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fb2c57f commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v1 Faceplate by mamu
April 30, 2016
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v1 Faceplate
fb2c57f @mamu thanks for the suggestions.i dont think ill be able to cutout the FDV box just becuase thier isnt enuff room and the box would end up destroyed.i did order your template piece to use.ill see how it goes.ive never done any intricate work with a dremmel,so im guessing itll be ALOT of file work and getting the right size drill bits for the button holes and fire button.hard to find any decent squonk boxex on either of the 3d printing companys...bummer.anyways thanks again!
fb2c57f @mamu can you tell me the width of the faceplate that drops into the cutout?the one for your v2 faceplate is 3/4 of an inch.probly not gonna have anything less then that i imagine...Right?looks like ill be cuttinmout a buncha holes,fire button up/dowm and fun
fb2c57f @mamu i bought 1 of FDV squonk boxes and i dont think ill be able to use the v2 faceplate i ordered from you,i just finished my first box and it worked great for the steam crave dna 200 mod i did.the box from FDV is the "new"design with the door sliding down instead of having magnets to hold it.the 3/4 of an ich needed is going to be just to close for me to be able to use the sliding door,especially if i screw up and cut the slot off the door rides have anything in the works that i can use?like a dna 200 bezel maybe?im not sure what to if ya can id appreciate it for sure!i wanted toi use the new FDV squonk box cuz i can get a bigger lipo in for longer runtime of course.thanks-Rick,the pic is my 1st build and works great!!
fb2c57f commented on DNA200 Ergonomic case by viveck
April 29, 2016
DNA200 Ergonomic case
fb2c57f @viveck i just dont know how to look for stuff on here,the other 3d printed site in france....sculpteo is even worse to try to find stuff.ive bought from them before and had a hard time then too.because its a bottomfed device thier just isnt alot of stuff out there yet.thanks for trying.-Rick
fb2c57f @viveckjust wondering if you know where to get a dna 200 squonk model 3d printed?thanks!
fb2c57f commented on BlockModz DNA200 DNA75 Faceplate by BlockModz
April 28, 2016
BlockModz DNA200 DNA75 Faceplate
fb2c57f @BlockModz whats 20mm x 76mm in have american tape
fb2c57f commented on SquonkLab1500-DNA200-Insert by slutlab
April 25, 2016
fb2c57f so if i buy the squonklabs box do i get EVERYTHING for the $46.00,or is it i buy 1 thing for 46$ then have to buy the door,then the insert??im interested in getting one of these but i need to know what its going to cost all total.dont show a pic of a box with a door on it then tell mei have to spend more money on the "rest" of the kit.thats bullcrap in my opinion.ill just buy another steamcrave box for 65$ NEW and cut it up
fb2c57f commented on SquonkLab1500-DNA200-Chassis by slutlab
April 25, 2016
fb2c57f so how many of these have been built so far?i just built a steamcrave box by adding the dna200 faceplate after cutting the original out.this box looks super sharp and im really thinging about doing like to see some pics of your build if i could please.thanks


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