he's taking it back to specs to redesign, so fingers crossed.
Heckfire Hey, I posted at Radicons about this, but then I realized I should probably post here: I got two of this piece, one in Red Strong and Flexible and one in Black Strong and Flexible, and the hole for the ball socket is too wide to grip the neck's like a bowl, floor polish or super glue won't fix this issue. I think you need to narrow the bottom opening considerably and just use the front opening to slide the part on. You might also want to check the other adapter for the Rook/Swinde mould as well, just in case.
Heckfire I've been trying to find a headswap for my planned "CW Ironhide into GoBots Small Foot" conversion, and this might be just the answer I was looking I just need to see which of your faceplates best matches her.
Heckfire commented on Hot Flame Convoy Head "G1" by SteamShield
September 27, 2016
Hot Flame Convoy Head "G1"
Heckfire This is an odd question, I know, but would this fit on a Combiner Wars Prime figure? I'm in the middle of a "Battle Core Prime to Energon Checkpoint" project, and was thinking about possibly doing a head swap.
Heckfire commented on Claw Arm by Redshift
September 14, 2016
Claw Arm
Heckfire OK, I'll this for any particular figure?
Heckfire commented on Minerva Faceplate (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
September 14, 2016
Minerva Faceplate (Titans Return)
Heckfire Idiot question, I know, but I just want confirmation from you: is this faceplate, or all of you faceplates in general compatible with the CW Ironhide and CW Hound head mount you also have in your shop?
Heckfire commented on Rocket Dragster Head G1 by SteamShield
August 23, 2016
Rocket Dragster Head G1
Heckfire Kind of a weird question, but will this fit the CW Offroad/First Aid/Ironhide body, too? I'm doing an Ironhide-to-Smallfoot conversion and am trying to locate a workable head, and if I sand down the chin, this could possibly work for it.
Heckfire commented on GTR Faux Bonnet Chest Plate by SteamShield
August 23, 2016
GTR Faux Bonnet Chest Plate
Heckfire This could actually make for a pretty good Hot Rod/Rodimus you have or recommend any heads to go with it to that end?
Heckfire commented on Kissy Medic Breast Plate For Prowl by SteamShield
August 23, 2016
Kissy Medic Breast Plate For Prowl
Heckfire Very nice...any plans for a Minerva head to go with it?
Heckfire commented on Sawoff the Carabinier by fakebusker83
August 21, 2016
Sawoff the Carabinier
Heckfire How long is his handle in gun mode? I was considering getting him as a weapon for a Combiner Wars gestalt. Also, do you think there would be any potential issues with getting him in WSF Polished?
Heckfire commented on CW Auto-fodder (Deluxe Scale) by Tresob
July 14, 2016
CW Auto-fodder (Deluxe Scale)
Heckfire Could this head fit on a CW Rook body?
Autorooper Head For Combiner Wars Prowl
Heckfire Two quick questions: one, is this head or the Rook one compatible with the CW Trailbreaker body, and two, is it possible to get this head in White Strong and Flexible Polished?


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