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Ted Cruz The Real Manchurian Candidate inaction Fi 3d printed

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Ted Cruz The Real Manchurian Candidate inaction Fi 3d printed
Ted Cruz The Real Manchurian Candidate inaction Fi 3d printed

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Ted Cruz The Real Manchurian Candidate inaction Fi

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Product Description

For Years we have been hearing Conspiracy theories of a Candidate that was sent from a foreign country decades ago to destroy America within. That Foreign Powers in other countries had decades old plan to send one of their own to take power, to destroy the economy, freedom, and liberties of Americans. After Years of research and dot connecting i'm here to tell you this conspiracy theory is not a theory after all.

Who is responsible for a government shut down who costed the economy $24 Billion Dollars? Who Performed a filibuster while reading out loud a communist kids book? Who is responsible for pushing the republicans to the right so much that they are now losing easy elections? Who was born in Canada with parents from communist Cuba? I tell you who!! TED CRUZ!

This Guy has more damage to the american economy and the credibility of the United States Congress than any terrorist has ever dreamed of. If Osama was alive he would be giving ted cruz high fives after the government shut down. If this Canadian from communist Cuban descent is not the perfect example of a Manchurian Candidate i don't know who is.

Ted Cruz is not only unpopular with Democrats but he is equally hated by sane Republicans so i like to think this is my 1st bipartisan Political sculpture besides my Rob Ford Action figure.

So if you were one of those thousands of government employees that got a paid vacation thanks to this bomb carrying Tea Party Favorite get one of these.. If you are a Sane Republican who agree that this Manchurian Candidate was sent here to destroy the Republican Party along with United States Get one of these.. If you are a liberal who is sick of Ted Cruz destroying congress and the United States while getting paid with your tax dollars get one of these.. If you are a Tea Party and want an accurate inaction Figure of your Canadian / Cuban manchurian Idol get one!!

Some People Might Find this Figure insulting to Cuban people or Canadian people. I would agree with you. I think Ted Cruz is an insult to American Politics, a waste of tax payer money and just a daily reminder of how broken our election process is. I know that Ted Cruz doesn't like to mention that he is Canadian, or Cuban specially while bashing immigrants and blocking immigration reform (ironic). But if Cuba or Canada like to take back this this Manchurian Candidate America would be extremely Grateful.

Anyways in Case you can figure what is Going on in this complicated inaction figure let me break it down to you. Ted Cruz (Manchurian Candidate) is on top of a man made raft which as you can see by the flags in the containers was made in Canada (hence the Canadian flag symbols). He is carrying these cartoon style bombs on his raft but they are disguised as tea party swag in order to fool dumb Texas voters into thinking he is a Tea Party Activist not a manchurian bomb carrying candidate trying to blow up the American Economy.


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