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alee132 commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 - Companion Template by mamu
September 11, 2015
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 - Companion Template
alee132 does your button set for faceplate work with this? Because it seems like they are too small. What buttons will work with this?
alee132 commented on DNA200 passthrough by Dznutz
August 21, 2015
DNA200 passthrough
alee132 very cool I was thinking about doing this but now it would look even more clean. What kinda power supply are you using? Also what kind of connectors/wire do you use to your power supply? Is it easy to disconnect if needed from box or power supply?
alee132 commented on DNA200 1590A Replacement Lid by Dznutz
August 13, 2015
DNA200 1590A Replacement Lid
alee132 I would do this but those battery's are just too expensive for me honestly. I want something like a 1500mah or 1300mah of a cheaper brand that would fit in order to make this happen for me but I cannot find one that fits honestly.
alee132 Found it, looks like it will fit, if you flipped the battery around so the balance wire was near the bottom of chip it looks like it would actually fit if the faceplate actually pulls the entirety of the chip up and out of the way and has room for some wiring.
alee132 But I also don't want to go up a size to the 1590g if I don't have to.
alee132 @Dznutz Hmm. Ya, just was hoping for something like a 1300-1500 would fit if a 1800mah would fit but I guess its not possible. I already have a 1590a with a 950mah in there. To build on for only a 100 more mah wouldn't be worth it too me. Im trying to build something that I can get a big enough battery in it that it will last all day, because now with the 950mah I have to swap out and charge externally to get through a day with the dna200.
alee132 Has anyone actually done the 1800mah max amps succesfully yet in this? If so can you please post pics? I am seriously thinking of doing this. Or is there a 1500 mah or 1300mah battery that is a bit cheaper that will fit if using this front?
alee132 commented on DNA200 Premium case - Extended back by viveck
August 13, 2015
DNA200 Premium case - Extended back
alee132 What lipo battery or what battery dimensions would this give you ?
alee132 commented on DNA200 by viveck
August 3, 2015
alee132 Ok so what will it accept with the extended back because that is good news? With extended back I may be able to go bigger than I thought. Such as this http://www.maxamps.com/proddetail.php?prod=Lipo-1300-111-Pack Which is 1300 mah and 66mm x 35mm x 22mm
alee132 Ok so what will it accept with the extended back because that is good news. With extended back I may be able to go bigger than I thought.
alee132 @studio_vB so what is the size that will fit without the extended door? I know you say 70mm but this one is supposedly 72x25x20mm but I think its actually a little smaller in height. With the fullymax 900 its almost the exact same size as this one.
alee132 I know you said 70mm high but is it possible that this would fit? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=20389 I already have a couple of them and use them in a 1590a box I made with mamu faceplate before you offered your's unfortunetly but its nice. I might just go ahead and use this for my real vtc5's that are still relatively new I was able to get as the 30amps should be enough. I still got to figure out how to wire it up for 2s. iirc they said you need to bridge the 3 and 4 pin's and just use the 1 2 and 3(bridged with 4). Then I just don't know where the wire's go as far as contacts from the balancer.
alee132 Also think its so cool you included the dual 18650 option since they now have firmware to back this.
alee132 Dude thanks so much for coming out with this style box mod as the other guy with a similar look to his just wouldn't post his here.
alee132 commented on Evolv DNA200 (90x36x23 Battery) by slutlab
July 29, 2015
Evolv DNA200 (90x36x23 Battery)
alee132 @slutlab Well thats great news. I have to agree about the price and i have also heard before about the c rating being enflated by them. But in this case as long as its over 23amps it doesnt matter now to me if the mah isnt rated that high its a bigger deal. I think this was the biggest amount of mah I was able to find in a similar measurement, the others were 1500mah. So the 350mah extra is what i figured im paying extra for. Now i wouldnt mind getting 2 cheaper turnigy 1500mah batterys and externally charging them and only maybe keep 2 case screws in so its quicker to take apart. But i worry about how hard this would be to do and being 3d printed how long would threading last taking it apart and putting back together. So i figured )go for most mah and just one battery and internally charge and use my other dna 200 in mean time.
alee132 So I am looking into maybe using this box for my next mod. I already got a nice 950mah 3s turnigy in a 1590a box with mamu's faceplate. I charge the 2 batteries externally and swap them as the 950mah only last me half a day or less. I am looking into getting a second mod with a bigger battery. I am looking at using the maxamps 1850 mah battery because its got quite a bit of mah for it's size at 85 x 35 x 20. Would I be able to fit this battery in this case. Sure it's saying its battery compartment is 90x36x23mm so it should be able to fit in there. But does that leave enough space for the xt30 connector I like to use and wiring, etc. Let me know what you think?
alee132 commented on DNA200 Hammond 1590g Replacement Lid by Dznutz
July 26, 2015
DNA200 Hammond 1590g Replacement Lid
alee132 Can I use this screen holder with your lid? https://www.shapeways.com/product/27HHBDZN4/dna200-screen-holder?li=search-results-1&optionId=57375052
alee132 http://www.maxamps.com/proddetail.php?prod=Lipo-1850-111-Pack This is the battery I want to use with the 1590 and this lid. I have seen others use it in the 1590g with chip on the side but it barely fits and I would like more breathing room.
alee132 How deep is the cover? I want to know what fire switch you suggest since you didn't use a 3D printed one, I worry about having the big switches that stick out too far and it really might defeat the purpose. Because I want to use it to lift the chip so I can fit a decent battery in the 1590g. There is a 1850mah max amps that would work unless the switch or chip protrudes too far in the box.
alee132 commented on SX Mini J (P Box Size) by Dznutz
May 2, 2015
SX Mini J (P Box Size)
alee132 Hey this is getting towards what I am looking for. Trying to make a sleek box with dual battery's without having to go the hammond box way. Only one out with anything for the sx350j box wise 3d printed at least that I can find is boxer mods here on shapeways, but his comes out the like $80 for all 3 pieces which imo after you buy the chip, almost could get a actual sx mini m series which are damn nice anyways, plus I already have one. Now I usually don't buy pre built boxes but it was so nice I couldn't pass it up which I have never spent that much on a mod before. I have made my own sx350 60 watt mods and my own dna40 mods but now I fell in love with the sx350j chip and would love to get more battery life out of it plus I don't mind it goes up higher wattage wise even though I never go up to the full 60 watts anyways lol. Anyways, if you get a finished product that has mounting capabilities and is all in one dual battery box such as this, with only this and a lid, or even just make a 1590g box cover that would lift the whole chip out of the box so one could build with a hammond box in dual 18650's without having to go up to the 1590B size which I made once with a bap lid and I ended up ripping out the chip because those boxes are just way to big, but it was my first box. I ended up putting that chip in the vapedroid which I still use and love because its small enough but still holds dual batterys and was simple as hell to build. I also found out about a great alternative to the wonky hammond boxes and its really nice for a little more. Check these out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alpinetech-G-Plus-CNC-Milled-Aluminum-Enclosure-for-Box-Mods-1590G-/221751794737?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item33a16fdc31
DNA40 Cradle v2 - moresalt WIDE display edition
alee132 Why does this look like its 2 times the size of the normal dna 40 screen? What is this exactly for ? Is there 2 versions of the dna 40 now?


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