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SteamShield commented on Aerial Team Combiner Slippers by SteamShield
February 8, 2020
Aerial Team Combiner Slippers
SteamShield @shadowchaos5150 sure just did that. Also sorry I must raise the price by 13 cents because shapeways had really been eating away what we can make.
Communications Officer Head for CW Deluxe Truck
SteamShield @thrashc12 No this head is slightly too small for the siege figure and the joint is the wrong size
SteamShield commented on Broadcaster Speakers and Chestplate by SteamShield
December 11, 2019
Broadcaster Speakers and Chestplate
SteamShield @chandlerbentley18 hi it will. However you need to remove a lot of the original shoulder to fit this set.
Chief Medical Officer head "MTMTE MK2" WFC
SteamShield @arsnof I only have a g1 style if you are interested...
Naja Gunship Head Combiner Version
SteamShield @Awsomedude Tamiya NATO green spray paint
Road Hunter Head Combiner Version
SteamShield @spena1984 Hi, sorry it is impossible to take apart legends groove without destroying the figure - something I don't want to do. If you have measurements of the neck (I think it is a mushroom peg) I can definitely do the resize accordingly)
SteamShield commented on Streaker Chest Plate by SteamShield
July 27, 2019
Streaker Chest Plate
SteamShield @underscorex From what I see, (MJF) PA12 has strength advantage but not so much from finish standpoint. This model is not an application that requires the added z-axis strength.
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" Mk.2
SteamShield @HarleyQuinade Just released a slightly larger model designed for the siege mold.
SteamShield @HarleyQuinade I am not sure, if they both use 5mm ball joint then yes.
SteamShield commented on Screamer Head Voyager Size by SteamShield
July 15, 2019
Screamer Head Voyager Size
SteamShield @deceptibass there are a couple of very nicely done slipstream heads on shapeway already I beleive.
Polize Strategist Gestalt Head
SteamShield @HarleyQuinade no it wouldn't unless you do some DIY
SteamShield commented on Bad Cop Head - WFC Siege/CW by SteamShield
July 13, 2019
Bad Cop Head - WFC Siege/CW
SteamShield @rlmiddleton I don't know, sorry
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" for Prime
SteamShield I finally got around and updated the model so that it is a tad (~0.5mm) smaller in all directions. Should now fit the body better.
SteamShield commented on Bartender's head for SXS by SteamShield
June 16, 2019
Bartender's head for SXS
SteamShield @estanima Looking great! Thanks for sharing!
Chic-Capitan Head for Siege Starscream
SteamShield @xXX_Nightstrike_XXx great! There's also a replacement chest plate to match.
CW To Energon Limb Combiner Port Adapter Mk.II
SteamShield @AsherV20 if Wing Saber has the common hexagonal connector then yes.
SteamShield commented on Punky Operative Head by SteamShield
April 29, 2019
Punky Operative Head
SteamShield @guinja Thanks for sharing!
Kissy Medic's Head Combiner Version
SteamShield @HarleyQuinade no I just created an alternate version that does,
Shadow Clouds Head For Ultra Silverbolt
SteamShield @dwadamson97 yes. The plastic is not as transparent as the original but will let light come through
SteamShield commented on Cortex Head POTP by SteamShield
April 21, 2019
Cortex Head POTP
SteamShield @Measa_78 Sorry to hear what happened. The ball joint socket of this figure has a 3.6mm diameter. That's based on the measurement of POTP Jazz figure, but not the others. Did you try this on Jazz?
Scrapyard fighter #1 head for POTP Wreck-Gar
SteamShield @TXR4521 by my calculations, they just pop on. But if you like, wait for my post on tfw2005 after I've published the custom
SteamShield commented on BW OP head V by SteamShield
March 18, 2019
BW OP head V
SteamShield @pedrop what do you have in mind?
SteamShield commented on Lambo Head "Spotlight" by SteamShield
March 11, 2019
Lambo Head "Spotlight"
SteamShield @carlojmalijan I updated the model so it works with Streetwise too.
SteamShield commented on Hermes' Head for RiD by SteamShield
March 7, 2019
Hermes' Head for RiD
SteamShield @estanima can you send me the photos - I also need to see what the neck joint looks like on the SXS figure.


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