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TF POTP Elita Combiner Chest Armor
PunchyTheDog @TXR4521 Thank you. Please share a picture when you get it.
PunchyTheDog @TXR4521 I updated the listing with some pictures of some draft prints. Shapeways can generate much nicer prints than I can. Your order will be a lot nicer.
TF POTP Combiner Lateral Hip Fix
PunchyTheDog @underscorex @Ramble83 I've made a Fix for the forward/backward lean for Elita 1. I have tested this on her and it works well. I have not tested this on Hungurr since it requires removing the shoulder Pin. Please see the product listing. https://www.shapeways.com/product/PZTJX5TEA/tf-potp-combiner-elita-frontal-hip-fix?optionId=135625722
PunchyTheDog @Ramble83 This will help improve the side to side lateral stiffness. This will not address leaning front to back. I am planning to work on a fix for the forward/backward stiffness in the future
TF Titans Return Neck Adapter for PE Truck Cab
PunchyTheDog @TXR4521, Yes, I tested this and the Titan return head can stay on the robot while transformed into Truck Mode. I added a picture to this to demonstrate.
PunchyTheDog @JunkionMoonpath Glad you enjoy it!
TF Titans Return Chromedome Getaway Hand Set
PunchyTheDog @fbc739c I would consider it. It's probably very similar design
PunchyTheDog @Metrinnui This design was not meant for the Combiner Wars Streetwise/Deadend mold. You are probably looking for my other design. https://www.shapeways.com/product/KLHG2G9M5/hands-for-tf-cw-deluxe-prowl-wrist-rototation
PunchyTheDog @HarleyQuinade@HarleyQuinade, Sorry this will not work for the Hot Rod mold. That wrist is held in place with a Pin.
TF Combiner Wars Hands for Prowl wrist Rotation
PunchyTheDog @Batfire The reason the this product was taken down was because it didnt meet Shapeways' printing criteria. Even though Shapeways allowed me to post it for sale, it would cancel an order after the order was placed because it didnt meet the printing criteria. I had to tweak the design to make it meet those standards and put the product back up for sale.
TF Combiner Wars Replacement hands for Prowl
PunchyTheDog @CF4000 I've made a newer version of this product with Wrist Articulation. Here is the link: https://www.shapeways.com/product/KLHG2G9M5/hands-for-tf-cw-deluxe-prowl-wrist-rototation
PunchyTheDog @TFG1 This set is a replacement for stock or broken hands. It does not have any additional features above the original hands. I am working on a newer version with rotating wrists. This part scale is too small for me to design movable fingers.
PunchyTheDog @CF4000 I still am planning to create a version of this with a rotating wrist. I havent ordered a print of the prototype yet. I test my models before making them available for sale. The Chromedome/Getaway hands will not work for the Prowl Mold. They use a smaller joint for the transformation mechanism.
PunchyTheDog @TFG1 This is a simple hand design. It only has a 5mm slot for holding weapons and pegs for transformation. I am actually working on a newer version of this product with a rotating wrist.
PunchyTheDog favorited Sledgehammer Head for Rook by SteamShield
November 11, 2018
Combiner Wars and Energon female convert joint
PunchyTheDog Great design. This worked very nicely
PunchyTheDog favorited Tank Mode by luchengshangx
April 30, 2018
Flaming Wrath's Head Combiner Version Voyager
PunchyTheDog This is an awesome sculpt. I had to trim back scattershot's neck/collar a bit to get it to fit right but I'm happy with the new head.
CW Hot Spot Onslaught Hip Ratchet Stoop Fix
PunchyTheDog These work great! I've bought a few sets for my differnet combiners.
Combiner Wars Hot Spot Titans Master neck adaptor
PunchyTheDog This worked out great! Awesome Design
Energon/Combiner Wars Optimus Prime Trailer Adapte
PunchyTheDog This worked perfectly! Great design


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