Last week, Shapeways was at Adepticon showing off some of our amazing, highly detailed printing for wargaming. We met some pretty incredible hobbyists and saw what they were working on. Many of them had printed with Shapeways!

We ran into Shapeways shop owner Michael Pennock of Arctic Skunk and interviewed him on Facebook live. Check out some of his beautifully painted 3D printed wargaming products below:

We also met Shapeways shop owner Brandon Horsch of Horschpower Concepts and checked out his unbelievable conversions of his Tau Empire army.

In the tournament area, we found this truly incredible, massive knight with a cathedral on its back. Next time we hope to see some of our community members take on this kind of challenge!

Matthew Sweitzer of Pop Goes the Monkey joined Shapeways at our booth, and we got to show off his awesome 3D printed bits. Below are the painted and unpainted versions to prove how incredibly detailed our Frosted Ultra Detail is. No one could tell the difference between the the grey resin cast originals and the custom-printed FUD after painting!

As Lise noted, we got to hang out with the Long War Network and we were totally blown away by their huge display.

Walking the floor, we also found this super funny, 3D printed golden robot. Love the grape-colored teeth and eyes.

We also met Michelle and her hand-painted, five-headed dragon. We were shocked it even fit in the Crystal Brush competition case.

In addition, I got to chat with the cool guys at BeerThralls team, Forge the Narrative, and Combat Phase. You should subscribe to their podcasts and listen to our interviews, of course.

Have an event you think Shapeways should be at? Let us know in the comments below!