Sivam Krish is a busy man. He co-founded Genometri, an early generative design firm which we profiled in 2010, and just last week launched a Kickstarter to fund One just One, his new 3D printed jewelry brand. There are 26 days left to go, so head over and check it out.

Generative design is a design process that uses advanced algorithms to explore potential design possibilities. The results mimic what happens in nature, no two items are the same, each is unique. One just One is initially working with a small group of designers to build collections of unique designs that were each generated from a single genetic base model, with the goal of eventually building a larger global community of technology-savvy and skilled designers.

As Sivam puts it, “Generative design is inspired by natural design processes where genetic structuring of design data enables the creation of variations. No two people are alike and now, no two products need be alike.”

The One just One Kickstarter campaign offers pieces of original jewelry in exchange for pledges of support, starting at $20. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, One just One orders are filled by the one and only Shapeways.

Via: One just One on Kickstarter