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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker

SteamShield commented on The Inquisitor's Head by SteamShield
24 days ago
The Inquisitor's Head
SteamShield @kjk1987 I might, don't know when I can get it in yet.
Combat Tank Waist Support v2
SteamShield @poulinalexandrehobby sorry to hear this, can you post a picture and/or describe which part did not work for you? Unfortunately right now the material choice is limited on shapeways for this application, but I will address if there is a design issue. Thanks.
Thrust wings for Power of The Primes Starscream
SteamShield @PowerEncarnate Not yet. I have a set for the deluxe CW figures, but for this mold, the wing configuration will be way more tricky for ramjet and dirge.
SteamShield @TheTigerKing84 I don't have Elita 1, but judging from online pictures I'd bet the inner sections of the wings between SS and E1 are the same.
SteamShield commented on Naja Gunship Cockpit by SteamShield
24 days ago
Naja Gunship Cockpit
SteamShield @rayth_gtx sorry to hear that. I can see this is a stress spot due to the changed geometry of the cockpit. Since you have painted the part already it would be hard to claim warranty with shapeways. Let me message you offline. I can create a single model with this piece without markup and you can add to your next purchase.
Combiner Wars Hot Spot Titans Master neck adaptor
SteamShield @flamepanther good thought, will think about it...
SteamShield commented on Terror Combiner's Slippers by SteamShield
24 days ago
Terror Combiner's Slippers
SteamShield @Moonus88 This model will work with any POTP combiner feet. As for the size - I personally think they are just the right size. Never a fan of the big foot look of some combiners - plus it will drive the price further up :)
SteamShield commented on Hermes' Head for RiD by SteamShield
24 days ago
Hermes' Head for RiD
SteamShield @estanima I can if anyone can provide accurate measurements of the target setup
SteamShield @HarleyQuinade sorry I don't have the Exact figure
TR rollbar neck to POTP roadtrap
SteamShield @spena1984 hi, no just to attach my rollbar head designed for brawn
SteamShield commented on Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I by SteamShield
August 16, 2018
Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I
SteamShield @gunsight3 so beautiful I may cry. Yes it is based on Sea Stallion and that's what's replaces Seasprite.
SteamShield commented on GRABUGE Buggy Head by SteamShield
August 9, 2018
GRABUGE Buggy Head
SteamShield @fratboy28 I am on vacation. When I am back I will fix this. Thanks!
SteamShield @Ashtonmcvae sorry that happened. Did you mean the head is small or the area to accommodate the joint is small?
SteamShield @mstyger87 deluxe size model added - choose small size.
SteamShield commented on Load Bearer Ambus Head by SteamShield
August 3, 2018
Load Bearer Ambus Head
SteamShield @fbc739c likely not. Although both are deluxe size I don't have core magnus to inspect its neck joint
Reckless Driver Head G1 Combo Set
SteamShield @Zenevas yes the neck is 1mm shorter and also the ball joint is 3.5mm. Due to the brittle nature of the high-def printed plastic I don't recommend forcing it. You can certainly try to transplant the bigger ball joint.
SteamShield commented on Phantom Racer's Chest by SteamShield
July 26, 2018
Phantom Racer's Chest
SteamShield @Moonus88 The model just uses the original wheels
SteamShield commented on Colossus Head by SteamShield
July 24, 2018
Colossus Head
SteamShield @spena1984 Gestalt head model is ready in "X-large" size.
SteamShield @spena1984 OK, then I will give it a shot
SteamShield @spena1984 Hi, unfortunately after measuring, the design is not going fit on the back of Onslaught - the backpack as a cutout for the exact shape of Bruticus' head.
SteamShield @Ashtonmcvae not universe ultra class onslaught sorry
SteamShield @spena1984 only for onslaught, I think, b/c for hot air the head must fit inside the ladder and there isn't enough space for the spikes
Energon Tank To CW Foot Adapters
SteamShield @thunderstudentmk2 does it have the same connector as brawl?
SteamShield commented on Panzer Missle Buggy Head by SteamShield
July 4, 2018
Panzer Missle Buggy Head
SteamShield @marvel_b for POTP Beachcomber, the model is just published here:
SteamShield @marvel_b No it is for cybertron swindle - also a beach buggy. I don't know why shapeways did not include that in the description, I did type that in.
SteamShield commented on S.W.A.T. Intercepter's Head by SteamShield
June 21, 2018
S.W.A.T. Intercepter's Head
SteamShield @gabantoniocabrera Hi, no it does not, different joint size and height.
Terror Combiner's Dragon Head Knee Caps
SteamShield @grimmjow_pantera27 sorry no idea yet, I have not got any chance to paint them
SteamShield commented on Lavi Combiner Knees 2 of 2 by SteamShield
June 8, 2018
Lavi Combiner Knees 2 of 2
SteamShield @chrisprime0479 they should work with all CW figures. This will provide enough clearance for the backwards installed legs to bend back (actually the knee would be double jointed and can bend much further).
Doom Whisperer's Wide Shoulders
SteamShield @chrisprime0479 no, at this point no further plans on this figure.
SteamShield commented on DirJ20 Wings for CW Skydive by SteamShield
June 5, 2018
DirJ20 Wings for CW Skydive
SteamShield @Latherius Keen eyes. I took the liberty to work design elements of real-life fighter jets into these models.
CW Car to Prime/RiD Neck adaptor
SteamShield @amd098 Yes that'll be 4mm on both ends


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