Win $1000 printing credit and recognition for your 3D printing innovations

Applications for the Spring 2018 Shapeways Education Grant are ending on Sunday, March 25th — that’s this week!

A child swims while wearing a 3D printed prosthetic leg

A child swims thanks to 2016 grantee Shawn Jones’ 3D printed prosthetic leg

Are you a student that’s pushing the boundaries of 3D printing? Are you experimenting with new applications for 3D printing and design, engaging your creativity and pushing materials to their limits? The team at Shapeways is excited to support the next generation of 3D printing innovation through our Education Grant Program. Twice a year, Shapeways will award printing credit to select student projects that expand, enhance and push the boundaries of 3D printing.

See what past winners have made

Past winners have found ways to improve prosthetic limb designs, develop new uses for 3D materials, used photogrammetry for stop motion animation, prototype fashionable finger splints, and use 3D printing for bespoke pieces of clothing. You can ready more stories of grant winners here and here. In short: we are looking for all types of innovation!

How to submit

1. Register for an account on with a valid student email address on
2. Send an email to with the following:
a. You contact information, including name, email, phone number, and university affiliation
b. A 1-page resume. If working on a group project please include the resume all group members.
c. A 500 word project description that includes the project concept, how you plan to execute it, scope and goals and objectives.
d. A 250 word statement of interest that addresses the following: how does this project push the boundaries of 3D design and printing; how will support from Shapeways help this project achieve its potential; and how will this project impact your studies and your career?
e. Up to 5 work samples including examples of past work, renders or prototypes for the current projects. Submit files as high quality jpgs.


1. You must be a current student at an accredited university enrolled in a degree program.
2. You must register for an account with a university email address on
3. You must submit all requested materials.


All materials must be received in full by 11:59pm, March 25th, 2018 for Spring submissions, or October 15th, 2018 for Autumn submissions.


Notification of a decision will be by email 2 weeks after the deadline. Up to five grants of $1000 will be granted to individuals or groups.

Education Discount

On another note, we have updated our terms for our Education Discount. Visit our Education homepage for more details.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!