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  1. Oliver_Krangle
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    Re-did the linking and could now set the prices for 3 products.

    I was hoping that stuff on ShapeJS would eventually be searchable via the regular shapeways site with results linking to the product pages. Even better would be that the products on ShapeJS be able to be mirrored on the Shapeways site. I'll let the present 3 products sink into the system and see what is actually going on!

    update: markups do not appear to be sticking, or at least the display field is reverting back to zero.
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  2. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Hmm, i can see the markup in the database but I agree the edit page is not showing, so indeed I broke something, I'll fix it tomorrow, sorry. Your account is also linked just fine for sales.

    Currently updating scripts doesn't require reapproval. I mostly have the approvals in place to avoid spam.
  3. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    The eventual goal is to have these on the Shapeways site. But we need to prove a few things:

    Can we find people who can create good customized products
    Do shoppers want to buy them
    And can we keep the rejections low enough
  4. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    Another potential problem, assuming there are lots of sales, is making sure that almost identical looking items go to the correct customers. In my case I could add a customized looped tag that could be coded with an ID # but it wouldn't work for all products or materials and it would add cost.

    Is there some rule checking that can be examined by a customer? If not creators might need to be duplicated for different materials to limit the ranges of some input variables to maximize the odds of survival past the checkers. Or maybe a dynamic input menu capability that changes ranges based on a material choice specified to the creator. All of that is very, very painful to contemplate.

    Knowing what products to offer and knowing if shoppers want to buy them does appear to be the central quandary of everyone related to the site in any way, shape, or form.
  5. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    We've been debating two styles of how to handle materials. One is that you have a script per material family that does the right thing for the material. The other is to have one script that handles all materials. Right now were suggesting the first option. There are so many assumptions that go into material choice that over time I find the scripts become very messy if they try to solve all materials.

    We've prototyped adding tags directly for sorting. No answers on that front yet.

    I fixed the markup display on editing this morning so you should see your markup now.
  6. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Also in terms of rule checking, we are working on a real time wallthickness visualization that will help users know when their model will fail in a material. Still best if the creator can handle that automatically but I know that's tough. We are also working on showing the user when the part is in multiple pieces as this is a common error.
  7. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    I think there's a small bug in the variable tab sections. The number of variables that can be displayed in a tab seems to be set by the number of variables in the first tab. For example if the first tab has three variables and the second tab has seven variables only three are displayed in the second tab. It's as if the tab box size is defined by only the first set.

    I noticed this in my complete graph script that had 3 variables in the first tab and 18 in the second but each tab only showed 3. In this case I created 6 individual node tabs to get things working so no need to change anything unless I want to add more xyz data points to generate more nodes.
  8. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Thanks bug noted. That damn tab layout gives me nightmares. Getting it to behave correctly on desktop and mobile is a challenge. For now just workaround the issue and I'll try rewrite that component to be better soon.
  9. drloris
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    I registered on one computer, now I'm on another. I forgot my password, and the forgot username or password link is a 404.
    This is probably going to cost me my entire hard-won allocation of quality coding time for the week. damn.
  10. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    Any chance of eventually getting the parameter labels and values crammed into the model descriptions?
  11. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    I was rotating a view in the scene window and noticed the render is experiencing some artifacts or something strange. It looks like the pattern is actually changing but might it also be some kind of shading optical illusion? Here's an animated gif I made slightly spinning the model for each screen capture.

    render blurring.gif
  12. drloris
    drloris Well-Known Member
    I've been working on updating one of my ShapeJS1 creators to ShapeJS2.
    I've been plagued with issues with the interface - the object display would show a broken image icon either permanantly, or just occasionally give a brief glimpse of the object. Reloading the page seems to be necessary to fix the problem once it has occurred.

    To cut to the chase, there seem to be two versions of the IDE.
    Firstly, there's what I was using:
    The "Web Development Environment" accessed from the documentation main page
    and also the older "v2" version accessed from

    both of which show the above issue.

    And then there's the workshop "my creator" viewer, which doesn't have the issue.

    I found that this seems to be reproducable, but I can't tell exactly why it's occurring.
    My design can be divided into two objects, the base structure 'a' and the subtractive features 'b', with b subtracted from the a as a final step.
    Either a or b can be displayed just fine in the WDE, but doing the subtraction causes the problem. I've been fiddling but not found a good explanation.

    Obviously I can now use this workaround, but it's not ideal.
  13. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    I came up with a new version of my complete graph generator. Instead of manually entering up to 6 sets of x,y,z data points, which is quite a pain, I have the script create random data points that the user selects using the "nodes" input variable. It gets bogged down once you get to about 20-23 nodes.

    There's a lot of looping happening in the algorithm as the number of nodes increases so might the system be timing out and giving up? Is my code flawed somewhere causing a crash? Is the rendering slowing down because of the complexity? Or is it something else like my slow internet connection? There aren't any warnings/errors popping up so it's hard to tell if things are freezing up or just becoming eternally slow.

    I suspect that a lot of things people will come up with will be highly complex so any tips to keep scripts running well would be welcome.

  14. drloris
    drloris Well-Known Member
    OK, so I think I have a creator set up and set for sale.
    I tried clicking the "buy now" button and it seems to go through the process of uploading to shapeways and displays nicely, however it's set as not for sale.
    So I tried the same thing with the gyrosphere example and get the same thing:


    I tried this again with a shapeways tab open and logged in; same result.

    It's not clear to me how to link to the listing from Shapeways.
    Did you just mean put a link in the shop header? If you want to see if people will buy stuff I think getting people there is going to be a problem.

    I'm pretty excited by this, although there's obviously some way to go.
  15. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    I think a good idea for now might be to put a sample model from a creator in your Shapeways store and then from that product description add a link to the ShapeJS site, explaining that it is part of Shapeways, kind of sort of for now, and that the user can create their own ccustom version. And putting some good tags in the product to reflect that it can be customized using parametric inputs might also help.
  16. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    I'm having trouble getting a design into my corresponding Shapeways account. If I'm not logged-in the generated model appears to be going to shapejscom which makes sense. It needs to go somewhere I suppose.

    When I then log into my SW account and then hit the Buy Now button the design still appears to be going to the shapejscom account. I was hoping it would go into my account so I could examine the 3D tools and see if it was close to passing wall thickness rules or not. I believe things did go into my account last week so either something changed or something is hanging up tonight.

    These are the two models (from identical parameter sets) that are in limbo.
  17. Oliver_Krangle
    Oliver_Krangle Active Member
    I finally tried re-authorizing the link to my shop, and now the creator outputs go to my shop again. Not sure why the link keeps going bust.

    In the meantime I was using the ShapeJS editor tool to generate things and send them to my inventory which led me to notice that the orientations of the models are different for the different ShapeJ tools. I kind of prefer what comes out of the ShapeJS editor (bottom element in photo).

    shapejs orientations.jpg