Whitelabel Shipping Solutions 

Customized packaging for all your dropshipping and other business needs

Beta label
Labeled Boxes

A minimalist packaging solution created to keep all of the attention on your product(s). This option is a great way to take control of your brand - choose a brown or white box without external branding to replace the standard Shapeways packaging. 


Minimum volume: 

100 monthly orders

Setup time: 

1 week

Prices as low as:


With branded packaging, you choose a brown or white box and we’ll seal it with custom branded tape. This cost effective solution for external branding is a great choice for small businesses that want to strengthen their brand.


Minimum volume: 

500 monthly orders

Setup time: 

2-3 weeks

Prices as low as:


Premium branded packaging is great for big businesses who want to stand out. Select brown or white boxes and print your custom designs in up to two colors directly on the box. This option is great for high volume sellers with an established brand looking to enhance their customers’ experience.

Premium Branded

Minimum volume: 

5000 monthly orders

Setup time: 

6-8 weeks

Prices as low as:


Stickers or marketing inserts can be included with any of the above offerings. Strengthen your brand by sharing more info about your business and delighting your customers with stickers. 

Upgrades: Stickers and Marketing Inserts

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