We know that many of our Shapies are also Kickstarter fans, so when we see Shapeways products on Kickstarter, we’re always happy to give a shout out for a worthy cause. Today’s worthy cause comes from that land of the Great White North, where fall is practically winter, where people end every sentence with “Eh”, Canada!

Calling all Makers: Check out the Moti Smart Motors Kickstarter campaign! (If you look closely, you’ll see Shapeways parts in all of the designs and prototypes!) Of course building robots is no easy task, and there’s lots of coding involved to get your robot fully functional, but the Moti Team has simplified this process by making it simple to snap motors together and then control your whole creation from an app! It’s really as easy as attaching a smart motor to any existing object to bring it to life. Imagine the 3D Printing possibilities! 

The Canucks are trying to raise 165,000 Canadian Dollars to bring their project to life, and with only 19 days left, they’re only 6% of the way there. So if this project interests you, lend them some helping hand$.