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Dag Robert


fbc739c commented on MTMTE Megatron Shoulder Detail by Quixtrike
July 29, 2017
MTMTE Megatron Shoulder Detail
fbc739c anyone who dont think the plastic matches should see the figure assembled. it matches really closely,but yes the shade is a little bit off. but not by much. i guess those pepole who complained dont use shapeways all that much. i do have some bad news thought, in jet mode the chest plate will not go down in the slot it is supposed to go in. i think the growe where the friction tabs is to deep. so it hinders the chest from sitting down properly. i have not tried to transform him into a tank yet
fbc739c so i just bought the chest and shoulder pieces, the images cant do them justice. they made an already well made figure better looking. do you thing leg pieces would be possible?
(1.5mm Screw) TR Faceplate & Helm for CW Megatron
fbc739c yeah that is way to big. but the head he comes with is so tiny. 3dprintron made an mtmte head, but the top of the head sticks up above the titan master.
fbc739c would you consider doing an mtmte version for titans return megatron?
fbc739c commented on Fusion Cannon for TR Megatron by fakebusker83
June 26, 2017
Fusion Cannon for TR Megatron
fbc739c wow i love this cannon :D
fbc739c commented on MTMTE Rodimus chest (Part 1 of 2) by Quixtrike
June 1, 2017
MTMTE Rodimus chest (Part 1 of 2)
fbc739c oh i followed you the moment i discovered your stuff. its all i have been hoping for since i discovered shapeways :) i have been building a lost light crew for about a year now and i really like anything that make the toys resemble the comic.
fbc739c i really like this mod. and you seem to be the only one who have made it. how did the rev.2 version turn out?
fbc739c commented on megatron mtmte for titans return by 3dprintron
May 30, 2017
megatron mtmte for titans return
fbc739c tha added height on the titan master looks kinda odd. would have been better if his helmet was separate from the face. otherwise its spot on mtmte megs
Chief Medical Officer Head "MTMTE" for Prime
fbc739c it hits both the front and back collar. the first thing i did was shave of plastic, so the head on my actually does retract now. i scratched some paint off on the neck. might have been me just being to impatient. i should have let the sealer harden for a few days before goofing around with it. if you are making the chest to match the head some more room is needed to make it able to retract.
fbc739c so i finished painting the head. it is just to big to fit inside the figure. and i managed to scratch the paint when i tried it. do you have any tips for sealer that is harder than citadel ardcoat?
fbc739c put som 5mm pegs on them so they peg in on top of the car when transformed? the holes on the car top is on his back when in robot mode. maybe some kind of belt. anyways i love the head and i cant wait to see the chest :)
fbc739c thank you for this. im in the process of painting the head now :) have you considered making those boxes mtmte ratchet is carrying around? to really complete the look


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