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multihawk commented on Transformers Rocket Pod (5mm post) by multihawk
February 6, 2020
Transformers Rocket Pod (5mm post)
multihawk Roughly 0.5 inches / 1.27 cm tall
multihawk @ProfessorDire They do not. I've thought about it but the cost would increase as more parts are added (i.e. the base, the launcher, any other piece that attach the base to the launcher, etc)
"HAMMERDOWN" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)
multihawk @fb7bfea Cog thinks so! ;)
Another set of Legends-compatible battle pistols ready for deployment! - "Anvil" Transformers Weapons (5mm post)
After a brief hiatus, I'm back with a pair of battle pistols made for Legends-class figures! - "HAMMER-7" Transformers Weapons (5mm post)
"PINPOINT" Transformers Vehicle Accessory 5mm post
multihawk @shockwave75 I wouldn't want to mess with that Seaspray! Perfect fit for him. Thanks for sharing!
"MICRON" Transformers Weapons Set (5mm post)
multihawk @shockwave75 They look fantastic with Brawn! Awesome paint-job as usual. Thanks for sharing!
"CYBER EAGLE" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)
multihawk @shockwave75 That looks awesome. I love the paintjob too! Thank you for sharing!
multihawk @drbanzai Thanks for the feedback! I'm very happy you like them.
Another addition to the Pocket Site series, this time on Nuke! - Counter-Strike: GO® Pocket Nuke: A Site
A miniature diorama of Dust II's A site from Counter-Strike! - Counter-Strike: GO ® Pocket Dust II: A Site
Need some firepower for Premier Edition Crosshairs? Here are a couple of movie-accurate SMGs to expand his arsenal! - Crosshairs TLK Movie SMGs Transformers 5mm peg (Edited)
"SENTINEL" Transformers Weapons Set (5mm post)
multihawk @rickcortes Excellent picture! Thanks for sharing and thanks for mentioning the shop in the image description! I appreciate it a lot.
Need additional firepower on a bot's vehicle? Equip him with a pair of double-barreled turrets! - Transformers Vehicle Turret (5mm post)
Based on an Earth classic, the Cyber Eagle and its immense stopping power will put any hostile bot down. - "CYBER EAGLE" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)
My entry for Wacom's Heroes and Villains Contest - "Fenrix-7" Robot Knight Commander! Compatible with 28mm tabletop wargaming. - "Fenrix-7" Robot Knight Commander 28mm
Need to neutralize targets at a distance? The sniper variant of the Designator fits the job perfectly, delivering accurate high-impact shots to any unlucky bot. - "DESIGNATOR-SV" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)
Need a Personal Defense Weapon? The AP7 is the perfect weapon for close quarters combat, offering accurate but unrelenting damage! - "AP7" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)
Finally found myself a Broadside! Enhance your Broadside with deck cannons for additional firepower! - "Broadcannons" Transformers Turrets (2mm hole)
A set of turrets to enhance vehicle or base modes! Able to fit onto 2mm pegs. - "Broadcannons" Transformers Turrets (2mm hole)
Brawl rocking out with some arm-mounted rocket pods! - Transformers Rocket Pod (5mm post)
Need some more firepower for your Titans Return Broadside? These deck turrets will do the task! Able to attach to any 2mm peg. - "Broadcannons" Transformers Accessory (2mm hole)
multihawk commented on "Lockout" Carbine RESIZED 5mm post by multihawk
March 13, 2017
"Lockout" Carbine RESIZED 5mm post
multihawk @tkrbob4093 Grimlock works so well with the gun! Thanks for sharing!
The Centralizer pulse shotgun printed and wielded by TFP Wheeljack! - "CENTRALIZER" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)
The Afterpull Combat Pistol wielded by TFP Wheeljack! - "AFTERPULL" Transformers Weapon (5mm post)


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