Can We Have A Generic Variant Selection?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by MadBikeSkills, Jul 5, 2017.

Would a generic Variant category benefit you?

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  1. CybranKNight
    CybranKNight Well-Known Member
    Throwing my hat in with this too, working on a bunch of Battletech Commissions and listing them on Shapeways would be so much easier and clearer for the custom if I at least had "Generic" variant options. Custom Variant options would be ideal though.
  2. TrentTroop
    TrentTroop Well-Known Member
    I do a lot of toy related stuff with varying sized grips, generic, namable variants would help me greatly.
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  3. ThatRobHuman
    ThatRobHuman Active Member
    Now that the site has been re-designed, I'm going to bump this in an effort to ask the Shapeways team to consider some functional changes, such as this.
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  4. ZapWizard
    ZapWizard Well-Known Member
    If Shapeways is going to re-gear their website towards getting more shops open, perhaps they could spend some time making things actually work "more easily" for their existing shop owners.
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  5. CtrlPew
    CtrlPew Member
    Bumping this thread because dear god i need a custom variant field. Two of the products i have currently have 14 different models and i get frequent requests to expand the listings (caliber markers). It would be so much better for me and my customers if i could have one listing containing all of the variants. Unfortunately, under the current restricted variants selections there isnt any criteria that would meet what i would need to differentiate these items.
  6. MadBikeSkills
    MadBikeSkills Well-Known Member
    There is so much that could be improved some that would take just a few lines of code such as a generic or nameable Variant. Who cares what the webpage uses as a variable name, it just should display the string we select, behind the scenes it could still be Variant_1, Variant_2, etc. I am not a web designer but even I know how to assign a variable name to each element of a flat array.
  7. KkadwellMfg
    KkadwellMfg Member
    Custom variant options would be very handy! When it comes to esoteric detail differences regarding obscure industrial models, I typically resort to using the "dice sides" option and putting a "key" in the description, which is a bit clumsy. Even a variant category with generic options like "Type 1," "Type 2," etc., as suggested by the original poster, would be helpful.

    P.S.: Perhaps a variant that can describe how many parts are on a sprue-- say, "1" to "100"? Or higher...?
  8. CtrlPew
    CtrlPew Member
    Does anyone know if shapeways has looked at implementing this?
  9. ZapWizard
    ZapWizard Well-Known Member
    Once of the best aspects of 3D printing is the ability to offer more options to your customers. Shapeways seems to only have made the variants for a few select popular shops, and ignoring the rest of their customers. (For many years now.)

    I have a holster, which is designed for three different tools. Each holster comes in ten different combination of options. I want to have just three sales pages!

    Instead, I have to force my customers to page through ten different sales pages, and then they have to select the correct "Size" from a list to get the option they want. I have had to tell more than a few customers to request returns from Shapeways simply because the stupid variant option wasn't clear. I asked each customer to make sure and let Shapeways know that the confusion variant selection was the reason for the return, hoping they would listen to lost money.
  10. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
  11. Another bump to this... I have adapters for sale with tens of options. It would make my life and my customers' life so much easier to just be able to grab the right combination for sizes (for example 20mm to 22mm vs. 20mm to 18mm) in a dropdown, rather than having to search for just the right size. Can we get an option with self-named fields?
  12. TFSTrains
    TFSTrains Member
    This is still a painful drawback in Shapeways (unless I missed a big change, which would not be too surprising...). Shapeways options seems like a locked down version of the "sizes" or "color" option in Amazon(?). Amazon's variations is not implemented very well, but it does seem to allow "sizes" to be set as various options that make sense for the item. In my case for model railroading I have three or four scales I use and varying sets of items grouped together. Many of the scale detail parts I design are very costly without grouping them together in one print.

    All the best,
    Charles Sloane
  13. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Wanted to use variants some hours ago but it's only for specific values.

    A generic one, where I simple can do different designs of the same item would make a very first and maybe easy step.
    (Variant 1, Variant 2, ....)

    The existing one for I think dices? can that be misused or is there a specific behavior underneath?
  14. MadBikeSkills
    MadBikeSkills Well-Known Member

    I don't believe there is any underlying code, it really doesn't matter which style of variant you pick. That is why I am baffled that Shapeways hasn't implemented a generic Variant 1, Variant 2, etc. as it appears to be just a string.
  15. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
  16. Freakazoitt
    Freakazoitt Well-Known Member
    Custom variants are absolutely needed
    I want to put together 12 variants of tank turret... or even 48 if adding turret ring option
    Or some miniature with various weapon options. I will try "sides" though but it would drive the potential buyer crazy