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3D modeler

Maxwell Dynamics IFHV-03-Mk.II Archon IFV hover
MIHIminis @ZINO117 The current dimensions are client`s request. It could probably fit with 6mm scale minis.
MIHIminis commented on Macross Prometheus 1/6000 by MIHIminis
February 3, 2019
Macross Prometheus 1/6000
MIHIminis Hi, unfortunately the engine part is as it is, I cut this model with difficulty from my existing model of SDF-1 per client request. howevr, it`s quite simple to build the engine part with any modelling kit and spare parts, so I didn`t tweak that. Thank you.
SCI FI Deep Space Void Cruiser, highly detailed
MIHIminis Yes, I noticed. It seems that Shapeways are playing up recently even with the prices, I`ve encountered recently several anomalies. They`ve also had some price changing recently, so it`s likely something to do with that.
MIHIminis There you go mate: https://www.shapeways.com/product/LNWCQ7KEE/sci-fi-deep-space-void-cruiser-3-quot I`m not sure is it Shapeways glitch, but the smaller version is also more expensive (?). Weird.
MIHIminis Yes, but in that case the price will likely go up quite a bit due to the material cost and new optimization. PM me if you`re interested.
MIHIminis Hi, thanks for your interest. This one was extremely complicated to build, so the rest will have to wait.
MIHIminis Thanks, already done (Jim Francis!):-)
Star Citizen Aegis Hammerhead corvette
MIHIminis Thanks! You can always PM me should you need something. Cheers mate!
MIHIminis Indeed, that`s odd - when you click on detailed description, you get this - https://www.shapeways.com/materials/professional-plastic ... excellent mechanical properties and a smooth and finished surface... Plus, this is the only grey material available.
MIHIminis Hi, grey smooth is already enabled, please see the photos in attachment. Cheers!
Imperial Star Dreadnought Vigilant Class
MIHIminis Hi there, I received the file from the customer asking me to tweak a few things on the engines and superstructure, and to optimize it for 3d printing; I have no further info.
Imperial Bellator Star Dreadnought / Battlecruiser
MIHIminis Hi, thank you for you interest. At this time, there is the Bellator of 25 cm available: https://www.shapeways.com/product/WFV3WLH3A/imperial-bellator-star-dreadnought-battlecruiser-l?optionId=66953871&li=marketplace
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/QwJr UNSC Spirit Of Fire high detail
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/QwJq UNSC Pillar Of Autumn high detail
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/QwJp UNSC Halcyon Class Cruiser high detail
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/QwJ2 UNSC Paris class frigate high detail
MIHIminis favorited Interceptor Cruiser by MIHIminis
July 17, 2018
MIHIminis commented on Interceptor Cruiser by MIHIminis
July 16, 2018
Interceptor Cruiser
MIHIminis Done, optimized in black professional as per your request. Black versatile is a no go, the vessel is optimized for smooth and smoothest detail anyway (printed in smoothest).
MIHIminis favorited Interceptor Cruiser by MIHIminis
July 6, 2018
MIHIminis favorited Hound Tuunbaq Monster by MIHIminis
July 1, 2018
Space station (1-2 pcs) - Fleet Commander
MIHIminis Very nice miniature, the details are very nice. My version of the station in attch. Cheers!
MIHIminis favorited Dishonored Wolfhound by MIHIminis
June 23, 2018
MIHIminis favorited Dropship UD8 by HavocsSpaceShipyard
May 6, 2018
Witcher Geralt miniature high detail pose 1/3
MIHIminis @joshuar702@joshuar702I guess he`s 1/48 (4cm tall). Reducing the size would lose a lot of details ...
MIHIminis favorited VTOL Dropship Miniature by Hazza42
October 13, 2017


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