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Roolz commented on Calendar Center by Roolz
October 11, 2018
Roolz commented on Space station (1-2 pcs) - Fleet Commander by Roolz
June 29, 2018
Space station (1-2 pcs) - Fleet Commander
Roolz @markzg77 Wow, excellent paintjob! The added super-tiny details (antennas etc) are top notch!
Roolz commented on Bernal (2-10 pcs) - High Frontier by Roolz
June 5, 2018
Bernal (2-10 pcs) - High Frontier
Roolz @hawke0 There is indeed a significant cost difference between hollowed and not (at least with today's shapeways costs structure). Anyway, I modified the parts to make the cleaning easier for Shapeways (added hidden escape holes).
Roolz @hawke0 Thanks for the feedback. The sphere is hollowed for cost reduction, making them solid would raise the cost significantly. Typically, most of the powder is removed by Shapeways during post-processing/cleaning (that was the case for my own bernals). But I'll see if I can modify the parts attachment (wire) and/or the parts themselves to make the post-processing easier.
Roolz commented on Spaceships (10 pcs) - High Frontier by Roolz
May 28, 2018
Spaceships (10 pcs) - High Frontier
Roolz @hawke0 Maybe I've been lucky. I got some Litko stands on 3D-printed parts and the holes only required minimal rework (re-drilling). It was similar for other flight brands I used (Hawk Wargames & Stuff4games). Thanks for the info anyway. I'll remove the "Litko" reference in the description :).
Roolz @hawke0 Sorry. You had simply a "not perfect" combination of manufacturing tolerances (3D print vs extruded acrylic). It can happen with any acrylic flight stand manufacturer (Litko, Hawk wargames, etc). Hence the note in the description.
Roolz @hawke0 True. Actually there are tolerances on the 3D-printed holes (depends on the batch) and on the flight stand pegs themselves (depends on the manufacturer and batch), so in some cases they can fit perfectly, in other cases it can be a bit tight. I went for the safer option regarding the holes diameter (i.e. it's easier to enlarge a bit the hole than to narrow it or thicken the peg :)).
Colonies & Factories (65 -70 pcs)  - High Frontier
Roolz @hawke0 As indicated in the description : The colonies are indented to be stackable on the factories. The factories are intended to be compatible with flight stands. Factories' chimney (where the colonies hole can go) has to take into account primer and paint layers thickness. Hence, the colony holes are slightly larger than the fatories' holes.
Cheese Wheel Clock (rotating) - Mice & Mystics
Roolz @jonor1976 Thanks! Happy gaming !
Tile links - Zombicide - Arcadia Quest (16pcs)
Roolz @Zebel Hi. I believe so. I just design my models, everything else (orders, manufacturing, shipping, etc.) is handled by Shapeways. Shipping cost and taxes vary depending on the destination country. You can see the shipping cost & taxes by placing items in your basket.
Mayan tech/temple & score tokens (32 - 40 pcs)
Roolz @resko Yes, I can make a 5-player set. I "just" need to find back my source files, re-create a 5-player assembly, etc. So that's not 100% sure :). Anyway, I'll let you know via PM.
A 42-pcs set of NASCAR pick-up trucks for Thunder Alley (variant with hole for activation marker). Check it out! - NASCAR trucks 25mm (42 pcs) - Hole variant
A 42-pcs set of NASCAR pick-up trucks for Thunder Alley. Check it out! - NASCAR trucks 25mm (42 pcs)
Photo of the Superman/Justice League cufflinks, printed in raw bronze - Check it out! - Superman cufflinks
Photo of the Batman-Wayne cufflinks, printed in grey steel. Check it out ! - Batman cufflinks - v2
Picture of the painted Wizard Eye spell miniature for Frostgrave (or D&D etc). Check it out! - Wizard's eye - Frostgrave/D&D (Edited)
Picture of the painted Fleet Commander Drones (Fighters A). Check them out ! - Space fighter A squads (4-6pcs) - Fleet Commander (Edited)
Roolz commented on Click Tracker - Netrunner by Roolz
March 1, 2018
Click Tracker - Netrunner
Roolz @phonty Thanks, much appreciated.
A new version of the Batman cufflinks. Check it out ! - Batman cufflinks - v2
A Wonder Woman pendant, to go with the earrings. Check it out! - Wonder Woman pendant
Superman/Justice League cufflinks - Check them out! - Superman cufflinks
Shazam/Justice League cufflinks - Check them out! - Shazam cufflinks
Green Lantern/Justice League cufflinks - Check them out! - Green Lantern cufflinks
Cyborg/Justice League cufflinks - Check them out! - Cyborg cufflinks
Roolz commented on WestWorld Maze Pendant V2 by Roolz
February 13, 2018
WestWorld Maze Pendant V2
Roolz @john_bellando Thanks for the feedback!
Space portals Full (2-4-6 pcs) - Fleet Commander
Roolz @darkedgeunl Thanks, much appreciated.
Roolz commented on Space colony (2-4 pcs) by Roolz
January 31, 2018
Cheese Golem, Ladybug, 4 Slugs, Doodlebug - M&M
Roolz @bathalar Thanks, much appreciated.


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