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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker

Thrust wings for Power of The Primes Starscream
SteamShield @Moonus88 yes both 3mm (center of fans) and 5mm (hexagons) port holes under the wings.
Zombie Combiner Gestalt Head
SteamShield @TformerFreak Yes I can make it fit on to the combiner's body but I can't really make it fit well to the fire engine mode.
SteamShield @greboguru thanks. Unfortunately no - there isn't enough room inside Scattershot/Silverbolt's body to hold the head.
SteamShield commented on Hermes' Fans by SteamShield
11 days ago
Hermes' Fans
SteamShield @TFfan1 eventually. Will be a very different design, likely using siege chromia
SteamShield commented on Sparky Head Voyager by SteamShield
24 days ago
Sparky Head Voyager
SteamShield @LordCringeTheCringiest thanks for the feedback I have since updated the model to address the clearance issue hopefully that will be no more.
SteamShield @Hyoumaru try immerse in very hot water for some time and pull. Or, bite the bullet and cut open
SteamShield @LordCringeTheCringiest have you tried turning the head sideways?
SteamShield @pedrop aren't there already TR faces for both of them?
SteamShield commented on Conehead for CW Air Raid/Skydive by SteamShield
December 21, 2018
Conehead for CW Air Raid/Skydive
SteamShield @corvus1970 no only works with 4mm ball joint. You can try to transplant one
Houdini Head "MTMTE" Combiner Version
SteamShield @jrosar32 you need a voyager size, I can upsize it. Curious what you are building though
SteamShield commented on The Archaeometrist's Head by SteamShield
December 10, 2018
The Archaeometrist's Head
SteamShield @dipa_54 Just a face plate or you need a full head in deluxe size?
SteamShield commented on Colossus Head by SteamShield
December 10, 2018
Colossus Head
SteamShield @wingdagger "small" size added.
SteamShield commented on Thundering Blades' Head WFC by SteamShield
December 10, 2018
Thundering Blades' Head WFC
SteamShield @Jomaster FUD is still good
Cranky Offroader's shot head POTP L
SteamShield @underscorex
SteamShield @bdbrigman2015 I am thinking about that yes
SteamShield @dantron I have not tried
SteamShield commented on Screamer Head Voyager Size by SteamShield
November 20, 2018
Screamer Head Voyager Size
SteamShield @ProfessorDire Hi - yes these are not the greatest lip jobs, they were done really early in my time. However, since Shapeways is changing its pricing policy, I can no longer update these models without significantly increasing the price.
SteamShield commented on Psychotic Gunner's Fore Wings by SteamShield
November 20, 2018
Psychotic Gunner's Fore Wings
SteamShield @Oscarnjboy shoulders - they replace the wings of air raid.
Groovy Guardian's Head "G1" for Combiner Wars
SteamShield @carlojmalijan I believe that aweful paintjob was done with Tamiya acrylics
SteamShield commented on Berkut Wings for Skydive v2 by SteamShield
November 17, 2018
Berkut Wings for Skydive v2
SteamShield @erikcarson no, only skydive.
SteamShield commented on Phantom Racer Head "Spotlight" by SteamShield
October 27, 2018
Phantom Racer Head "Spotlight"
SteamShield @fb2e0da thanks, I believe it was Mr color sky blue #34
SteamShield commented on Combiner Feet Articulation Add-on by SteamShield
October 12, 2018
Combiner Feet Articulation Add-on
SteamShield @jrosar32 thanks for your feedback. Yes this has been a constant problem. I think the plastic is simply not suitable for use in this application. I will disable this model for the time being until I can figure out something better. I do have a ratcheted joint just like the new POTP feet but that can be very expensive to print.
SteamShield commented on Sparky TR Face by SteamShield
October 12, 2018
Sparky TR Face
SteamShield @hrkeilman I might. I don't have any time right now but if there's enough interest I'll get on to it when holiday comes.
Sparky chest plate for POTP Inferno
SteamShield @LordCringeTheCringiest Yes, thanks for the feedback I will adjust the model accordingly
SteamShield commented on Excavator Weapons by SteamShield
October 12, 2018
Excavator Weapons
SteamShield @jrosar32 yes black is added
SteamShield commented on Notorious Weaponmaster's Kibble by SteamShield
October 12, 2018
Notorious Weaponmaster's Kibble
SteamShield @Tylerprime Hi, yes it will work on Blur as well. In vehicle mode the part is fully concealed inside the nose cone.
SteamShield commented on Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I by SteamShield
October 12, 2018
Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I
SteamShield @jrosar32 Hi, I don't have a UW Rotor so I can't really comment on the paint. Likely there won't be an exact match. You can take it to a model store and see if they can help. Also I am not taking any new work at this point. Thanks!
Combiner Wars Hot Spot Titans Master neck adaptor
SteamShield @TXR4521 you'll need to remove 5 screws to separate the front and back of the torso to replace. Two at the back of the shoulders, two at the left of the crotch, and one on the left of the body where the chest flap meets the stomach
SteamShield @TXR4521 Yes believe so.
SteamShield commented on The Inquisitor's Head by SteamShield
August 29, 2018
The Inquisitor's Head
SteamShield @kjk1987 I might, don't know when I can get it in yet.


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