Just how tough are Shapeways 3D Printed iPhone cases? Tough enough to protect an iPhone against New York City subway tracks…

Shapeways 3d printed iPhone case vs NYC Subway

Shapeways Senior UI Designer, Anthony (@loosetony) Cangelosi put his 3D Printed Vibe iPhone Case to the ultimate test when he dropped it (and his iPhone) into the subway tracks in New York City. Soon after dropping the iPhone into the dark, dirty, rat infested tracks along came the subway train, scattering the rats and Anthony squeezed his eyes shut in anticipation of seeing the destroyed iPhone when the train had passed…

When the flying particulate grime had cleared, Anthony was somewhat amazed to see his iPhone and 3D Printed Case, separated but both intact down in the dark depths.  He summoned an MTA employee who told him to come back in an hour when someone would be able to retrieve the phone for him…. After another hours of trains, rats and grime, the iPhone and case was recovered from the tracks, the MTA employees put the 3D Printed iPhone case on (backwards), and Anthony’s phone still worked perfectly…. Phew.

Shapeways 3d printed iPhone case vs NYC Subway

Once Anthony had taken the case off and put it back on properly, he noticed a small crack on the inside corner, either from the impact from the drop, or from the MTA employee putting the case on backwards.  Either way, the iPhone was unscathed, no chips, no cracks, no rat droppings, no problem.

If you want to get your own 3D Printed case to protect your iPhone, why not learn to design your own, customize a Vibe or choose from over 600 iPhone related designs in the Shapeways gallery….