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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker

Terror Combiner's Dragon Head Knee Caps
SteamShield @grimmjow_pantera27 sorry no idea yet, I have not got any chance to paint them
SteamShield commented on Panzer Missle Buggy Head by SteamShield
5 days ago
Panzer Missle Buggy Head
SteamShield @marvel_b No it is for cybertron swindle - also a beach buggy. I don't know why shapeways did not include that in the description, I did type that in.
SteamShield commented on Lavi Combiner Knees 2 of 2 by SteamShield
11 days ago
Lavi Combiner Knees 2 of 2
SteamShield @chrisprime0479 they should work with all CW figures. This will provide enough clearance for the backwards installed legs to bend back (actually the knee would be double jointed and can bend much further).
Doom Whisperer's Wide Shoulders
SteamShield @chrisprime0479 no, at this point no further plans on this figure.
DirJ20 Wings for CW Skydive
SteamShield @Latherius Keen eyes. I took the liberty to work design elements of real-life fighter jets into these models.
Thrust wings for Power of The Primes Starscream
SteamShield @TheTigerKing84 I don't have Elita 1, but judging from online pictures I'd bet the inner sections of the wings between SS and E1 are the same.
CW Car to Prime/RiD Neck adaptor
SteamShield @amd098 Yes that'll be 4mm on both ends
CW Hot Spot Onslaught Hip Ratchet Stoop Fix
SteamShield @pjkelly Hi, that's because shapeways no longer offers detail acrylic plastic. I have remodeled the part for versatile plastic and it is now back on sale.
Seeker wings for POTP Darkwing
SteamShield @Zenevas Yes they are. Although I am retouching that model for some cosmetic adjustments, so a new release will be out pretty soon!
Kfir Heavy Interceptor Chestplate for PoTP Starscr
SteamShield @rayth_gtx Hi, yes I have this slight problem too. I "cut some corners" during my first test print and didn't realize I had them when the second test print passed. I found if I position the Liokaiser head as shown and cut the corners a bit (as shown by green lines) then the chest plate does close with ~0.5mm gap.
SteamShield @spena1984 Not yet. Due to shape of the wing root there'll be a lot of parts to replace if I want to create a convincing VG wing - not to mention it needs to be usable in combiner core mode.
SteamShield commented on Doom Whisperer's Twin Barrels by SteamShield
April 6, 2018
Doom Whisperer's Twin Barrels
SteamShield @formlessdraon27 Tarn does not have a jet mode. If you put this on Megatron/Blitzwing, transformation has no issue.
Rafferty soldier's Head Botcon Version
SteamShield @sephthestoryteller it won't. This head is also slightly bigger than the new legend size as it is designed for a cyberverse body.
Communications Officer Head Deluxe
SteamShield @Whovian41110 I see. It would be the same as that of CW Rook or Hound. In case you don't have them, the ball joint is 4mm in diameter and 5mm tall from the flat surface of the neck. The head has a bounding box of 13Wx13Dx14H
SteamShield @Whovian41110 same as rook or hound
Terror Combiner's Wide Shoulders
SteamShield @formlessdraon27 predacon? But these are terrocons
FOC To CW Combiner Port Adapter
SteamShield @demonok54 No these are for FOC
SteamShield commented on Lavi Combiner Knees 1 of 2 by SteamShield
March 16, 2018
Lavi Combiner Knees 1 of 2
SteamShield @Dr_Lockdown I tested with WSF polished
Kfir Heavy Intercepter Head (Multiple Sizes)
SteamShield @TXR4521 for Cyclones yes, POTP SS no
Conehead for Power of The Primes Starscream
SteamShield @TXR4521 at the moment, just doing a quick head job. Are you interested in full wing conversion? Once done that they may not combine nicely
Penitent Swordsman Head Generic
SteamShield @chrisprime0479 Hi, no it will fit almost any combiner wars cars, but the Jazz neck joint is 0.5mm smaller and 1mm lower. I am thinking I should create an alt neck joint for Jazz so that he can use all the CW heads :)
SteamShield commented on Deceptive Hustler Head by SteamShield
March 2, 2018
Deceptive Hustler Head
SteamShield @papersamurai00 mostly, if you pull hard enough the old head do just come off, since the plastic is soft. Otherwise, use exacto-knife and cut along the seam of the head so that the two halves split open.


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