Can WD be heated and reshaped?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by Zephyr40k, Aug 15, 2011.

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    I received my shipment today from Shapeways. It does look good. However some of the items appear to have been deformed a bit in shipping. There are some with circular section where the ring has been "squashed" into an oval, and there are some sections that are supposed to be straight that are not.

    I was wondering, if the White Detail material can be manipulated like resin? With resin, you can soak it in hot water or hit it with a heat gun until the material softens, then gently bend and reshape it the way you need. Then when it cools it will be just as it was before. I was thinking of trying that with these White Detail items. Has anyone tried this? Will it (a) work a treat, or will it (b) simply not soften the material, or (c) destroy the item utterly?
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    If the item isn't servicable in the form it arrived in you might as well try it, it's not like you can break it.
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    Being acrylic, WD behaves the same :)
    I've reshaped WD bracelets by pouring hot water from a kettle over the peice and then bending it to shape - [​IMG] go careful with hot stuff!

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    Great news! I discovered a very interesting property of WD quite by accident. I made a pot of hot (not boiling; I would say maybe 150 degrees F) water, and dunked my items in there with tongs. They soon became quite soft and pliable. I was getting some tools and items together to shape them with, when I received a phone call. This led to some urgent work on the computer, a teleconference, and basically a major diversion. Several hours later I remembered my items and came back. The water was quite cool by then. I presumed I would have to start over and heat up more water.

    But then I removed some of the items and looked at them. They had all magically morphed back into their original intended shape! Apparently the WD material retains a memory of the intended shape, and when suspended in hot water the items softened and flowed back into their shape. The round parts were round, the straight parts were straight. Then when the water cooled it hardened back up again.

    I imagine the fact that WD seems to have a buoyancy pretty close to water helps; when immersed, it is in a state of pseudo-weightlesness and so gravty won't re-deform the softened components.

    So anyways, a happy ending here. Now, to get painting. :D