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3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker
Innovator and visual communication veteran

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viveck commented on DNA200 Premium Case by viveck
June 23, 2017
DNA200 Premium Case
viveck @mitchhenderson573 glad it worked out
viveck @mitchhenderson573 no modification required, they should simply slide in
viveck @no1zunzan yes it is
viveck @no1zunzan a bit confusing question
viveck @14041980 here is a link to Evolv recommended wires as for 510, i use fat daddy vape v4 low profile
viveck @lizardnipples cheers! happy to be a contributor to the community, feel free to ask for enhancement(s)
viveck @lizardnipples Vaping Moderation's review was of a beta version and the walls were only 1mm, this version's walls are 2mm and magnet size is twice the diameter of earlier version 4x1mm
viveck @Jvape78 it includes the case, battery sled and buttons. oLED and PCB (single piece) mount is separate. In case if you want to mix n match then you may want to consider mix n match version
viveck @rickyk138 Boxer's designer originally designed the box for YiHi chip, This one is for DNA200 and builds slightly different. Vaping moderation has put a good list of part together. here it is a list parts from his review Battery contacts are Keystone 1017-1, Mags are 4mmx1mm cylinder. N52 is the highest quality. N42 is standard. Getting mine here: Screws, this is what I got: I used 16G silver coated copper stranded wire for main batts & 510. 20G tin coated copper stranded for balance wires. "Navships" is an ebay seller with a solid reputation among many for wire.
viveck @Torn2bits Kewl, welcome to premium side :)
DNA200 Premium case - Easy mount oLED mount
viveck @fitribinahmad Battery Contacts x4 Mags x8 510 connector x1 (V4 Low Profile - Short) or DNA 200 x1 Screws (pre-thread the screws into the holes to avoid difficulty when the dna board is in place)
viveck @TheVapinArchitect in theory it should but it might require a bit of tweaking
viveck commented on DNA200 Ergonomic case by viveck
October 13, 2016
DNA200 Ergonomic case
viveck @StrolledPlains5 i'll upload it in a few days
viveck @fb749f4 you might be able to find all the bits n bobs from
viveck @fb2c57f I don't have any, yet to design one but i'm sure there must be one around here
viveck @Nivekfreeze Hi you may want to have a look at for lipo version
viveck @Nivekfreeze No but i'm working on a three cell back
viveck @lizardnipples that's about right except the height, height can be 76mm if other dimensions are not in restricted area
viveck battery configuration. Thanx @zach3
viveck @jt13910 attached is a battery selection guide
viveck @macbrandon kindly check PM
viveck commented on DNA200 mixNmatch by viveck
April 22, 2016
DNA200 mixNmatch
viveck @juanes2109 make sure cables are not too long, oled sled goes in first then 510 connector and battery sled
viveck @Jvape78 Yes i'm working on it as we chat. Should be available soon :)
viveck @Jvape78 Thank you for buying the product, review and the build picture . Multi Inno, the company that makes these oLEDs is not consistent with their size specifications and FPC quality, hence I have made some changes to the oLED sled for compensating for varying display size. FPC does does required to be pinched down because of close proximity of fire switch, I regret you had to get an extra oLED. Is that a 0.08 build @ 470F? Ni/SS/Ti ??
viveck @jt13910 here is a battery selection guide, it should help
viveck @fitribinahmad it's not designed to have another material between the display and case. oLED's glass is strong and doesn't break unless you poke it with a sharp object.
viveck @fitribinahmad Should be alright for 3S LiPo configuration
viveck @fitribinahmad you will still need an oLED sled
viveck @fitribinahmad The basic case is sold in two parts, front and battery back. the battery also has buttons in the same colour and material
viveck @TheVapinArchitect yes oLED mount is required for oLED and PCB mount
viveck @badbert1 here is a size selection guild
viveck commented on DNA200 Slim LiPo Version by viveck
February 10, 2016
DNA200 Slim LiPo Version
viveck @TheVapinArchitect I have finally managed to restore my HD and uploaded your images.
viveck @TheVapinArchitect you can post them here and send them to me with your credits on it and i'll post it on product page
viveck @TheVapinArchitect cheers mate! Would highly appreciate if you could send some more pictures for the product page
viveck @TheVapinArchitect you are welcome and thank you for buying them. here is a link for magnets 500pcs for USD12.06
viveck @TheVapinArchitect Magnets are 5Ø x 1mm
viveck @TheVapinArchitect yes it is 3.4" tall. Thank you.
viveck @TheVapinArchitect I have amended the comment. they are 3cm W x 8.75 H x 4.72 cm D
viveck @TheVapinArchitect it's sold as too parts, front and back. that way you can mix n match colours/material The complete unit measures 3cm W x 8.75 H x 4.72 cm D
viveck commented on DNA200 Slim Version Back by viveck
December 30, 2015
DNA200 Slim Version Back
viveck @TheVapinArchitect i'll ping you after uploading it
viveck @TheVapinArchitect no problem, I'll add extra 5mm and upload it tonight HKT
viveck @TheVapinArchitect i usually tuck XT30 under the LiPo, it provides a decent room and snug fit for LiPo
viveck @willhately 5d as in diameter so 5x1 mm and you will require 9pcs of 1.6mm x 4mm button/pan head screws
DNA200 mixNmatch - Extended back and buttons
viveck @TheVapinArchitect it is easy and straight forward
viveck @TheVapinArchitect no epoxy, just a bit of plastic trimming
viveck @TheVapinArchitect will work with a bit of DIY wizardry (2-5min)
viveck @TheVapinArchitect no it won't. slim has mounts on top and bottom and MnM has them on the side
viveck @TheVapinArchitect Thank you, much appreciated. Slim is the only exception. The beta version of premium had 2x1 and I felt it should be bigger. 4x1 is one of the most common size, easy to source and cheap compared to others, it also holds well.
viveck @TheVapinArchitect most of them do actually :) but I'm sticking with 4x1 for now. Thought of using bar magnets but they are a bit difficult to procure and expensive compared to circular
viveck commented on DNA200 - Hammond faceplate with easy mount by viveck
November 2, 2015
DNA200 - Hammond faceplate with easy mount
viveck @festezie yes it is
viveck @iam2twisted4u I don't have a finished product yet but I'll keep you posted
viveck @givesuhe11 I'm waiting for the first build. This one is designed especially for any box with 23mm or wider side. We recommend Alpinetech 1590g plus. If you want I can post a rendered image
viveck commented on DNA200 Slim Version oLED PCB Mount by viveck
October 31, 2015
DNA200 Slim Version oLED PCB Mount
viveck @TheVapinArchitect feel free to ask any question(s)
DNA200 mixNmatch - EasyMount oLED n Battery Sled
viveck @fitribinahmad they are two separate units, joined via two screws
viveck commented on DNA200 Ergonomic case - Extended Back by viveck
September 29, 2015
DNA200 Ergonomic case - Extended Back
viveck @Nivekfreeze no you have to account for wire and connector as well, also don't forget the curves.
viveck @Nivekfreeze here is a battery selection guide
viveck commented on DNA200 FacePlate with with easy mount by viveck
September 22, 2015
DNA200 FacePlate with with easy mount
viveck @chaos_zouk these are two different products but if you wish to change order then you will have to get in touch with shapeways customer service. They usually answer all enquiries within 48 hours
viveck @shimmy1973 1.6ø and eBay is a great place. Here is a link suggested by vaping moderation
viveck @lexalove Here you go
viveck @lexalove thank you, I'hv reached home, will send details tomorrow
viveck @shimmy1973 oLED holder is laid out slightly away from the faceplate for printing purpose. It's a generic faceplate, not model specific. I'm working on few model specific plates. Let me know what's your favourite and I'll make it available soon
viveck @shimmy1973 It's a faceplate not a replacement
viveck @shimmy1973 yes it is
viveck commented on DNA200 Premium case - Extended back by viveck
September 6, 2015
DNA200 Premium case - Extended back
viveck @alee132 the battery selection guided was posted on the main product page but i'm posting it here as well
viveck commented on DNA200 by viveck
August 24, 2015
viveck @whpulsar85 Yes you are right premium and beta versions are different but i'll send a link to revised beta version "front case" later.
viveck @whpulsar85 I have nothing to do with how shapeways refunds but their store credit is as good for future purchase. Basically, you ordered standard kit and extended back and got fully refunded for the standard kit but still have oled/board spacer, battery holder and the standard back from the kit, all you need is a front part now!
viveck @whpulsar85 give me a day and I'll have it sorted out
viveck @whpulsar85 give them a day or two else send a reminder
viveck @whpulsar85 yes SW is sorting it out but you will have to write to them
viveck I should have some definitive word from them by tomorrow
viveck @theonejay22 Shapeways is sorting it out, i'll keep you posted.
viveck @theonejay22 chip mounts directly on the beta case via pcb's holes and it comes with a oled spacer.
viveck Hello, my hand is broken, hence haven't been able to post any updates.
viveck @valsimdim The exact size is, w42mm x d37.5mm x h80mm standard back and w42mm x d41mm x h80mm with extended back


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