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TR PMOP Feet Upgrade Set A Budget Version
knoted @sky_79@sky_79 Hi, Ok I have now added options for Black Natural Plastic and Black PA12. The latter is more expensive but better/smoother.
knoted commented on PotP Dreadwind Leg Upgrade Set by knoted
July 12, 2019
PotP Dreadwind Leg Upgrade Set
knoted @AverageAvenger : Should still be possible. In this video you can see how the 5mm port at the bottom of the feet holds the connection to any 5mm peg waaaay more tightly than the stock legs do : So that means, in Gestalt mode, the ports on my versions will also hold the Gestalt hands and feet in more securely. I'm not sure if you're planning to also buy the faux chest canopy I designed for Dreadwind, but that's a simple peg in-and out piece ; for Gestalt mode, you would simply unpeg it and plug it into any other free port.
knoted commented on CW Magnus 5mm Hands Set by knoted
June 17, 2019
CW Magnus 5mm Hands Set
knoted @Ashtonmcvae Hi, actually - at the time when I designed this, I did not own CW Magnus - but I simply derived it from my TR Powermaster OotimusbPrime hand design. Please see the photograph from the other customer below here ; he's happy with it and from what I can see, I don't think it would inhibit transformation.
knoted @PNeithan : Awesome ! Glad to see you're happy with the set. It will now exit beta phase.
knoted @PNeithan : Thank you ! I appreciate the feedback a lot. If the fit is correct, this design can move out of beta status.
knoted commented on PotP Darkwing Upgrade Set_Budget version by knoted
September 24, 2018
PotP Darkwing Upgrade Set_Budget version
knoted @Protostar You could get this budget set in blue ( although Shapeways blue is not exactly the same as the blue plastic on Blackwing ) and then color the legs and hands gray with a paintbrush.
knoted @Protostar Hi, actually...the parts in the picture were all white. I used Rit Dye to dye them into their respective colors. See this pic please: You could get the limb sets seperately in different colors as Shapeways provides them ( see the other items in my shop ) but overall, that would be more expensive.
knoted A cheaper option for my PotP Darkwing upgrades!
knoted commented on PotP Dreadwind Faux Canopy by knoted
September 19, 2018
PotP Dreadwind Faux Canopy
knoted @bronsonrayneill Nope - for comber gestalt mode, you have to unplug it. It's only meant to stay there for robot mode and jet mode. It's not difficult to unplug though, and you can store it into any other 5mm port.
knoted commented on PotP Dreadwind Upgrade Set_Budget version by knoted
September 13, 2018
PotP Dreadwind Upgrade Set_Budget version
knoted @NebulanFree The designs are exactly the same. The only difference is that the budget set contains all the limb parts, fused together by sprues. Kind of like a scale model, so you need to cut the parts loose with a little sprue cutter or nail clippers.
knoted A cheaper option for my PotP Dreadwind upgrades!
knoted commented on PotP Darkwing to Seeker mod kit - BETA by knoted
July 14, 2018
PotP Darkwing to Seeker mod kit - BETA
knoted @Moonus88: No. Dreadwind has his own chest piece which is this one:
knoted @Moonus88: This product was commissioned by a prospective client and it's still in Bata phase. In combination with a limb conversion set, this is meant to turn Blackwing into a Seeker style inspired bot. It will be able to transform into jetmode, but it is not meant for Gestalt mode. Also, in order for this piece to fit in both robot mode and jet mode, one has to mod the nose cone. Here's a pic in the attachment of this part in prototype phase:
knoted commented on Seeker Limbs for PotP  Blackwing  by knoted
July 14, 2018
Seeker Limbs for PotP  Blackwing 
knoted @Zenevas: Here you go:
knoted commented on PotP Dreadwind / Darkwing Hands Set by knoted
May 11, 2018
PotP Dreadwind / Darkwing Hands Set
knoted @HarleyQuinade: The leg upgrades will work with the Skydive mold because they share the same leg parts. The arms however might not work because the peg alignment is different.
knoted @HarleyQuinade : There have been some delays to this project, but I think I'll be able to have the final products for sale this weekend.
knoted commented on TR Kup Arm Upgrade Set A by knoted
February 17, 2018
TR Kup Arm Upgrade Set A
knoted @shockwave75 : Awesome ! Thank you very much for the feedback. The double jointed elbow on this design has gone through at least 10 or 12 prototype iterations to finally guarantee my customers good joints. Again, the feedback is much appreciated !
knoted @moultondennis Basically, the amount of dye bath needs to be sufficient to submege all the parts you intend to color evenly, simultaniously. My pyrex bowl is rather wide with a 8inch diameter ; hence my dye bath needed to be about 450ML. So, this consisted of 150ML water, 125ML Liquid Teal and 175ML DyeMore Kentucky Sky. I made sure to bring this mix to boiling point and I put the parts in the metal mesh sifter. Then immediately pour the boiling mix into the pyrex bowl and dip the sifter with the parts into the dye bath for no longer than 20-25 seconds. That should get you the result as seen in the picture; but mind certain light conditions it will still look different from the actual plastic - but that's no different with any other dye job or acrylic paint. Also make sure, to stir the dye mix during cooking as you dont want pigment to shift and clump. Maybe you have some of the white sprue material left ; it might be a good idea to use that for an initial test in your dye bath. I hope this helps you to get the result you want. Oh btw....your copy has no elbow joint issues either side ?
knoted @moultondennis Indeed, back in December 2015 this was all new to me too. Just FYI to be on the safe side, a small guide: 1. Cut the parts from the sprue using precision pliers or quality nail clippers like these: You should be able to cut the sprue precisely clean off, where it's attached to the model part, in order to avoid sanding work. 2. Then rinse the parts in a bowl of water and scrub them down with a soft toothbrush. This step is very important as you want to make sure no nylon powder residu is left in any creases. 3. Have your Rit Dye Liquid and/or Rit Dye More ready (both come in bottles, each bottle 207ML ) for your custom mix in a measuring cup. I would advise two thirds of dye and one third of water for the average dye bath. For the arms on my Kup I used 50% Rit Dye Liquid Teal and 50% RIt Dye More Kentucky Sky. Then, pretty much follow the instructions from the Rit Dye lady : She uses tongs to fish her items out of the dye bath but I would advise a metal sifter, so you won't lose the smaller parts and all parts can be lifted out simultaniously. Timing is of the essence. 4. Once you are happy with the dye, rinse the parts off under running tapwater and let them dry. goodluck & best regards,
knoted @moultondennis : I pre-ordered Takara Kup too, but as you can see in this picture, he still has very hollow forearms, no wristswivel like my design anddue to the lack of backpanels at the rounded shoulders, he will have a gap there in vehicle mode ;
knoted @moultondennis : The set in the photographs is entirely made out of White Strong Flexible Polished material which has been custom dyed by myself. In fact, I sent that particular set to Peaugh for a videoreview ( link is in the product description ). So yeah, you could dye it any way you want. If you can boil an egg in a stove pot, you can dye. All you need is Rit Dye, a pyrex bowl for the dye bath and a sifter to lift the parts from the dye bath as demonstrated here by the Rit Dye lady : I used Rit Dye Liquid Teal + Rit DyeMore Kentucky Sky. You could paint/spray brush, but I would advise dye because that never leaves rub spots. TFW2005 thread on this set is here: Thanks for your purchase & goodluck ! knoted
knoted @tigerhawk533 Thanks ! Mind you; the parts come on a sprue. To minimize sanding, I advise using a pair of really sharp & strong nailclip scissors, to cut sprue material off clean. From there on, assembly should be straightforward ( see attached pic).
knoted @iamthevetrep : Sure no problem. High Def Acrylate option is now added. Set B with the pointy index finger handsculpts is now available in this material as well. Please take note however, this set was designed for the Strong Flexible Polished materials in terms of tolerances and fit and it was successfully tested as such - but it's probably going to be OK for High Def Acrylate since that is a more accurate material.
knoted commented on TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set B by knoted
August 31, 2017
TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set B
knoted @fb09ef8@fb09ef8 Thanks for sharing the picture ! The different components work surprisingly well together :D
knoted @fb09ef8 Thanks for sharing the pic ! Yeah, these arm filler designs have gone through several revisions; the challenge was akin to trying to close an overloaded suitcase - close one end of the lid, the other end pops out. I've seen other arm fillers and they face the same challenge....but I think, after 6 prototypes, I managed to find a nice balance between the design fitting the silhouette of the arm and tabbing in securely. Tip ; if you want the arm fillers to tab in even more securely, you could put some sticky tape around any of the tabs where you want the fit to have more friction.
knoted @fb09ef8 ; It should work fine in red strong flexible polished. Press it in firmly. Tabs at the elbow section should grab around the outside if the arm. Transformation is unhindered. Best regards, Knoted.
Much thanks to Peaugh for the video review on my TR Kup arm upgrade set:
knoted favorited Apple Watch - 42mm Clip On by gordonlardi
July 22, 2017
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June 28, 2017
knoted commented on TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set A by knoted
April 3, 2017
TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set A
knoted @cruizerdave@cruizerdave : Sorry but no. These arm fillers are specifically for Titans Return Powermaster Prime. I did however create 5mm round peghole hand add-ons for CW Magnus, although the design is untested as of yet :
Revised Sky Guardian Head is up! - Sky High Head 02
knoted commented on TR PMOP Feet Upgrade Set A by knoted
March 7, 2017
TR PMOP Feet Upgrade Set A
knoted @SpinoGuy : Each set comes with both the right foot and the left foot. "Set A" simply designates the style. "Set B" consists of right & left foot as well of course, but in a slightly different style ( 2 extra nubs on the toes ). Also, in my shop you can find the same models cheaper because they are sprue linked. Exact same models, but you will have to cut loop sprues, although no sanding is required :
Cheaper Loop linked version of my TR PMOP Feet Upgrade Set A - TR PMOP Feet Upgrade Set A Budget Version
knoted commented on TR PMOP 5mm Peg Extension Set by knoted
March 3, 2017
TR PMOP 5mm Peg Extension Set
knoted @ProfessorDire you're welcome
knoted @ProfessorDire Ok, multiple colors are available now :)
Feet Upgrade Set with Ankle Tilt for TR Prime - TR PMOP Feet Upgrade Set A
New photographs of printed Arm Upgrade Set B - TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set B
knoted favorited TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set A by knoted
January 30, 2017
Definitive version ready : guaranteed secure flush fit - TR PMOP Arm Upgrade Set A


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