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I'm and average guy, I'm into a lot of different things. But I'm a huge fan of Transformers.

jeffperrin77 commented on Menasor Shoulder Vents by jeffperrin77
October 10, 2018
Menasor Shoulder Vents
jeffperrin77 @wargod535 Yes sir, they are. I printed some out on my own machine, painted them and I like how they turned out for me. To bad I'm moving and have him packed up, or I'd included a photo.
jeffperrin77 @josh23920 I didn't like the Perfect Effect set at all. I do dig the PE G1 head, just like you. But I needed something that fixed the combiner's torso arms from untabbing. I sat and watched reviews on Youtube by John Garringer, Baltmatrix, Breaux Man, Tambeyoda...etc etc. The PE head appears to be the same width, but taller. I believe it would work just fine. I know the CW Menasor head looks lame, but I'm okay with it as long as he has these big shoulder vents, and Motormaster's arms locked in place. If you look at the photo in my reply to DeliriousFire, you'll see the clearance of the head between the shapeways part. Hopes this info helps you out.
jeffperrin77 @DeliriousFire Yeah I hated how floppy the shoulders were and he didn't have those shoulder vents look I wanted. But to answer your question, no this will not work with the PE kit. My current printable model on here has a larger support bar across the back with two peg holes for weapons. The following picture is a early prototype, missing the two added points I just mentioned. My shapeway's kit would obstruct the PE's two shoulder vents when they clam shell close on his back. Hope this info helps.
Daniel's Exosuit Headmaster for Arcee and TF Titan
jeffperrin77 @Heckfire I thought about putting them in. But thought they might be to small for a print. You can easily drill a couple small holes if needed.
Titans Return Triggerhappy to Swoop Helmet
jeffperrin77 The image you got of the figure cuts off the head. Can't see the part attached to him.
jeffperrin77 commented on Arcee, G1 Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
December 22, 2016
Arcee, G1 Face (Titans Return)
jeffperrin77 Received the face plate last month, after painting and slight modification. It's glued to my Daniel's Exosuit. We spoke before about this issue I was having on designing Arcee's face. I'm so pleased on how this finishes the function of what my designed figure does. The photo isn't a portrait of your product (you can tell it's your design), but wanted to show it attached to mine, and what that looks like.
jeffperrin77 commented on TR Megatron Cannon by jeffperrin77
November 14, 2016
TR Megatron Cannon
jeffperrin77 @spena1984 Sure, just set up 4 versions of Acrylics to use. Black Hi-Def is among them for you.
jeffperrin77 @fb3f7f6 I haven't printed it out, as of yet. A couple people have and I believe it's probably shipped by now. Shapeways notified me on Aug 24 that it had a greater then 80% success rate after the first print. Just waiting on a review of it.
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November 14, 2016
Posting to test print a copy of Headmaster Daniel.
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September 4, 2016
jeffperrin77 commented on M.A.S.K. Deluxe Figure-Stand (2x) by DJForce
September 4, 2016
M.A.S.K. Deluxe Figure-Stand (2x)
jeffperrin77 These are kinda cool looking displays. Just a suggestion, maybe a MASK & VENOM worded two pack. And maybe design a couple little slates along the front so someone can sticker or paint the names of the guy and mask helmet.
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August 18, 2016
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August 17, 2016
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August 11, 2016
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August 11, 2016
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August 11, 2016
Combat Orbiter Wings and OMS Pods
jeffperrin77 I'm having a slight issue with the boosters as well. When they are installed flush. When you go to open the legs for transformation and swivel the thigh into the leg cavity. The booster's wall, under the thrusters, hit a certain point and pop the whole piece out of place (considering I haven't glued them yet). It hinders the opening of the legs like TFC's Rhadamanthus (Leozak) figure. Or am I just doing something wrong?
jeffperrin77 commented on Combat Heli Sword-Blades by SteamShield
August 7, 2016
Combat Heli Sword-Blades
jeffperrin77 Word to the wise, sand the handles down ever so slightly. Applying paint will only allow you to slide them in at about two clicks before you get that feeling of something about to snap or the clips start to bow out, beginning to look awkward. They make great melee weapons though and give the copter a great G1 look.
jeffperrin77 commented on Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I by SteamShield
August 7, 2016
Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I
jeffperrin77 Having that peg hole underneath is perfect for me. My G1 Bruticus always had Vortex's small gun clipped at the wrist. That small peg hole allows my CW Bruticus to have that small touch that I enjoyed as a kid. Many thanks to that design idea. Not to great on helicopter mode, unless on his foot/hand piece or on a display stand.
Combat Heli Pivoting Rotor Base for Sword Blades
jeffperrin77 Out of each upgrade, this is by far my favorite for just two little parts. To be able to keep the blades extended in robot and limb mode and having it sit a little higher. Wish there was a rating system, would get a 10 out of 10 by me.
jeffperrin77 commented on Combat Heli Shoulder Cannons by SteamShield
August 7, 2016
Combat Heli Shoulder Cannons
jeffperrin77 @jbwkkl Sorry but no, that peg is a millimeter smaller. But they can tab onto other pegs with the hole underneath as you can see with both mini-guns in the picture.
jeffperrin77 When Vortex is in arm mode, most people either leave the Vortex's arms in a straight position or bend them at a slight angle. I bend mine at a full 90. To keep the missiles in a attack formation, yet give full movement of the elbow. I have to take the mini-guns off so that they don't hit the main copter's blades. The small holes of the mini-guns do fit onto the pegs of Onslaught's guns on his back. I would suggest a peg on the back of the cylinder that the guns port into, instead of just another hole there. I'm gonna glue a small pvc peg there so I can mount the guns on that side using the mini-guns port hole.
Combat Heli Tail Assembly Lite
jeffperrin77 I've got one little critic on a very nice piece you've made here. The hole for the spinning blade I'd make a fraction of a millimeter bigger to allow the rotor to spin. I'm not worried about it. I painted mine and glued the tail together. The paint is what put mine in a stationary position giving it a extra thickness and causing it not to spin freely.
Ultra Magnus Arm Wheels (Shallow Version)
jeffperrin77 These do add a nice little extra touch. I painted everything except the the bar that fits into the arm, and they work perfectly. Great job on these.
jeffperrin77 commented on Aerial Guardian Arms by SteamShield
July 23, 2016
Aerial Guardian Arms
jeffperrin77 Wow, such nice little detailing on these arms. Popped them on and they feel like their suppose to be originally on him to start. I think the landing skids could have been a little longer, but hey that's just me. Once these get paint they are going to look even better on him.
Hood Fill Part - Combiner Truck
jeffperrin77 Cool part. Couple drops of glue to make it fully secure after it gets painted, and Iron Hide will be looking better. Bought this and the Trunk Fill Parts. As well as a hood fill for First Aid. I'm gonna have to buy one more in the future for Offroad.
jeffperrin77 commented on Trunk Fill Parts by MikePowers
July 23, 2016
Trunk Fill Parts
jeffperrin77 I bought the red version. Thought they were printed in solid red plastic. Apparently not, for when I cut them off the spures you can see white plastic underneath. If these are painted, they have a powder like feel. But that's okay. They're getting painted a darker red to match Iron Hide, and then glued together. Fine job on these.
jeffperrin77 commented on Hood Fill - First Aid Type by MikePowers
July 23, 2016
Hood Fill - First Aid Type
jeffperrin77 So mine came in today, and checking it out. I like it, just needs a couple little paint apps. I've got no problem with a little glue here and there. But how come you didn't put some clips on? To grab hold of a set of the holes on the inner wheel wells.


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