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3D modeler

evilmike commented on Cartoon Sword Sheath by evilmike
April 7, 2018
Cartoon Sword Sheath
evilmike @Videofox Hi, I used "dawnstone" from citadel. It matches he-man's harness really well :)
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evilmike commented on Mini Comic Set of Glory by evilmike
February 23, 2018
Mini Comic Set of Glory
evilmike @dylanio21 No, most items in my shop are for the MotU Classics figures. But I can easily rescale most of them. Would you like to order this set in scale for the vintage figure?
evilmike commented on Mini Comic Female Set by evilmike
February 21, 2018
Mini Comic Female Set
evilmike @dylanio21Exactly it's for the MotU Classics
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evilmike commented on Ninja Ninjato Pack by evilmike
November 20, 2017
Ninja Ninjato Pack
evilmike @coltfighterz unfortunately I have no TMNT figures to test it but if Leonardo can hold any other motuc weapon the handle would fit :)
evilmike @dertaetowiertehund@dertaetowiertehund I just noticed that you changed the boots on the figure! Very nice touch!
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evilmike commented on Classics Powersword Snakeblade Curved by evilmike
September 7, 2017
Classics Powersword Snakeblade Curved
evilmike @dertaetowiertehund In his hands? Haha, more like in his fangs ;)
evilmike commented on Rubus Sword of Protection by evilmike
August 7, 2017
Rubus Sword of Protection
evilmike @dertaetowiertehund@dertaetowiertehund Nice choice giving it to Bubble Power She-ra. The violet gem looks great with the sword.
evilmike commented on Rubus Sword of Power by evilmike
August 7, 2017
Rubus Sword of Power
evilmike @dertaetowiertehund It really does! Thanks for your comments and photos! It's really appreciated :)
evilmike commented on Ninja Weapons Pack 2 by evilmike
August 7, 2017
Ninja Weapons Pack 2
evilmike @dertaetowiertehund Wow, again respect for your nice paintjob :)
evilmike commented on Ninja Katana by evilmike
August 7, 2017
Ninja Katana
evilmike @dertaetowiertehund Thank you! I love the detailed paintjob on the Kattana. Especially on the handle! Nice custom Ninjor by the way!
evilmike commented on FilmationPowersword4inchHeman by evilmike
June 20, 2017
evilmike @ihighful And done :)
evilmike @ihighful@ihighful No problem, always feel free to ask :). The 4inch versions are a little smaller but also fit the MotU Classics as some people preferred a slightly scaled down version.
evilmike commented on FilmationPowersword Reboot by evilmike
June 17, 2017
FilmationPowersword Reboot
evilmike @ihighful The polished metallic plastic looks quite good and normally works with the figures unpainted but painted versions always look a little bit better as the paint creates a nicer, smoother surface on the accessories.
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evilmike commented on UNO Staff by evilmike
May 22, 2017
UNO Staff
evilmike @Aremke The frosted ultra detail material definitely has a much smoother surface than the polished flexible materials. It gets as close to the original accessories of the figures as possible :)
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