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Nivek Neseirf


Lavabox DNA200 8mm Extension Rev 2
Nivekfreeze Do you have a picture of this installed in your LavaBox? I've been following your thread on the DNA200 early adapter website. My LavaBox battery died on me and now seems like a great time to jump into a battery upgrade. I'm also taking everything out of the box itself and painting it before reassemble. My one concern is that this spacer won't fit quit right and the lines won't match up and all. I wish I had a 3d printer to play with, but sadly I don't.
Nivekfreeze commented on Alpinetech G+ DNA200 Replacement Lid by Dznutz
February 11, 2016
Alpinetech G+ DNA200 Replacement Lid
Nivekfreeze Also, is this designed to completely clear the contents of the box?
Nivekfreeze does anyone have finished pictures of this mod? I'd like to see it before I buy it.
Nivekfreeze commented on DNA200 Ergonomic case by viveck
February 11, 2016
DNA200 Ergonomic case
Nivekfreeze Do you do custom? I like this case a lot. but I'd rather have something else printed on the side instead of the DNA 200. Let me know. Also, I checked out that lipo version and I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the small lipo DNA boxes. Just not enought battery life. My 900Mah DNA dies about the same time as it takes to empty a tank on my TFV4.
Nivekfreeze @viveck awesome! I'm looking for a home built alternative to the reuleaux dna200. But I'm also debating about building a alpinetech G+ lipo dna200. Might do both after seeing how your triple 18650 back turns out.
Nivekfreeze With the extended back, is there room for 3 18650 cells?
Nivekfreeze commented on Design 2 - 18650 - Gripper Body by jonniemac
February 10, 2016
Design 2 - 18650 - Gripper Body
Nivekfreeze how big of a lipo can this hold?
Nivekfreeze commented on TLG Body Single by sjones9175
February 10, 2016
TLG Body Single
Nivekfreeze how big is the battery bay? I'd be interested in running my dna chip on a lipo.
Nivekfreeze commented on R-DZNA40 V2 (Standard Screen Edition) by Dznutz
February 10, 2016
R-DZNA40 V2 (Standard Screen Edition)
Nivekfreeze hi, I'm curious how big that battery bay is. I'd like to use this with a lipo. Thanks in advance.
Nivekfreeze commented on Lid (1590G) DNA200 by redwolfe90
December 18, 2015
Lid (1590G) DNA200
Nivekfreeze @roberdavidhelton A 950 or 1000 would fit great. I think you could probably fit a 1500 or even and 1800 Mah Lipo under the hood.
Nivekfreeze commented on Dna 200 1550A replacement lid by tshine187
December 18, 2015
Dna 200 1550A replacement lid
Nivekfreeze Is this for a 1550A? I'm guessing that's supposed to be 1590A.
Nivekfreeze commented on DNA200 Hammond 1590g Replacement Lid by Dznutz
December 18, 2015
DNA200 Hammond 1590g Replacement Lid
Nivekfreeze I'm curious if you'll be producing a replacement lid of this sort for a Hammond 1590B as well. That's what I'm waiting on currently. I want the extra space for a larger battery.
Nivekfreeze commented on 1590b 7 mm spacer. by delanos53
December 10, 2015
1590b 7 mm spacer.
Nivekfreeze Am I reading correctly that this will space my lid out another 7mm? I'm looking into battery options and could use the extra space.
Nivekfreeze added a product to a list
November 5, 2015
Nivekfreeze favorited Omegabox by Shorembo
November 5, 2015
Nivekfreeze commented on DNA200 Ergonomic case - Extended Back by viveck
September 29, 2015
DNA200 Ergonomic case - Extended Back
Nivekfreeze @studio_vB so if I'm reading this correctly, I have 68mm long by 36.4mm wide by 29.7mm deep for my battery bay?
Nivekfreeze how much space do I have for a lipo or even 18650 batteries? I'd like to do a larger lipo in this. But I kinda like the idea of 18650's as well. please advise.


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