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X3N0Wolf commented on Vehiconoggin - MP Tracks by X3N0Wolf
May 7, 2017
Vehiconoggin - MP Tracks
X3N0Wolf @Xenock I only have MP Road Rage (I'm not a Masterpiece collector in truth), but pics of it on her are now up =)
Classics Tank Megatron Right Arm & Cannon
X3N0Wolf Bot Mode G2
X3N0Wolf Bot mode
X3N0Wolf @greboguru Haha ah well, no worries. I've got him now and tried the last version of this kit on him. There's a tiny misalignment between the tab on the new arm and the cannon in tank mode, which is causing things to not sit quite straight. I guess the KOs must have some slight proportion drift that didn't highlight the problem. So I need to do one more version I think. It also gives me chance to test an idea for improving the barrel slide mechanism a bit to stop it drooping. Hopefully then the final version won't be a 'First To Try' hehe.
X3N0Wolf @greboguru Apologies for the delay, I had a job interview to prep for this week. To answer your question; there will be very soon! Funny story; I've never actually had a complete Classics Megatron to put this on, I was using KO's to develop it and they're all falling apart now. But I managed to score a legit version of the toy last weekend, which is now sitting in my local post depot waiting for me to pick it up on Saturday. Once I've got him I'll put the final version of the kit on and get some images up =)
X3N0Wolf @pedrop I've decided to open this up for sale now yes =) The telescoping barrel is still a shade loose, but I've tweaked the guide tabs at the back of each section to be a bit thicker. Hopefully this will do the trick, and it should be possible to file them down a bit if I've made them a bit too thick =) Apologies to everyone who showed an interest in this; this year has been rough and my design work very much took a back seat as a result.
X3N0Wolf @chrisprime0479 There will yes, once I've finalised the design. At the moment I'm still working out the best approach for the cannon; it telescopes, and the early versions were very loose when extended. I've altered the assembly of it, but now it's too tight, so I'm still working towards that sweet spot where it moves freely enough but holds when extended. Hopefully the next version will nail it :-)
X3N0Wolf @ProfessorDire Thanks dude =) It's close to being ready now; I just need to speak to Shapeways about the quality of the last test print, as it felt below standard and as a result I'm not 100% sure about some of the assembly yet. But soon hopefully!
X3N0Wolf @chrisprime0479 Hi, yes it will, I just need to work a couple of kinks out first then I'll make it available =)
X3N0Wolf favorited Arcee, G1 Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
October 30, 2016
X3N0Wolf commented on Energo-Star - Evilcon by X3N0Wolf
April 23, 2016
Energo-Star - Evilcon
X3N0Wolf @IsaacmusPrime The Autobot version is in development yes. I intended to have it done some time ago but several things have kept me from it. It's also taking longer as it's a much more complex design than this Decepticon version. I hope to have it done very soon!
X3N0Wolf commented on Ratchetrooper Head - Jazzy Upgrade by X3N0Wolf
March 8, 2016
Ratchetrooper Head - Jazzy Upgrade
X3N0Wolf @Midnight_Fox And a shot from the side
X3N0Wolf @Midnight_Fox Not all the CW heads need dismantling to remove; I've been merrily popping the noggins off and on Alpha Bravo, Firefly and First Aid for weeks as part of another project, so I'd assume that Blades and Offroad are similarly cooperative. Streetwish does indeed have his head parts glued though, and they didn't keep the back of the socket open like on the above characters. The glue is applied to a small peg on either side of the socket; I just cracked mine with a scalpel. Goes back together quite firmly though so not a big worry. Anyway! The important and happy news is that this head fits pretty much perfectly onto Streetwise. The only minor niggle is that he can't look any lower than straight ahead since the chin hits the plate the head is mounted on, but you could always grind a small cavity out for that if you wanted to =)
X3N0Wolf @Midnight_Fox if it's the same sized ball as Streetwise I can check it on him? Can't imagine they would have changed the sizes between those uses of the mold?
X3N0Wolf @beasthunter It depends what the request is really, as I do have a day job and a lot of other projects ongoing, but let me know what you're thinking and we can take it from there =)
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 I can do that at the design phase, yes, but it's not possible to make a single model that will fit on all the different ball joints, as there's simply too much difference between the largest and smallest. It would be either too loose on the small ones or too tight on the large ones, so it would require completely seaprate heads with different-sized sockets.
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 The combined-mode heads are usually unique yes. I was going to make the Super Trooper head a little different, but hadn't thought about how yet. I made some of these for the regular limb bots, but then discovered that they have different ball joint sizes between figures, so we'll need more then one head design.
X3N0Wolf Well, the heads of the limb bots are all pretty much the same size, so one head should fit any of them and not hinder transformation. So once it's done you can choose whoever you want as the body. I'll design them so they can be printed in WSF Polished, as the tolerances for it are a little tighter. The other colours are only available in polished versions anyway, so if you want those it'll have to meet the polished design limits, but if it can print in polished, it can print in unpolished =)
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 Now that, is an AWESOME idea! Heads for the limb bots, team leaders and gestalts would be ace. How about a Battle Core Prime, two Streetwises and two First Aids, all with Trooper heads, and then they combine into a Supertrooper gestalt with it's own custom Trooper head? Sounds good to me!
X3N0Wolf commented on Ratchetrooper Weapon H02 - Shotgun by X3N0Wolf
January 27, 2016
Ratchetrooper Weapon H02 - Shotgun
X3N0Wolf @CF4000 Unfortunately I think this is down to the vagaries of 3D printing mate. The Revolver and Shotgun both have exactly the same handle on them, so by rights should have come out the same. I've had the same issue with my own prints in the past; ordered the same thing twice, the first time a connection was perfect, the second time it was loose. I mentioned it to them recently and they basically said that's the way it is. It's out of my control I'm afraid bud, sorry =(
X3N0Wolf @CF4000 Yes, I give all my weapons a 5mm grip. I need to update this model with some sprue to joint the two parts together, that should drop the price. I'll let you know when it's done.
Ratchetrooper Weapon 05 - Dual Shotblaster
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 All these weapons are now ready and available for purchase =)
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 Sorry bud, I've been busy getting ready for Christmas =) I managed to do a test print of the Buzzsaw weapon though, and it came out really nicely, the problem with the handle was solved completely. The only problem is that I have to adjust all these models a little because Acrylic has a slightly thicker minimum wall requirement, and sadly I've not had a chance to get round to it yet. Also, I was wondering, do you want me to just make these models ready, or work on some for Rook specifically? =)
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 Just looked at the various prices. Acrylic is only slightly more expensive than WSF, so that might be the way to go. I'm going to order a couple of these in White Acrylic and see if they print reliably. If so I'll put them up for sale in those materials =)
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 No offence taken at all my friend =) Quite the opposite actually, it's nice to have someone interested in my designs. I have indeed used the original weapons as the base, and that's where the issue with the handles comes from; if you look at the stock weapons, you'll see that they're not identical, but mirror images of each other. There's a space for the thumb to fit into on one side of each, but not the other. That's easy enough to accomodate on my designs, I simply added an appropriate cavity on each side. But the more significant difference is that the handle isn't in the center, it's offset to one side slightly. You can see in this picture what happens if I have the handle in the middle; it's not flush with the outer edge of the arm, and sits proud of the inner edge. So I can't just make it wider as that would exacerbate the problem on the inner side. Some people might be fine with it like this, but I'm a perfectionist, so I was trying to make a handle that could be pegged in to one side or the other. The design concept is sound, but the imprecision of printing in WSF means the tab and slot design I've used isn't very reliable at all. If it was printed in Frosted Detail it would probably be fine though... =)
X3N0Wolf @TXR4521 To be honest, I'd forgotten about them. There were some problems with the handles; they're separate pieces that plug in, this allows any one weapon to be used either left or right-handed, as a symmetrical design won't work very well. But there was no interest in them so I moved on to other things. But the basic designs are sound, so I could perhaps make fixed left and right-handed versions? Actually, I just thought of a better way to handle the mounting of the separate handle, but I'm off to work now so I'll look into it tonight. Watch this space!
X3N0Wolf commented on Ratchetrooper Head by X3N0Wolf
May 19, 2015
Ratchetrooper Head
X3N0Wolf @CraftMakerInfinity I've only ever dabbled in animation, it takes a fair bit of time and patience to make something really good, but Blender has a physics system and a lot of constraints and such that you can apply to objects to make them behave in certain ways so you don't have to do everything manually. It's good fun and very satisfying to see the final result though, even if it's just a short looping clip =)
X3N0Wolf @CraftMakerInfinity Great stuff! Look forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck! =D
X3N0Wolf @CraftMakerInfinity Yes, the price is definitely one of the best parts ;)
X3N0Wolf @CraftMakerInfinity Yeah, it's got a heck of a learning curve lol. If all you're doing is modelling for 3D printing then it's massively over-featured. I've been using 3D software pretty much since it first became available, purely as a hobby, so I was able to pick Blender up relatively easily. It's definitely quirky, but I guess it's my kind of quirky lol Incidentally, the website has some excellent tutorials for Blender that really helped me get up to speed fast, if you ever feel like givit it another shot =)
X3N0Wolf @CraftMakerInfinity All my work is done in Blender these days. It's my one-stop-shop for 3D design, as I do some hi-res graphics work now and then too.
X3N0Wolf commented on Vehiconoggin V3 FINAL by X3N0Wolf
February 22, 2015
Vehiconoggin V3 FINAL
X3N0Wolf @punchsydeiron Sorry mate, the new gun barrel was scratch-built =)


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