dertaetowiertehund commented on Bonesword by evilmike
September 11, 2017
dertaetowiertehund Bad to the bone(sword), hahaha!
Ninja Weapons Set M, Chain Weapons
dertaetowiertehund I ordered them in white strong flexible ;)
dertaetowiertehund Ready for combat ;)
dertaetowiertehund The weapons set does a really good job with my MotU Classics figures!
Classics Powersword Snakeblade Curved
dertaetowiertehund Looks great in Hisss´ Hands, haha! Great job, @evilmike
dertaetowiertehund commented on Ninja Sheath by evilmike
September 4, 2017
Ninja Sheath
dertaetowiertehund Ich habe das Schwertholster mit dem Original Ninjor Köcher kombiniert und das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen - so ist Ninjor schwerstens bewaffnet! Tolle Arbeit @evilmike
dertaetowiertehund commented on "BotW" Traveler's Claymore by DoctorOctoroc
September 4, 2017
"BotW" Traveler's Claymore
dertaetowiertehund A very cool weapon, looks great in Wundar´s hand! Good job @DoctorOctoroc
dertaetowiertehund commented on "BotW" Eightfold Longblade by DoctorOctoroc
September 4, 2017
"BotW" Eightfold Longblade
dertaetowiertehund Works great with my MotU Classics Ninjor! Good job @DoctorOctoroc
Transformers Kusarigama Long Handle Version
dertaetowiertehund An awesome weapon for every Ninja Warrior! Great job @Asphalt
Slayer sword for Mythic Legions
dertaetowiertehund Now my MotU Classics Scareglow looks really menacing and dangerous! Great job @Toybox_Collection
dertaetowiertehund commented on MovieSkeletorSwordVintageSize by evilmike
September 4, 2017
dertaetowiertehund Ein tolles Teil, passt super zum NA Skeletor! Danke @evilmike
ACC-02-GreatSwords  6-7inch v2.2
dertaetowiertehund Finally, a picture of my Conan Custom figure wielding one of these awesome swords!
ACC-04-Sword 7inch MOTU v2.4 - Atlantean Sword
dertaetowiertehund Here is my new MotU Classics custom figure, based on Conan´s appereance at the end of both movies - King Conan!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Ninja Ninjato Pack by evilmike
August 7, 2017
Ninja Ninjato Pack
dertaetowiertehund @evilmike: Yes, I changed the boots because I wanted a more human-like Ninja. That´s also the reason why I gave him Icarius´ alternate head and now he is my reminiscence and tribute to Michael Dudikoff aka "American Ninja", haha!
dertaetowiertehund Real awesome ninja swords, look great on Ninjors back! The best ninjatos i have ever found for the motuc line! @evilmike, i salute you!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Morning-Star Pendant Head by kinobun
August 4, 2017
Morning-Star Pendant Head
dertaetowiertehund Works great as a morning star with my Masters of the Universe Classics Figures!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Ninja Katana by evilmike
August 4, 2017
Ninja Katana
dertaetowiertehund A worthy katana, much better than the original swords of Jitsu and Ninjor! Great job, @evilmike!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Ninja Weapons Pack 2 by evilmike
August 4, 2017
Ninja Weapons Pack 2
dertaetowiertehund A very cool set, looks great!
dertaetowiertehund commented on MovieHemanSwordVintageSize by evilmike
August 4, 2017
dertaetowiertehund Though it is the vintage size version, the sword does a good job with the classics line, too! This is my favorite version of the power sword!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Galactic Mace by evilmike
August 4, 2017
Galactic Mace
dertaetowiertehund This is a really awesome mace, much better than the original weapon of Darius! Good job, @evilmike
dertaetowiertehund commented on Rubus Sword of Power by evilmike
August 4, 2017
Rubus Sword of Power
dertaetowiertehund A very nice variant of the power sword, looks great in He-Man´s hand!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Rubus Sword of Protection by evilmike
August 4, 2017
Rubus Sword of Protection
dertaetowiertehund Very cool sword, better than the original sword. Great job, @evilmike
dertaetowiertehund commented on Rune Powersword Female by evilmike
January 6, 2017
Rune Powersword Female
dertaetowiertehund Much better than She-Ra s original sword - i did not like it at all. But your power sword does the job, @evilmike !
dertaetowiertehund commented on Anti Rune Powersword by evilmike
January 6, 2017
Anti Rune Powersword
dertaetowiertehund A worthy bastard sword for a bad-ass like Anti-Eternia He-Man! Good job, @evilmike !
Action Figure Weapon: Greataxe (5mm peg)
dertaetowiertehund Another variant of this awesome axe - fits perfect to my motuc figures!
Shield10-Targe-Chaos 6-7inch MOTU
dertaetowiertehund I love this stuff! Gives my motuc collection this rough "Conan-Style" ;) Great job, Mario!
dertaetowiertehund commented on Snake Armor Sword by evilmike
October 21, 2015
Snake Armor Sword
dertaetowiertehund Now my Snake Armor He-Man is complete!


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