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SteamShield commented on Drill Tank Head G1/IDW by SteamShield
11 hours ago
Drill Tank Head G1/IDW
SteamShield @iron_maniac Yes FED has finer details and less print artifact. The picture in the product page is FUD and I find that in most cases good enough. The paint I used was Mr. Hobby sky blue for the eye. The yellow is "blue angel" yellow forgot the paint code. face is pure orange acrylic from Tamiya.
SteamShield @iron_maniac For a two piece design BHDA costs a lot more than being worthy. Others and also myself have satisfying results with FUD and FED materials too
SteamShield commented on Lambo Head "Spotlight" by SteamShield
21 hours ago
Lambo Head "Spotlight"
SteamShield @manbat201 PTOP Jazz has a 3.5mm ball joint.
Krunky Dragon Fighter Upgrades Full Hi-Def No Spru
SteamShield @HarleyQuinade Added yellow to the sprued model:
Conehead for CW Air Raid/Skydive
SteamShield @spena1984 this will be a complete redesign. Let me think about it
SteamShield commented on Naja Gunship Head Voyager by SteamShield
13 days ago
Naja Gunship Head Voyager
SteamShield @Heckfire does not work off the bat. I will have to resize it.
SteamShield commented on Punky Operative Head by SteamShield
15 days ago
Punky Operative Head
SteamShield @CyberstormSM Yes I already have a model that's under test:
SteamShield @autobotdalek I wouldn't know, don't have the cybertron figure. The head is interchangeable with Combiner wars cars so you can use that to test it out.
SteamShield commented on Combat Heli Rotor Assembly by SteamShield
16 days ago
Combat Heli Rotor Assembly
SteamShield @Whovian41110 I used Tamiya AS-11 medium sea gray
Houdini's Chest for Titans Return
SteamShield @Grimmythereaper Yes. However as the user review of the Goshooter/Siren chest which has a similar design, the pivot mechanism is not quite good and the chest does come off very easily when you transform although you can attach it back on. I will work on some fix asap.
SteamShield commented on Viewfinder Chest Full by SteamShield
21 days ago
Viewfinder Chest Full
SteamShield @carlojmalijan Hi, I was out of town, hope you'd figured it out by now - you can simply pull the old chest off.
Lavi Assault Force Combiner Head
SteamShield @mecker130 Hello, I surmised that you have not read through the FAQ of the web site. You can check the progress of your order including tracking number once Shapeways has shipped the product. If there is an issue with the design, I will be more than happy to help, but if there is a delay with the production and shipping, it is between you and Shapeways.
CW Hot Spot Onslaught Hip Ratchet Stoop Fix
SteamShield @fb1ac1b I have not tried, but I speculate that they should be more or less the same.
SteamShield commented on Chief Medical Officer Head "G1" by SteamShield
December 19, 2017
Chief Medical Officer Head "G1"
SteamShield @dantron No, white acrylic is not suitable for head sculpts
SteamShield commented on Whiny Hauler's Head on a Tank by SteamShield
December 18, 2017
Whiny Hauler's Head on a Tank
SteamShield @HornetPrime thanks for sharing!
SteamShield commented on Fearsome Gust Twin Blasters by SteamShield
December 1, 2017
Fearsome Gust Twin Blasters
SteamShield @underscorex these are fat weapons but they are deluxe sized
SteamShield commented on F-15 Wings for Aerial Chivalry by SteamShield
November 30, 2017
F-15 Wings for Aerial Chivalry
SteamShield @Heckfire These are not exactly the same (has extra pivot) but might help?
SteamShield commented on Communications Officer Head Deluxe by SteamShield
November 30, 2017
Communications Officer Head Deluxe
SteamShield @Richard598 Sorry, I don't know, haven't tried but don't think it'll fit without some modification.
SteamShield commented on Combiner Weapon Holders by SteamShield
November 29, 2017
Combiner Weapon Holders
SteamShield @WARendfeld Not sure, haven't got any yet
SteamShield commented on Venomous Prime Head - Damaged by SteamShield
November 29, 2017
Venomous Prime Head - Damaged
SteamShield @pedrop No, as you suspected, all "undamaged" design is moved under
SteamShield commented on Venomous Prime Head - Undamaged by SteamShield
November 29, 2017
Venomous Prime Head - Undamaged
SteamShield @pedrop No, I moved all "undamaged" model under this product. The other product you linked to has only the damaged design.
SteamShield commented on Flame Master Head Combiner Version by SteamShield
November 22, 2017
Flame Master Head Combiner Version
SteamShield @Crimandevil Ok, added X-Large size which should be a drop-change for the CW Defensor (head does not split open)
SteamShield commented on Devout Thigh Armor by SteamShield
November 22, 2017
Devout Thigh Armor
SteamShield @Cybros I don't have this figure so can't really do much. Luckily the strong and flexible plastic is very easy to modify so you can do that yourself if you like.
CW To Energon Limb Combiner Port Adapter Mk.II
SteamShield @Squigsquasher I would like to test that out myself, however that's still a maker material meaning it is not available for purchase yet.
SteamShield commented on Chic Capitan Head Voyager by SteamShield
November 11, 2017
Chic Capitan Head Voyager
SteamShield @Cybros sorry I don't collect movie figures, if you can provide precise measurement of what this head should be then I can help resize.
SteamShield commented on Wind Maker Head V4 by SteamShield
November 11, 2017
Wind Maker Head V4
SteamShield @Cybros From the 3D turnaround render of the product you can clearly see the eye on the model. Using a computer to view this page will help, I don't think he 3D render works on a cell phone or ipad.


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