Occipital has been our go-to scanning hardware and software company for a while, so we’re super excited to share that they’ve just released an upgrade to their scanning software Skanect that not only means higher-resolution scanning, but also easier click-to-print options.

We were already getting great results, so we can’t wait to see how the upgrade performs

We use Skanect Pro for live scanning events, so we’re particularly excited about the fact that, with the version 1.9 upgrade, live scanning will now be faster and more accurate. Also, the interface for uploading scans to Shapeways is more prominent and intuitive in this version, so the end-to-end process is seamless.

The Structure Sensor and Skanect software in action at our Long Island City factory

Occipital, the company that makes the Structure Sensor hardware and Skanect software, shared this example of how capturing more data, more efficiently can lead to higher-res scans:

Do you use the Structure Sensor with Skanect? If so, make sure to check out our Scanning Stories series to find out how make┬áthe most of the hardware and software. And, let us know in the comments what the craziest thing you’ve scanned is. As for us? It’s definitely Franklin the Pig.