Lew's Model Boats (and more!)

By Lew_Zee
Due to Shapeways' over pricing and poor customer service,
Lew's Model Boats will no longer off its design services on this site.

Complicated parts no longer need to be hand-made taking many hours.  3D parts, in  many cases, can save time, especially when multiple parts are needed.  If you see a part you like here and it is not the scale you need, let me know and I will make ones available as long as they are 3D printable (I do not charge any fee for this).  I am retired (equipment designer and Computer Aided Design specialist) and have have many years of experience in CAD software, so this is not a source of income for me, so I keep my mark-up price to a small minimum. 
Most of these parts have been proven and tested for my own use as well as custom made for customers.  In many cases you can find these printed parts on my web site: LewsModelBoats.org

Whenever Shapeways increases their prices, I do not! 
My (small) markup is is a percentage based on Shapeways original pricing.

Information & Instructions
You can find out more about me and view instructions for many of these models at
Lew's Model Boats 3D Models.

Once on that page go down to the 3D model you have to information on and select the insturction sheet.

Part Cleaning (Shapeways instructions)
Searching on Shapeways - there is a better way!
Shapeways has a very crappy search engine.  (I told them and they said they will do nothing about it.)  So, here is what you do:  Go to Google and type in "Shapeways" and then your criteria.  Example, to look for a 105mm ammo round enter: "Shapeways 105mm empty ammo round" without the quotes.  Try it in Shapeways' search (without "Shapeways") versus Google (with "Shapeways") - you will see the difference.
Recently New Items - now available:                                                                                   
Custom Designed Spur Gears per Your Specs
Sept. 2023 -  Small deck winch (Springers, etc.) in 1/16 scale - set of four
Winches for Small Model Tugs and Pushboats in multiple scales
Oct. 31, 2020 - U.S. Military "Pintle" - trailer hitch (set of 10) in 1/16 scale 
(More 1/16 scale items are in process.)

More new items for the scale model builder are coming!

New to Shapeways or unsure how the process works?     Checkout my flow diagram on how the process of the Shapeways and my shop works. [Click here]
Now on the new social media platform MeWe.com !
Go to:   [url]https://mewe.com/i/lewzee[/url]
Spur Gears (custom) in White Natural Versatile Plastic
Most frequent question I get:  Can it be made in  a smaller scale?
(Recent example: An item I have is in 1/16 scale and I got asked "can it be made in HO [1/87] scale?")
Please understand that trying to make an item in a large scale into a much smaller scale is almost always impossible.  For example, if the real item is 1/2" inch thisk that means it would be 1/32 inch (.031) thick in 1/16 scale.  In 1/87 scale it would be .006 inches thick.  This can not be printed on Shapeways' printers.  Basic rule of thumb, take the real thickness of a feature on the real item and multiply it by your scale.  If it is less than .026 inch it will not print.  Checkout: [url]https://lewsmodelboats.org/PDF/Shapeways-Marketplace-Stores.pdf[/url]

Beware of "detailed" items being sold on Shapeways as correctly proportioned!
Features such as rounds (shafts), brackets sheet thickness, etc. can not be printed if the final reduced size is under .026 inch.  This applies mostly to very small scale items, and often the seller will have to greatly exagerate the thickness so the part will print.  Often this is not acceptable to the buyer wanting an authentic look.  Just a caution! 


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