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Frequently asked questions

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What Valve IP is covered by the license?

The license covers models related to all Valve games and hardware.

How do I get the Valve license?

Upload your model to your Shapeways shop and tag it so that customers can find it. You will be prompted to accept the Valve license.

How much does the Valve license cost?

The Valve license itself is free. As part of the license, you must pay Valve 10% of the retail price for every game-related model sold. There is no royalty payment for hardware-related models. Any license payment will be deducted from your shop owner markup.

Do I have to keep track of license payments and sales?

No. Shapeways will automatically deduct the appropriate license from each sale.

Can I distribute my 3D printable file under this license?

No. The license allows you to sell 3D printed models. However, it does not authorize you to distribute the files for those models.

Can I decline the Valve license?

Yes. If you do not believe that your model requires a license from Valve you can opt out of the license at any time.

Where can I find the schematics for Valve Hardware?

Valve has released the files for the Steam Controller here.

What is the proper way to list Valve games?

Please use the game title with the circle R notice (®) in the description of the model. The game title should also appear first in the model description (“Portal ® Companion Cube Pendant,” not “Companion Cube Pendant from Portal”).

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License Terms and Conditions

    This agreement (“Agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between you, Shapeways, and Valve Corporation (“Valve”). This includes paying the royalty established in this Agreement. This Agreement is in addition to the Shapeways Terms and Shop Owner Terms. This Agreement allows you to design and promote Models for sale in Shapeways shops related to the following specific properties developed by Valve: the franchises Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, and DOTA 2 (the “Video Game Properties”) and entertainment hardware including the Steam Controller, the Steam Link, and potential future hardware (the “Hardware Properties”) (collectively the “Property”). Your ability to make use of this license is contingent on your continued compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

  1. License from Valve to You

    1. This license only governs the use of rights affiliated with the Property identified in your license notice.
    2. This license grants you the worldwide right to design and promote Models related to the Property, subject to the restrictions established in this Agreement.
    3. This license includes the right to make Models which are copies and/or derivative works of all elements that make up the Property.
    4. This license includes the right to display a 2D image, or 3D render (the “Images”) of the Model in your Shapeways shop.
    5. This license includes the right to include Images in advertising for your Shapeways shop on your website, blog, social media accounts, etc. in order to promote the availability of the Model in your Shapeways shop.
    6. This license includes the right, subject to the Content Guidelines, to use Property trademarks to promote the availability of a Model in your Shapeways shop.
    7. This license does not include the right to, and specifically prohibits, the distribution of Models in a file format capable of 3D printing Models anywhere other than Shapeways..

  2. License from You to Valve

    1. When you upload Models or Images that are based on the Property (“Your Derivative Works”) to the Shapeways service, you grant Valve and Shapeways a worldwide, non-exclusive, right to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, transcode, translate, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and publicly perform, Your Derivative Works and modifications thereof. You confirm that any exposure You and Your Derivative Works receive from this, along with the possibility of obtaining payment from Markup as defined in section 5 below shall be the sole and sufficient compensation for this license granted by you. This license is granted for the entire duration of the intellectual property rights and may be terminated if the recipient is in breach of the license and has not cured such breach within fourteen (14) days from receiving notice from You at its registered office address. You understand and agree that Valve or Shapeways are not obligated to use, distribute, or continue to distribute Your Derivative Works.
    2. You agree that any Royalties generated under Section 5 herein are your full consideration, and you are not entitled to any other rights or compensation in connection with this license granted to Valve and/or Shapeways.

  3. Content Guidelines

    1. Your use of this license is subject to compliance with the Shapeways Content Guidelines. These Content Guidelines can be found here.
    2. If your Model violates the Content Guidelines, Shapeways shall notify you and remove your Model from your Shapeways shop.

  4. Model Removal

    1. Shapeways and Valve retain the right to terminate this license and remove a Model from the Shapeways shop at any time.
    2. The termination of a license for a specific Model does not automatically impact the license for all other Models.

  5. Royalty

    1. Models based on Hardware Properties shall not be required to pay a royalty under this agreement.
    2. Models based on Video Game Properties shall be subject to royalties as detailed in this section (“Royalties”).
    3. Royalties shall be based on the retail price (less any applicable discounts) displayed in Your Shapeways shop (“Retail Price”). The Retail Price includes the base printing price calculated by Shapeways and the markup set by You, but is calculated net of price-inclusive customer taxes such as European VAT taxes.
    4. The Royalties paid to Valve shall be 10% of the Retail Price per Model sold and shipped.
    5. The Royalties will be paid from the markup you set for the Model in your Shapeways shop as governed by the Shapeways Shop Terms of Service. This means that your Markup must be equal or greater in value to any Royalties due for a Model to be made available for sale in your Shapeways shop.
    6. You authorize Shapeways to calculate and deduct the appropriate Royalty payment from Markup paid to you. You agree to be bound by any Royalty calculation made by Shapeways in this capacity.
    7. Shapeways is responsible for tracking Royalties and submitting payment to Valve.
    8. Shapeways will provide you of regular reporting on all Royalties paid.

  6. Warranties and Indemnities

    1. You warrant that
      1. any Model covered by this Agreement is your original work, does not infringe upon the rights of any third parties, and that you possess exclusive and unencumbered title to the Model; and
      2. any Model covered by this Agreement will conform to the Content Guidelines; and
      3. any Model covered by this Agreement will not violate applicable laws and regulations.
    2. You agree to indemnify Shapeways and Valve against any claims, damages, costs or expenses incurred by or on behalf of Shapeways and Valve in connection with any breach of any of these warranties. If you have to indemnify Shapeways and/or Valve under this Section, the indemnified party will have the right to control the defense, settlement, and resolution of any claim solely as against you and at your sole expense. However, you may not settle or otherwise resolve any claim without the express written consent of the indemnified party.
    3. If your Model violates the Content Guidelines, Shapeways shall notify you and remove your Model from your Shapeways shop.

  7. Term and Termination

    1. Shapeways and Valve reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason.


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