Want to design and 3D Print your own iPhone case, customized to EXACTLY meet your needs? Whether you need a credit card holder, a bicycle mount, an iPad connector, a dog collar, a spork attachement or your logo, come along to the class Design Your Own iPhone Cast to be 3D Printed with Shapeways in NYC to get exactly what you want.

The introductory class will quickly cover the materials and processes of 3D Printing then it will be heads down in Inventor Fusion to design your case.

It is important to bring your laptop, a mouse and power supply and download Autodesk’s Inventor Fusion (free) so you can design your own iPhone case to 3D Print.

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If you do not have an iPhone but still want to learn some 3D modeling skills, check out the  Toy Rocket 3D-Printing Workshop for Beginners and Earring 3D-Printing Workshop for Beginners classes also via Skillshare.