HTC VIVE and Sixense launched MakeVR yesterday: a brand new VR-CAD tool to give designers an immersive 3D modeling experience. Because users use natural two-handed motions to drag and drop 3D objects into the virtual workspace, it’s an intuitive tool that we anticipate will appeal to a whole new world of designers and creators.

We’re excited to have been directly incorporated into MakeVR, enabling users to bring their creations to life by directly uploading and printing them via Shapeways! If you’re not quite ready, the files are also easily exportable — enabling you to tweak the files in other 3D modeling programs.

It’s awesome to see such an influx in VR and 3D modeling software because it’s giving people another way to learn 3D design, something that’s often intimidating for people without a digital or technology background. We’re really looking forward to seeing the types of things people start creating through these programs — the more accessible the world of 3D modeling, the more ideas can be brought to life!

MakeVR is available on Viveport for $19.99 and we hear they’re planning to launch a pro version with precision tools later this year! What would you create in this program?